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Bad Papa Korean Drama Review

Bad Papa is about a struggling man (Jang Hyuk) that has financial and family problems who discovers a miracle drug that allows him to gain a career fighting mixed martial arts Advertisements

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Devilish Joy Korean Drama Review

Devilish Joy (or Devilish Charm) is a romantic comedy about a doctor (Choi Jin Hyuk) suffering from “Cinderella Amnesia” where his memory only lasts one day and then resets

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Where Stars Land Korean Drama Review

Where Stars Land (also known as Fox Bride Star) is about two rookies who work in the passenger service department at Incheon Airport. Yeo Reum (Chae Soo Bin) tends to get

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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Korean Drama Review

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (also known as Hundred Million Stars From the Sky) follows the fateful romance of a mysterious man (Seo In Guk) suspected of murder and a woman (Jung So Min) whose life is completely changed … Continue reading

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Terius Behind Me Korean Drama Review

Terius Behind Me (also known as My Secret Terrius) is a mystery romantic comedy about a single mother (Jung In Sun) whose husband recently passed away that teams up with her

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100 Days My Prince Korean Drama Review

100 Days My Prince (also known as Hundred Days Husband) is about a Joseon prince (D.O.) who loses his memory, goes missing, and ends up living as a commoner. He meets a

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Cunning Single Lady Korean Drama Review

Cunning Single Lady is a romantic comedy about a woman (Lee Min Jung) who divorced her husband (Joo Sang Wook) when he was poor, but years later she learns he became rich

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Familiar Wife Korean Drama Review

Familiar Wife is a fantasy romantic comedy about a man (Ji Sung) who is unhappy with life as well as his wife (Han Ji Min). He then gets the chance to travel back in time and change things which results … Continue reading

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Your Honor (Dear Judge) Korean Drama Review

Your Honor (also called Dear Judge) is about twin brothers (Yoon Shi Yoon) who have led very different lives. One is a repeat criminal while the other is a respected judge. When the

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Thirty But Seventeen Korean Drama Review

Thirty But Seventeen (or 30 But 17) tells the story of a 17 year old girl (Shin Hye Sun) who gets in an accident, falls into a coma, and wakes up when she is 30 years old. While trying

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