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Unlock My Boss Korean Drama Review

Unlock My Boss is about an unemployed man (Chae Jong Hyeop) who finds a smartphone, and the smartphone starts talking to him and claiming that it is actually the

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The Forbidden Marriage Korean Drama Review

The Forbidden Marriage is about a king (Kim Young Dae) whose crown princess dies so he forbids marriage in the country, but a con artist (Park Joo Hyun) shows up saying she can

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Good Job Korean Drama Review

Good Job is a comedy investigation about a chaebol detective (Jung Il Woo) and his assistant (Yuri) with super vision who team up to solve cases as he tries to find out the

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Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow Korean Drama Review

Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow is set in a fictional country of magic and mages where Jang Uk (Lee Jae Wook) returns more powerful than ever as he hunts soul shifters

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The Fabulous Korean Drama Review

The Fabulous follows the work, romance, and friendships of four young people in the fashion industry including a freelance photo editor (Minho), a woman (Chae Soo Bin) who

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Soundtrack #1 Korean Drama Review

Soundtrack #1 is a music romance that tells the story of a photographer (Park Hyung Sik) who ends up living with his best friend who is a lyricist (Han So Hee) as he helps her write

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Love in Contract Korean Drama Review

Love in Contract is about a talented woman (Park Min Young) whose job during the week is to pretend to be the wife of single men to help them with gatherings, reunions, and other

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Gaus Electronics Korean Drama Review

Gaus Electronics is about a troublesome office worker (Kwak Dong Yeon) in the marketing department of an electronics company who is always at the center of conflicts and causes

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Once Upon a Small Town Korean Drama Review

Once Upon a Small Town follows the romance between a veterinarian (Chu Young Woo) from Seoul who suddenly has to move to the countryside and a local police officer (Joy)

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Dear M Korean Drama Review

Dear M is a campus mystery romance about a business student (Park Hye Soo), a computer science student (Jeong Jae Hyun), and their group of friends at a university that

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