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You Raise Me Up Korean Drama Review

You Raise Me Up is a about a struggling man (Yoon Shi Yoon) with low self-esteem that is preparing for the civil service exam who goes to see a urologist (Hani) to treat his erectile

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Shin Sung Rok Joins the Cast of “Doctor Lawyer”

Shin Sung Rok (Kairos) has joined the cast of the upcoming Korean drama Doctor Lawyer where he will play the head of a lobbying and investment company. He joins So Ji Sub

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Monthly Magazine Home Korean Drama Review

Monthly Magazine Home is about the CEO of a real estate company and home magazine (Kim Ji Suk) that begins a romance with a magazine editor (Jung So Min) who is seeking

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Check Out the Event Korean Drama Review

Check Out the Event is a 4 episode romance drama about an upbeat curator at a botanical garden (Minah) whose boyfriend (Kwon Hwa Woon) in an indie rock band recently broke

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Imitation Korean Drama Review

Imitation follows several idol groups including the rising girl group Tea Party and the popular boy group Shax as a member from each group gets involved with each other after

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So I Married the Anti-Fan Korean Drama Review

So I Married the Anti-Fan is about a reporter (Sooyoung) who gets fired from her job after an incident with a popular star (Choi Tae Joon), so she becomes his anti-fan. Unexpected

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My Roommate is a Gumiho Korean Drama Review

My Roommate is a Gumiho is about a college student (Hyeri) who accidentally swallows a gumiho’s (Jang Ki Yong) magic bead just as the gumiho was very close to becoming

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Backstreet Rookie Korean Drama Review

Backstreet Rookie is set in a 24 hour convenience store and follows the romance between the awkward store owner (Ji Chang Wook) and a new quirky part time worker (Kim Yoo

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So Ji Sub Accepts Starring Role in “Doctor Lawyer”

So Ji Sub (Terius Behind Me) has accepted a starring role in the new Korean drama Doctor Lawyer. Doctor Lawyer tells the story of a genius surgeon who loses everything due to a

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Run On Korean Drama Review

Run On follows the romance between a national track and field athlete (Im Siwan) and a foreign film translator (Shin Se Kyung) as they slowly get to know each other and fall in

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