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June Has New Kdramas Heading to Viki

June has new kdramas heading to Viki! And they are each very different from each other! There’s a melodrama, a crime thriller, and a coming of age story:

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Korean Drama Update for May 2021

Two more dramas down for May! One was absolutely wonderful while the other was just okay. It was the sci-fi action thriller Sisyphus: The Myth and the historical River Where the

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Kdramas Making Their Way to Viki in May

We have several new kdramas making their way to Viki in May! We have romance, comedy, fantasy, and a historical to check out:

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Korean Drama Update for April 2021

It’s two more dramas down for April, and they were night and day different from each other! It was the romance Lovestruck in the City and the old school classic melo What

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Kdramas Coming to Viki in April

April continues the thrills with new kdramas coming to Viki! They include a psychological thriller, a revenge drama, a supernatural exorcism drama, and a sci-fi thriller:

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Korean Drama Update for March 2021

I got in two dramas in March, both of which were fun. The comedy historical Mr. Queen and the zombie comedy crime drama Zombie Detective gave me lots of laughs for the

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March Brings New Kdramas to Viki

March brings the thrills with several to kdramas coming to Viki! We have a time thriller, an action suspense, and a zombie historical to check out this month:

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Korean Drama Update for February 2021

February added three more dramas to my completed list. It was the time thriller Kairos, the high school rom-com mystery Live On, and high school rom-com love triangle True

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Kdramas on the Way to Viki in February

A nice selection of kdramas are heading to Viki in February! They include a campus romance, a historical, a sci-fi thriller, a makjang, and a women-centered relationship

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Korean Drama Update for January 2021

The first month of 2021 has came and went! I got in three dramas to start things off. One was absolutely amazing while the other two were just okay. They included the Taiwanese

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