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CHIP-IN Korean Drama Review

CHIP-IN is a murder mystery that follows a family’s battle for the inheritance of a famous painter after he is murdered, and his daughter (Kim Hye Joon) seeks the truth in the

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Train Korean Drama Review

Train is a sci-fi crime thriller about a detective (Yoon Shi Yoon) whose loved one (Kyung Soo Jin) is murdered by a serial killer, but he discovers an abandoned train station is

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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Korean Drama Review

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is a healing romance that tells the story of a troubled health worker (Kim Soo Hyun) at a psychiatric hospital whose fate becomes intertwined with a

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Meow, the Secret Boy Korean Drama Review

Meow, the Secret Boy is about a cat (L) that has the ability to change into a human who starts living a double life in order to always stay close to his owner (Shin Ye Eun) who

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Mystic Pop-Up Bar Korean Drama Review

Mystic Pop-Up Bar is about a prickly woman (Hwang Jung Eum) who runs a mysterious bar along with a chef (Choi Won Young) and a part time worker (Yook Sung Chae). The

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Queen: Love and War Korean Drama Review

Queen: Love and War is about a woman (Jin Se Yeon) who only wants to become queen to discover the truth about her twin sister’s murder. To uncover the mystery, she gets

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You Drive Me Crazy Korean Drama Review

You Drive Me Crazy follows the changing relationship between two long time friends (Kim Seon Ho and Lee Yoo Young) as they try to navigate their way through love and friendship

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The King: Eternal Monarch Korean Drama Review

The King: Eternal Monarch is about parallel worlds with one being the Empire of Korea and the other the Republic of Korea. The emperor (Lee Min Ho) of the Korean Empire

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365: Repeat the Year Korean Drama Review

365: Repeat the Year is a time travel mystery thriller that tells the story of 10 people who get the chance to go back in time one year to change their lives, but things don’t go as

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Find Me in Your Memory Korean Drama Review

Find Me in Your Memory is a romance drama about a news anchor (Kim Dong Wook) who has a condition which causes him to remember almost everything and an actress (Moon

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