Shopping King Louie is about a pampered chaebol heir (Seo In Guk) who grows up alone in a foreign country and loves to shop. After arriving in Seoul, he mysteriously ends up homeless with amnesia. He then meets a sweet country girl (Nam Ji Hyun) who takes him in, and the two work together to discover who he is while having to survive the city.

I have so much love for this drama that I don’t even know where to begin! Shopping King Louie is everything I love in a drama and so much more. It is the definition of a fantastic romantic comedy. The romance, the humor, the fun, the characters, and the heartfelt story all work together to create perfection in my book.

shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-seo-in-guk-and-nam-ji-hyun-18 shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-seo-in-guk-and-nam-ji-hyun-47

First, Shopping King Louie was absolutely hilarious. I love comedies, but I’m not one who frequently laughs out loud. And I laughed so much with this drama! Every single episode had me grinning from ear to ear and enjoying these funny and lovable characters and the crazy situation they had found themselves.


The drama was also overflowing with so many heartwarming moments. Of course, there’s the adorable relationship between Louie and Bok Sil that follows their sweet journey as a couple.

They experience life’s joys together and find a way to laugh during difficult circumstances. And sometimes life dealt them tragic blows where they had to cling to each other for support. And my heart broke right along with these amazing characters during those times.


Seo In Guk plays our title character Louie. I’ve been on quite the journey with Seo In Guk. The first drama I saw him in I really didn’t care for him. His next couple dramas warmed me up to neutral. His performance in I Remember You made him pleasant. Then I recently saw him in Police Unit 38 and really enjoyed him. Now comes Shopping King Louie, and I completely loved him!

Seo In Guk as Louie was so many things in this drama. He was adorable, pitiful, hilarious, spoiled, and sweet. And man did he bring on the feels! I completely adored Louie and found myself wanting to take care of him right along with Bok Sil!

shopping-king-louie-seo-in-guk-8 shopping-king-louie-seo-in-guk-26

I really loved getting to see Seo In Guk in such a comedic role. He has so many great facial expressions and adds so many little nuances to his character. His comedic abilities were fantastic.

Louie is completely spoiled and everyone around him knows it, but he has this uncanny ability to get people to do things for him because of just how pitiful he is. It was hilarious! But despite being completely spoiled, he was completely lovable.

shopping-king-louie-seo-in-guk-48 shopping-king-louie-seo-in-guk-28

He spends money (Bok Sil’s money!) without abandon and doesn’t know how to do anything. He’s constantly getting into troublesome situations causing him to be judged and misunderstood by those around him. But he really is a genuinely good person and that eventually wins people over.

He is also the definition of pitiful, and you can’t help but feel bad for the poor guy. And I felt so sad for him as he struggled to adapt to his new reality. He ends up going on quite the journey of growth as he learns what it means to care for someone and to take responsibility for his actions. I was thoroughly impressed with Seo In Guk in this role.


Nam Ji Hyun was perfect as Go Bok Sil. She is sweet, kind, and has a heart of gold. She’s also a wonderful mix of being innocent yet strong. She is the kind of person who always looks for the good in the people. And she is able to see the good in Louie.

Although she initially keeps him around in hopes that when his memory returns he will be able to help her find her missing brother, it doesn’t take long for her to truly care about Louie and want to protect him.

shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-nam-ji-hyun-2 shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-nam-ji-hyun-10

Nam Ji Hyun really delivered a character that is completely relatable. Her comedy was wonderful, and she also had so many poignant moments that both warmed by heart and broke it at the same time. I loved her so much.


We have Yoon Sang Hyun as Cha Joong Won. He has a very brash personality and is easily annoyed by everyone around him, but especially Louie. But underneath that gruff persona, is a very caring man.


Joong Won takes a liking to Bok Sil and really helps her as she tries to make a life for herself in Seoul. He also has a sort of love/hate relationship with Louie. These two guys had quite an interesting relationship, and they gave me a lot of laughs.


We have Im Se Mi as Baek Ma Ri. She works at the company owned by Louie’s grandmother, and she has her sights set on him. But once Louie disappears, she needs to find a new way to gain some power.

Although Ma Ri does several shady things, she’s not a terrible person. And her character was always presented in a likable and humorous way that allowed me to enjoy her.


