Producer Korean Drama Review

Producer Korean Drama - Kim Soo Hyun, IU, Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun

Producer is a comedy drama about the lives of variety show producers.  The story involves two veteran variety show producers, PD Ra Jun Mo (Cha Tae Hyun) and PD Tak Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin), rookie PD Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun), and pop idol Cindy (IU).  The drama garnered lots of attention for it’s star cast, large amount of cameos, and experimental documentary style in it’s early episodes.

The first two episodes were shot heavily in a documentary style with the actors frequently pausing to speak directly to the camera.  Starting in episode three, the drama takes on a more classic format, although it does still include instances where the characters talk to the camera.

Producer Korean Drama - Cha Tae Hyun

There was quite a divide among drama fans as to which style they liked.  I personally fall in the camp that prefers the classic drama format.  I found the first two episodes with the documentary style a little slow, but luckily the setting and characters intrigued me enough to continue.  But things really got rolling in episode three when the documentary style was scaled back in favor of a more traditional comedy format.

Producer Korean Drama - Gong Hyo Jin

This drama was still unique even after the format change in that it never identifies a concrete main pairing from any of the four characters.  The four characters feelings for each other develop as the show progresses, and in many ways they become more confused.  I loved the multiple relationship interactions and found them hilarious.  It was so refreshing and fun.

Producer Korean Drama - Kim Soo Hyun

Baek Seung Chan is completely adorable as the naïve rookie PD, and definitely feels very reminiscent of his character Song Sam Dong from Dream High.  I found his interactions with Tak Ye Jin to be my favorite part of the show.  I did also enjoy his love line with Cindy and frequently questioned who I wanted him to end up with.

Producer Korean Drama - IU

The secret of who was going to end up with who was held until the last episode.  Were you happy with the couple pairings in the end?

I would definitely recommend this drama for rom com lovers.  Get through the first couple episodes, and then sit back and enjoy the fun.

My Rating: 8/10

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13 Responses to Producer Korean Drama Review

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  8. Fred says:

    SPOILERS. If ever someone is reading. LOL.

    So I finally watched this because I wanted to see IU. Was it worth my time? I am not sure.

    This was a show of contrasts for me. One minute I loved it then the next minute I hated it so much. LOL. Though I somehow reached episode 13, with 40 minutes left. I asked myself why I even reached that long. I did not anymore finish it since they were simply summarizing the whole drama. Was there supposed to be something different that happens in the end?

    While watching the drama, I wanted a Seung Chan-Cindy and Joon Mo-Ye Jin pairing. Luckily you asked whether we were happy with the couple pairings. It gave me hope that the drama would shift to a different direction. I hated Seung Chan so much for the most part of the drama. HE WAS RUINING THE PAIRING I WANTED (obviously the problem was with me LOL). He is now my second most-hated character in Kdrama world. Sorry. He was meant for Cindy as Ye Jin was meant for Joon Mo. Simple as that. I could not see it any other way. Seung Chan and Ye Jin can have chemistry if that was the direction the drama wanted. But then Joon Mo and Cindy would have zero. Nada. Zilch. If this drama was only about Seung Chan and Ye Jin then maybe I would have supported that relationship.

    So during the whole 2nd half of the drama, I was just hoping that Ye Jin would dump Seung Chan sooner so the drama would go to the “right” direction. But he never stopped! That’s what pissed me off even more. LOL. I wanted to see them all happily in love. But this guy was just so naive! I would have stopped watching around episode 10 (I think) but then I wanted to see Cindy happy (career-wise). I wanted to see how she would win against her agency so I kept watching.

    Then in the end (episode 12), they give us a simple confession of feelings (Joon Mo-Ye Jin) and a smiling Cindy and Seung Chan (who still did not have feelings for Cindy). That’s it? No happy moments? No kiss? It felt so lacking. Did I wait around 18 hours for this ending?

    My having a preferred pairing was definitely what ruined my viewing of this drama. Oh, well. I haven’t been this negative about a drama in a while. HAHA.

    P.S. This drama just validated my assumption that while I love Kdramas, the people in this industry (specific to South Korea only) live very toxic lives. They are the third most overworked people on the planet. Do they even sleep? LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Haha, I gotta say I absolutely love your comment and seeing your thoughts on the pairings 🙂 And I really find it funny how much you dislike Seung Chan! (I know I shouldn’t rub it in, lol)

      But I definitely understand how if you are rooting for one particular pairing it can really dampen a drama. I was really torn between wanting Seung Chan with each of the girls. I just really liked him with both. I liked his chemistry with Ye Jin, but I felt bad for Cindy and wanted her to be happy. Plus, I think I just didn’t care for Joon Mo as much.

      But the thing I really like about the drama was the confused pairings. I don’t think dramas do that enough as there is usually a concrete set of leads. The Reply series does play the “who is she going to end up with” game, which I like. And I’ve only seen a handful to true love triangles where both guys were in the mix for the girl. So I loved this. And I liked the comedy a lot too. Sorry it was more on the torturous side for you. Preferred pairings will get you every time, lol.

      And yes, entertainment people in South Korea are terrible overworked! I always feel bad for them when I hear about their schedules and getting no sleep 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      • Fred says:

        Haha. He was supposed to be a funny personality but I ended up hating him.

        I also did not care much about Joon Mo but I knew Ye Jin would be happiest with him as they have known each other since forever and they love each other a lot. They just could not transition yet from being childhood friends to lovers. It could be a love story on its own.

        Cindy and Seung Chan on the other hand look very cute together. A top star who falls for a naive PD. A bit cliche but still cute.

        I, unfortunately, haven’t fared well when it comes to confused pairings and love triangles. I also had a very negative reaction to King Loves HAHA. I just want to get emotionally invested in a couple and watch them fall and grow in love. I want to know who to root for. Though I llve plot twists, I might not be emotionally prepared for plot twists when it comes to pairings. HAHA.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          Yeah, I found him hilarious 🙂 I also got a kick out of his pettiness, lol.

          Well, don’t feel bad, you’re definitely not alone in not particularly liking confused pairings and love triangles. Many more people than not seem to hate them. Whereas as I tend to like it both ways. Like you, I do really like getting emotionally invested in a couple and just seeing their love story play out.

          But then I also like things that aren’t predictable sometimes, and I just love all of the angst that can come from confused pairings. So of course, I loved The King’s Love, lol. But lucky for you, most dramas are straight forward with the couple. I barely get any that have true triangles 😦

          Liked by 1 person

          • Fred says:

            Haha. Fighting, Kaye! May 2019 be filled with love triangles! It won’t matter that much for me since I still have a lot of dramas to watch plus I’m going to have a Game of Thrones marathon just before the final season ends. HAHAHA.

            Liked by 1 person

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