Witch’s Romance Korean Drama Review

Witch's Romance - Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa 6

Witch’s Romance tells the story of 39-year-old Ban Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa) whose abrasive personality has earned her the nickname “witch”. On a work assignment, she meets 25-year-old Yoon Dong Ha (Park Seo Joon) who is an all around good guy.  Their lives become intertwined, and they have to deal with their growing attraction to each other as well as heal old wounds from the past.

Witch’s Romance has been on my watch list for a really long time.  Overall, I really enjoyed the drama, but I did have a few issues with it.

Witch's Romance - Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa 12 Witch's Romance Korean Drama - Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa Kiss

I love noona romances in general, and the relationship between Dong Ha and Ji Yeon fit that bill perfectly.  Right from the beginning, I thought these two had a fiery chemistry.  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed them together.  Aside from their chemistry, I really enjoyed their humorous, playful interactions.  It was definitely the best part of the drama for me.

Witch's Romance - Uhm Jung Hwa 2

At the same time, I never really clicked with Ji Yeon’s character.  I actually preferred her when she was really abrasive at the very beginning, but her whole “witch” personality doesn’t really last very long.  As she copes with her own issues, she becomes quite mopey for the bulk of the drama.  I didn’t love the transformation.

Witch's Romance - Park Seo Joon 3

But I always love a classic nice guy.  There aren’t enough of them floating around dramaland, and Dong Ha is a perfect example.  He is handsome, charming, selfless, and so sweet.  He is mature enough to handle a relationship with an older woman yet has such a soft vulnerability to him.

Witch's Romance - Ra Mi Ran and Lee Se Kang

The drama has lots of wonderful supporting characters.  I love Ji Yeon’s friend, Na Rae (Ra Mi Ran), and her husband, Min Goo (Lee Se Kang).  This pair was so much fun, but especially Na Rae.  This girl is so comical and was always such fun to watch.

Witch's Romance - Yang Hee Kyung Witch's Romance - Joo Jin Mo

Ji Yeon’s mom, Myung Ja (Yang Hee Kyung), was such a great character too.  She has her own little romance going on that was quite fun.  This lady is way too adorable gazing at her man with those big puppy dog eyes.

Witch's Romance - Yoon Hyun Min

We also have Dong Ha’s best friend Soo Chul (Yoon Hyun Min).  He seems like a jerk in the beginning, but ends up as a pretty decent person.  While he is definitely self-absorbed, he does have a good heart.  I loved the bromance between him and Dong Ha.  What a great pair!

Witch's Romance - Yoon Hyun Min and Park Seo Joon


Now onto our second male lead, No Shi Hoon (Han Jae Suk).  He is not even properly introduced until almost halfway through the drama.  And this is a bit of a strange occurrence for me, but I really disliked the guy.  We do clear up the misunderstanding surrounding him, and he is a nice enough person.  Even so, he bugged me.

Witch's Romance - Han Jae Suk

His arrival really interrupted what I was enjoying about the drama, and he took up far too much screen time for about 6-7 episodes in the middle of the show.  I missed the focus being on the main couple and felt he really got in the way.

This plot development led the drama to feel much more serious in the second half.  Now my favorite style of drama is rom/com in the first half transitioning to more melo in the second half.  But it just felt a bit odd with Witch’s Romance.  I think it was the fact that we really did have two very distinct relationships happening which is a bit unusual.  Things do get back on track to what I liked for the last few episodes though.  We just needed to get rid of Shi Hoon, lol.

Witch's Romance - Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa 11 Witch's Romance - Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa 9

We get back the fun relationship between Ji Yeon and Dong Ha, more cute, more of their sizzle, and she becomes less mopey.  Good stuff all around.  Yea!

Witch's Romance - Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa 7

Even with my issues, the drama had a lot going for it.  It was never boring and had a main couple with great chemistry.  The supporting characters were fun and entertaining which definitely helped through the middle stretch.  All in all, Witch’s Romance was a pleasant watch.

My Rating: 7/10

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