Then there are so many wonderful supporting characters in the drama. My favorite has to be Jo In Sung (Oh Dae Hwan). He lives in an apartment below Louie and Bok Sil with his mom. He’s a bit of a bum himself with no job and likes to loaf around. Of course, he makes a perfect best friend for Louie!


These two played off of each other so well. I loved the rapport between them and the fact that I never knew what kind of crazy situation these two would get themselves in. I loved this bromance on so many levels.


And I have to mention this lovely grandma. I love this actress so much! She is completely adorable at times, but she has a very strong presence too. She loves Louie to pieces and frequently refers to him as “My precious”. It was too funny.


Butler Kim (Uhm Hyo Seop) and Heo Jung Ran (Kim Sun Young) also add a lot of fun to the drama. They are each unique and memorable characters. There are so many more wonderful supporting characters too that really create the wonderful world of Shopping King Louie.

Shopping King Louie Korean Drama - Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun

The relationship between Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun was perfection. Louie and Bok Sil are ridiculously adorable with a relationship that is so pure and beautiful. And I love that they get to spend so much time together. From the moment they meet, they spend the bulk of their time with each other.

shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-seo-in-guk-and-nam-ji-hyun-4 shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-seo-in-guk-and-nam-ji-hyun-2

In the beginning, I loved watching them having to survive Seoul. It’s completely new to both of them.  Poor Louie is penniless and confused, so Bok Sil ends up being his protector.

With no memories and no where to go, she takes him under her wing in hopes he can help her find her brother. He’s completely pitiful and helpless, and she really goes the extra mile to be there for him. But she has barely any money either, and they both begin their journey homeless.

shopping-king-louie-seo-in-guk-7 shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-nam-ji-hyun-14

Of course, their relationship is full of laughs. Many times Bok Sil is understandably frustrated by Louie’s lack of responsibility and childish ways. But she sees that underneath, he is genuinely a good guy. And he’s so pitiful, how could she refuse to help him?

shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-nam-ji-hyun-9 shopping-king-louie-seo-in-guk-23

Louie then falls hard for Bok Sil. And oh my goodness! The way Louie would lovingly look at Bok Sil absolutely melted my heart. It didn’t take long for her to reciprocate his feelings. So many feels between these two!

But something special about this drama is that Louie and Bok Sil experience what I would consider to be a true romance. It builds from nothing and blossoms into such a healthy and loving relationship.

shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-seo-in-guk-and-nam-ji-hyun-15 shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-seo-in-guk-and-nam-ji-hyun-32

A lot of times, couples just scratch the surface of a romance, but these two had such a strong connection. And even though Louie and Bok Sil have a very innocent and fun relationship, it felt so deep and mature. I thought the chemistry between Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun was fantastic. They truly were such a treat.

shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-seo-in-guk-and-nam-ji-hyun-44 shopping-king-louie-korean-drama-seo-in-guk-and-nam-ji-hyun-14

Shopping King Louie also has a nice little mystery concerning how exactly Louie ended up homeless with amnesia and how it ties in with Bok Sil’s missing brother. It was really interesting unraveling all of the circumstances that led everyone to their current situations.

I also experienced so many emotions with this drama. So many times, I flipped from laughing to tears in a heartbeat. And then I would be right back laughing again. And it maintains its charm all the way through to the end. It surprised me several times, and the last episode was so moving.

For those looking for a very fun drama without any angst and filled to the brim with heartwarming moments, look no further than Shopping King Louie.


Shopping King Louie was completely amazing. I laughed so much at the crazy situations and Louie’s hilarious quirks and personality. I cried during tender moments and also during tragic ones. It was quite a journey.

I loved these characters, and I simply didn’t want to leave this little world. Louie and Bok Sil were one of the best drama couples I’ve seen. They warmed my heart and made me smile so many times. All I have are fond memories when thinking about Shopping King Louie. What more could I ask for? Nothing. For me, it was kdrama perfection, and I loved it to pieces.

My Rating: 10/10

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34 responses to “Shopping King Louie Korean Drama Review”

  1. raistlin0903 Avatar

    Whoa, what a truly incredible and analist review. I am not a big fan of comedies, but your review is so enthusiastic,that I am tempted to watch it anyway. This really does look like a very nice and good show. As said, this not my usual cup of tea, but I never say no beforehand to things I have not yet watched, so I might give it a try. Thanks for sharing this one 😀

    1. Kay Avatar

      Haha, I had a lot to say about this drama, and this review doesn’t really even begin to cover my love for it 🙂 Since comedies aren’t usually your thing, I would definitely say save a drama like this for a time you’re feeling specifically in the mood for that sort of thing. It is definitely heavy on the comedy, but it is also very feel good and heartwarming with a nice story about the journey of the characters.

