Korean Drama Update for December 2023

Wow! I wrapped up the year with a whopping four dramas! It’s been a while since I got in that many. It was a great month too with the romance drama Doona!, the fantasy romance See You in My 19th Life, the heartfelt Castaway Diva, and the web drama Romance by Romance. Here’s how December went:

Doona! Korean Drama - Yang Se Jong and SuzyDoona!

Doona! is a romance drama that packs an emotional punch. I love both Suzy and Yang Se Jong and thought they had fantastic chemistry. Their relationship was unique and intriguing.

We also get nice character journeys for each of them with plenty to explore. This is an emotional story focusing on the characters of Doona and Won Jun and how they were individually affected by their relationship. Both actors gave wonderful performances.

Overall, Doona! was a great show. Despite being simple in story and low-key in its delivery, it was poignant and moving. Doona! is an interesting drama that I really enjoyed. (Doona! Review)

See You in My 19th Life

See You in My 19th Life was surprisingly very good! This drama hooked me from episode one with its beautiful telling of the childhood stories. I was immediately drawn to the characters and became invested in how things would turn out for them.

The series was also very emotional. It excelled at showing the deep feelings the characters were experiencing. The lovely soundtrack was wonderful and helped create such a thoughtful atmosphere as those tender emotions were brought out.

So overall, I thoroughly enjoyed See You in My 19th Life. It gave me a compelling fantasy story with a romance that spans times. The story was great from start to finish and truly moved me many times with the issues it explored. It was a wonderful drama all around. (See You in My 19th Life Review)

Castaway Diva

Castaway Diva was an amazing drama for me! It pulled me right in from the first episode with such a heart-wrenching and engaging story. The writing was both fun and entertaining, but also beautiful. A lot of thoughtful wisdom was woven into the story and delivered in such lovely ways. There was a powerful message about finding a way to continue on and having hope during very dire circumstances. I experienced so many emotions ranging from joy to heartbreak. I shed some tears for sure.

The drama had great pacing throughout, and I was interested in everything from the main story down to the subplots. A nice mystery ran throughout with reveals coming at appropriate times. Everything ties together nicely.

There was heart, comedy, romance, family, friendship, and some intensity. Mok Ha was a shining light of a character, and her journey was a joy to watch. Castaway Diva was a wonderful series that definitely left an impact. (Castaway Diva Review)

Romance By Romance

Romance by Romance is a short mini drama. It’s a fluff piece that is pretty basic, but all around it’s decent. As far as web dramas go, this one has a nice little story. It’s light and fun with a simple but developed plot.

It’s a decent quick drama if you enjoy love triangles and the friends-to-lovers trope. Romance By Romance a good fit for an easy filler in between other dramas. (Romance By Romance Review)

So how was December for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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4 responses to “Korean Drama Update for December 2023”

  1. Snow Flower Avatar
    Snow Flower

    I finished 4 dramas in December 2023:

    Castaway Diva – the feel-good drama of the year, a fable about hope, fidelity, and resilience.

    The Kidnapping Day – my favorite drama of 2023, a thriller with brains, heart, and a backscratcher.

    Nobody Knows – dark and intense thriller with memorable acting performances (Park Hoon as a scary yet charismatic villain)

    The Matchmakers – a Shakespearian sageuk comedy of manners, errors, and subtle social commentary.

    1. Kay Avatar

      That’s a great December! Nice variety too 🙂 I’m glad you also loved Castaway Diva. I plan to check out The Matchmakers and may have to try out The Kidnapping Day since I keep hearing good things about it.

  2. Kate Avatar

    I finished 5 and dropped 2 dramas in December:

    Castaway Diva – Enjoyable enough but a bit disappointed that they spent too much time on the side story of the past her prime idol and not enough focus on the castaway whose story was more compelling.

    Perfect Marriage Revenge – one of my guilty pleasures for the year with bad guys getting their comeuppance at every turn with a nice romance and fantasy element thrown in.

    Moon in the Day – A present day/period piece mash up that worked for me. The historical romance was much more interesting than present day and wish they had a bit more of that but Kim Young Dae is a marvel and has been excellent in everything I’ve seen him in so far so I’ll keep him on my radar.

    The Matchmakers – Cute romantice comedy if you’re looking for something light. It was a good contrast to my viewing of the heavy My Dearest.

    Dear M – College romances – I enjoyed story of 2 of the 3 couples. The cheerleader one was annoying as she seemed so blah and I could see no reason why the guy would be in love with her. They made the bad girl so bad there was no redeeming her in the end though I thought she was very interesting as a character.

    Dropped Welcome2Life and The Package. The first was very good and Rain is excellent as usual but didn’t want to stick with the episodic nature of the series and The Package was just too boring for me though I liked the cast.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Another busy month! Dear M was an interesting one. Too bad The Package didn’t work for you. I remember thinking that was a very pleasant one. Moon in the Day and The Matchmakers are on my list, so I’m glad you enjoyed them. I just started Perfect Marriage Revenge, and it’s exactly my kind of drama! So fun!

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