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Nokdu Flower Korean Drama Review

Nokdu Flower is set in 1894 during the Donghak Peasant Uprising and follows the story of two brothers who end up on opposite sides of the conflict: one is the legitimate son (Yoon Advertisements

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Angel’s Last Mission: Love Korean Drama Review

Angel’s Last Mission: Love is a fantasy romance about a trouble-making angel (L) that is given the mission of helping a blind heiress (Shin Hye Sun) find love after she lost her

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Absolute Boyfriend Korean Drama Review

Absolute Boyfriend tells the story of a special effects make-up artist (Minah) who recently broke up with her long-time actor boyfriend (Hong Jong Hyun) that ends up with the

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The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Review

The Secret Life of My Secretary is about a cold and intelligent boss (Kim Young Kwang) at a media company who constantly relies on his hot-tempered secretary (Jin Ki Joo) for

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Abyss Korean Drama Review

Abyss tells the story of a beautiful prosecutor (Park Bo Young) and an unattractive but wealthy heir (Ahn Hyo Seop) who die and are reincarnated into a handsome man and an

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My Fellow Citizens Korean Drama Review

My Fellow Citizens is a comedy crime drama about a con man (Choi Siwon) who unknowingly marries a police officer (Lee Yoo Young) and ends up running for the

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Triangle Korean Drama Review

Triangle is a 2014 drama about three brothers who are orphaned and then separated from each other. They grow up not knowing each other while living very different lives with one

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Her Private Life Korean Drama Review

Her Private Life is a romantic comedy about an idol fangirl (Park Min Young) who has been passionate about her idol for many years.  She works as a curator at an art museum

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Eulachacha Waikiki 2 Korean Drama Review

Eulachacha Waikiki 2 (or Welcome to Waikiki 2) follows the story of a group of friends (Lee Yi Kyung, Kim Sun Ho, Shin Hyun Soo, Ahn So Hee, Kim Ye Won, and Moon Ga

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He is Psychometric Korean Drama Review

He is Psychometric is about a man (Jinyoung) who can read the secrets of people by touching their skin that meets a woman (Shin Ye Eun) who is trying to hide her own deep

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