      And with any comedy, it also depends on how much a person likes a particular comedy style. This one is pretty zany, but mostly I found the character and mannerisms of Louie hilarious. This is one of those dramas that doesn’t really do anything particularly grand or different, but it just completely clicked with me and won me over. But yeah, now I’m biased since I love everything about this drama 🙂

      1. raistlin0903 Avatar

        Haha, well there is nothing wrong with really liking a show and being biased for it. I had my share of those as well lol 😂 I will definitely keep it on my list as I do really like feel good movies/series as well 😊

  2. CozyBooks-and-Life Avatar

    Hmm… I might need to go back and rewatch this. I tried to when it first started airing and couldn’t get into it–but with a recommendation like this I should go back and take a second look. Thanks for the review!

    1. Kay Avatar

      I would say the first episode is a bit different from the rest of the drama since the couple doesn’t meet until the very end of it. But if you didn’t like it after 3 or 4 episodes, I would say it’s probably not likely to click. I honestly don’t see any huge red flags with the drama as a whole though.

      You’re enjoyment factor may also depend on if you really like the Louie character. I found him hilarious and adorable, but I could see some people possibly not liking him for being so spoiled. While it doesn’t do anything really different, Shopping King Louie just hit the right spot for me and I fell in love. If you give it another look, I hope you have better luck 🙂

  3. […] Louie and Bok Sil are one of the best drama couples I’ve seen. They warmed my heart and made me smile so many times. All I have are fond memories when thinking about Shopping King Louie. For me, it was kdrama perfection, and I loved it to pieces. (Shopping King Louie Review) […]

  4. OchaNokcha Avatar

    I liked the humour (a lot), the really good acting, the chemistry between the actors, the supporting music, the story development … but at times I was a bit “annoyed” with the candid attitude of the two main characters. It was a bit difficult to relate to … I wanted to shout “Please wake up to the cruel world around you”. I am more a Mr Cha. But at the same time would it have worked if Louie & Bok Sil were not candid?

    1. Kay Avatar

      It’s hard for me to pick what I enjoyed best. The humor was wonderful and I just loved the characters, story, and music. Haha, I’m probably more of a Mr. Cha myself, but maybe that’s why I just loved the pure, candid, and loving relationship between Louie and Bok Sil. Glad you enjoyed it mostly though. All I have is love, love, and more love for it! 🙂

  5. […] Louie and Bok Sil were one of the best drama couples I’ve seen. They warmed my heart and made me smile so many times. All I have are fond memories when thinking about Shopping King Louie. For me, it was kdrama perfection, and I loved it to pieces. My Rating: 10/10 (Shopping King Louie Review) […]

  6. […] Shopping King Louie is easily my favorite romantic comedy of the year. It is everything I love in a drama and so much more.  The romance, the humor, the fun, the characters, and the heartfelt story all work together to create perfection in my book. I loved it to pieces. […]

  7. […] Louie and Bok Sil were one of the best drama couples I’ve seen. They warmed my heart and made me smile so many times. All I have are fond memories when thinking about Shopping King Louie. For me, it was kdrama perfection, and I loved it to pieces. (Shopping King Louie Review) […]

  8. […] I love this so much! It looks like Nam Ji Hyun (Shopping King Louie) will be joining Ji Chang Wook (The K2) as the female lead in the new new SBS drama Be Careful of […]

  9. Fred Avatar

    Ok, so I watched this because it was #10 on your Top Ten. I didn’t regret that decision haha.

    I usually get bored with feel-good dramas but I was impressed with this one. The story was very basic but it somehow got everything right. Although I did feel that there was around an hour worth of fillers in episode 15 and 16. But the final 20 minutes were good enough.

    The feel was much like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (I guess?). The characters are very lovable (Kim Bok Joo is one of my favorite characters), it had a lot of funny moments, and the cinematography and OSTs were good (though not as good as Goblin’s haha). The only thing WFKBJ lacked was an intriguing story. It was purely a feel-good drama.

    Shopping King Louis was a good 9.8/10.

