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Kdramas Coming to Viki in January

January has new kdramas coming to Viki! We have a comedy investigation, a historical, and a fantasy romance to look forward to this month:

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Korean Drama Update for December 2022

I actually watched three dramas to round out the year! I got in the zany comedy Gaus Electronics, the rom-com Love in Contract, and the friends-to-lovers romance Soundtrack

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Kdrama Kisses 2022 Korean Drama Awards

It’s time for the Kdrama Kisses 2022 Korean Drama Awards! Here we draw attention to some of my favorite performances and dramas in each genre this year. Aside from this,

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful day. Thank you to all of my friends, readers, and fellow bloggers for spending time here and chatting

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Best Korean Dramas of 2022

2022 is quickly coming to a close, so that means it’s time to reflect on the Korean dramas of this past year. There were still tons of dramas to choose from, and it seems impossible

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Kdramas Making Their Way to Viki in December

A couple of new kdramas are making their way to Viki in December! It’s Unlock My Boss and Red Balloon that we can check ou t this month:

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Korean Drama Update for November 2022

It was one drama that I watched for November which was the small town romance Once Upon a Small Town. Here’s how it went:

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November Brings New Kdramas to Viki!

November is bringing several new kdramas to Viki! We have a couple of new ones this month as well as one that came in right at the end of last month. They include a mystery

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Korean Drama Update for October 2022

For October, I got in two more dramas which were both nice watches. They included the short series Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me as well as the campus romance Dear M. Here’s

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October Has New Kdramas Heading to Viki!

October has new kdramas heading to Viki in October! It looks like we have an office comedy and a romantic comedy to choose from:

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