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When the Devil Calls Your Name Korean Drama Review

When the Devil Calls Your Name is about a star music composer (Jung Kyung Ho) who sells his soul to the devil (Park Sung Woong) to gain fame and youth. But when the time Advertisements

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Arthdal Chronicles Korean Drama Review

Arthdal Chronicles is an epic historical set in a fictional ancient times with a story that blends myth and history as a power struggle ensues during the rise of the great city of

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My First First Love Korean Drama Review (Season 1 & 2)

My First First Love is a youth drama about people in their twenties coming of age. Changing relationships happen between a guy (Ji Soo) and a girl (Jung Chae Yeon) who

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Hotel Del Luna Korean Drama Review

Hotel Del Luna is a supernatural drama about a mysterious hotel that caters to ghosts and the romance that blossoms between the woman (IU) who is stuck running the hotel

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Perfume Korean Drama Review

Perfume is a fantasy romantic comedy about a top fashion designer (Shin Sung Rok) with lots of allergies and phobias who doesn’t have the courage to find love and an overweight,

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Tree of Heaven Korean Drama Review

Tree of Heaven is a classic 2006 drama about a teenage Korean girl (Park Shin Hye) named Ha Na who is living in Japan. Her mother remarries a man with a son (Lee Wan),

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Nokdu Flower Korean Drama Review

Nokdu Flower is set in 1894 during the Donghak Peasant Uprising and follows the story of two brothers who end up on opposite sides of the conflict: one is the legitimate son (Yoon

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Angel’s Last Mission: Love Korean Drama Review

Angel’s Last Mission: Love is a fantasy romance about a trouble-making angel (L) that is given the mission of helping a blind heiress (Shin Hye Sun) find love after she lost her

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Absolute Boyfriend Korean Drama Review

Absolute Boyfriend tells the story of a special effects make-up artist (Minah) who recently broke up with her long-time actor boyfriend (Hong Jong Hyun) that ends up with the

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The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Review

The Secret Life of My Secretary is about a cold and intelligent boss (Kim Young Kwang) at a media company who constantly relies on his hot-tempered secretary (Jin Ki Joo) for

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