    But giving it a 9.8 doesn’t mean it wasn’t THAT good. I’m just being conservative in giving out my 10/10s hehe. If my memory serves me right, I think I will only give my 10/10s for now to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (10.1), Pinocchio, City Hunter, and Healer.

    I’ll watch another drama which has a good rating from you. I’ll watch your #9 after. I do not want to let it suffer from comparison and high expectations. 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed this one 🙂 I do like feel good dramas, but I typically like there to be a bit more meat to the story. But I obviously didn’t mind at all with Shopping King Louie since I completely fell in love with it, hehe.

      I’ve seen a lot of people compare it to Weightlifting Fairy. I liked that one, but I didn’t love it. And I agree, the main thing lacking for me in that one was more of a story. But it was cute and feel good, so I totally see the comparison with Shopping King Louie.

      Haha, nothing wrong with being conservative with the 10’s. I actually don’t give a lot of them out, but I do think I may have around 20 of them. Of course, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Pinocchio, City Hunter, and Healer each received one. And like you, Gumiho gets an extra bonus point 🙂

      Yeah, you definitely want to avoid the comparison problem when watching your next one, lol. Let’s see, my #9 is King of Baking. Do you like makjang dramas? It’s definitely overly dramatic with all of those soapy things like birth secrets, sickness, lots of relationship drama, etc. Definitely not for everyone, but King of Baking is one of the best in its genre 🙂

      1. Fred Avatar

        I just thought about it. ‘Weird’ is probably not the best word to describe Park Shin Hye. It sounds a bit negative, I guess? Haha. Maybe the better description is ‘awkward’. She seems to act awkwardly. Her smile is the most awkward of all. And for some reason, it’s very appealing. 🙂

        1. Kay Avatar

          Ah, that’s good. King of Baking is definitely well done, just on the soapy side, hehe. But yes, for some dramas you do just have to close your eyes to get through the loopholes 🙂

          Well, it certainly sounds like The Purge would work for moving on from Shopping King Louie! So now to Flower Boy Next Door. It’s another simple drama, but very funny and heartwarming. And Park Shin Hye is definitely unique and lovable. She has a great appeal, and she is an actress that I usually really enjoy.

          Haha, isn’t it amazing how you can start reading or watching a video online and just fall down this rabbit hole and end up somewhere so far from where your started! Time seems to speed up too and suddenly hours have gone by. That happens to me a lot on Youtube 🙂

          1. Fred Avatar

            Hahaha exactly. Just finished episode one. Classic Park Shin Hye. 🙂

  10. Fred Avatar

    I don’t mind if it is a makjang. The whole story just needs to be woven together in a way that it makes sense in its own way. Only loopholes in the story can destroy it for me. Although there are times that I just close my eyes in order to give it a chance. 🙂

    In order to move on from Shopping King Louis, I watched The Purge: Election Day (American suspense movie). Seems effective haha. I think I am now ready to watch another one of your Top Ten.

    While scrolling through Facebook, I somehow reached Flower Boy Next Door. It started from a lion video (Korean). Dunno how that happened, lol. I’ll watch it next. The plot seems interesting and Park Shin Hye is always lovable. She seems like a weird person both on screen and in real life (I think). And I like weird. Haha

  11. Cris Hermoso Espiña Avatar

    I am fairly new to kdrama and unless you give it a 10, it’s not on my priority list. Thank you!

    1. Kay Avatar

      You’re welcome! If you run out of 10s, there are quite a few fantastic 9s too 🙂

  12. Cristina Avatar

    I love it! There’s no dull moment. The pure, real and innocent love captivated me. I’m totally convinced that King Louie loves Koboshi. If not for your 10 ratings I will not watch this. Thanks Ms Kay! ✿

    1. Kay Avatar

      Shopping King Louie!! Yes, I have so much love for this drama! Such a sweet and magical love story that also completely wowed me. Shopping King Louie just made me so happy 🙂 I’m so glad you got to enjoy it too!

  13. Demetrio Agujar Mosqueda Jr. Avatar

    I recently finished this drama. ‘Shopping King Louis’ was fun and the shopping couple was as lovely as the swag’s but I did root for the swag’s couple a liitle bit more than them. The intriguing storyline of the drama also contributed to my rating on it. BUT! Sad to say, I didn’t get to enjoy it till the very end. I guess, maybe because I was expecting for more of it. Nevertheless, it was cute and fun enough for me to root for Bok Sil and the shopaholic king. 🙂

    Rating: 8/10

    1. Kay Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it for the most part 🙂 8/10 is a great score. As you can tell from my review, I thought it was perfection, and I only have love for my dear Louie and Bok Sil. It’s in my top 10 favorite dramas of all time 🙂

  14. Shestha Sen Avatar
    Shestha Sen

    Wonderful review as always. Really enjoyed the review as much as I enjoyed watching the drama. Everything is indeed next to perfection in this drama. Has every aspect and seasoning a drama-lover would love in a great drama. Thanks for the review Kay. It’s been a sheer pleasure once again. Your recommendations never go wrong.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yay! So happy you enjoyed it too 🙂 Haha, this is one of those reviews where I feel like my love for the drama just poured out. I just couldn’t contain it! And it’s a wonderful drama to re-watch as it always makes smile and laugh each time 🙂

  15. […] Louie and Bok Sil were one of the best drama couples I’ve seen. They warmed my heart and made me smile so many times. All I have are fond memories when thinking about Shopping King Louie. I truly loved it to pieces. (Shopping King Louie Review) […]

  16. onefallenleaf Avatar

    Same same aaaaa why I only found this drama now? 😭
    (But then again I’m glad I did now).
    I watched all 12 episodes and girl, I don’t want to complete it because of how much I love them!
    Do you have any recommendation for other kdrama with similar feels like this one?
    Or at least have a likeable male& female character and funny things around them.

    1. Kay Avatar

      I know! This drama is amazing! Louie and Bok Sil are so adorable, and I love them to pieces! 🙂 I’ve watched this drama so many times because I love it so much. It’s great that you’ve found it and love it to 🙂

      This is definitely a special drama since I feel like we don’t get a lot of shows where the couple is completely adorable, and it’s mostly fun. I have a few recs though.

      One is the older drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho if you haven’t seen it. It takes a few eps for the male lead to start coming around, but they are so cute and funny together pretty much all the way through!

      Also, Flower Boy Next Door. Very fun and a sweet couple.

      Another Seo In Guk drama I would recommend is High School King of Savvy. It’s a noona romance with an 18 year old guy pretending to be older and dating a 28 year old woman. They are both super cute and fun together. It has a more tense side, but it’s mostly light.

      And maybe something like Her Private Life. After the first couple of episodes, the couple is very fun and swoony. Not like in this drama, but still great, and the drama is very fun as a whole.

      I’ll also throw in The Secret Life of My Secretary and Thirty But Seventeen as mostly light and fun dramas with nice romances. I hope some of those sound appealing 🙂

  17. sovietredstar Avatar

    I almost stopped watching this show after several episodes. Seo In Guk character Louie was so annoying with his spoiled behavior, whining and always ordering Go Bok Sil around. And the story didn’t “click” with me.

    But half way through the episodes BANG! What happened? Did they change writers? The show
    became really really good. Nam Ji Hyun (Go Bok Sil) was great and even Seo In Guk became bearable. The supporting performers were very good with Kim (Uhm Hyo Seop) and Heo Jung Ran (Kim Sun Young) just two of several that stood out.

    There were several very powerful emotional scenes in the second half.

    My rating is 8/10. If the first half had been as good as the second half it would be a 10. Oh, the show had the typical soft ending of most Kdramas. Is there a law in Korea that main characters in a TV show can not get married?

    1. Kay Avatar

      It’s always nice when a show that doesn’t seem to be working for us suddenly clicks and gets really good. I’m glad that happened for you 🙂 Yeah, like you, some people definitely didn’t care for Louie in the beginning with his “man-child” ways. I mostly found him funny, so I didn’t mind. And he did go through some nice growth which I always love. And yes, Nam Ji Hyun was fantastic as well as the supporting actors. I think the first half is more fluffy and then things thicken up in the second half. Definitely some very emotional scenes.

      Haha, yeah, characters definitely don’t get married a lot at the end of dramas. Now I could always spoil you and tell you a few that do, which I certainly enjoyed seeing for a change 😉

      1. sovietredstar Avatar

        I have seen a few where the main couple get engaged but only one where they make it to a wedding. Go ahead and please let me know which ones end in a main characters’ wedding. Thanks.

        1. Kay Avatar

          Here are a few that come to mind 🙂

          Fated to Love You
          Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
          High School King of Savvy
          Tale of the Nine-Tailed (a private, non-formal wedding)
          Playful Kiss (this in an old drama and quite dated)

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