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True Beauty Korean Drama Review

True Beauty is a romantic comedy about a high school girl (Moon Ga Young) who goes to great lengths to never be caught without makeup on and the only guy (Cha Eun Woo) who

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Kairos Korean Drama Review

Kairos is a fantasy thriller about a man (Shin Sung Rok) who is devastated when his daughter is kidnapped that connects with a woman (Lee Se Young) over the phone who is

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Korean Drama Review

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is a romantic comedy that follows the romance between a wealthy pianist (Go Ara) who loses everything after her father dies and a mysterious part-time

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The School Nurse Files Korean Drama Review

The School Nurse Files is about a quirky school nurse (Jung Yu Mi) who fights a variety of jelly creatures in her school that only she can see with the help of a teacher (Nam Joo

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Someday or One Day Taiwanese Drama Review

Someday or One Day is a fantasy romance about a 27 year old woman (Alice Ke) struggling to deal with the death of her boyfriend (Greg Hsu) that gets caught up in a series of

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Modern Farmer Korean Drama Review

Modern Farmer is a comedy drama about a group of four friends in a band who need to raise money to release an album. After a tip, they decide to move to the countryside to

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Start-Up Korean Drama Review

Start-Up is set in the midst of Korea’s Silicon Valley, known as Sandbox, and tells the story of a woman (Suzy) trying to begin her own startup company and a man (Nam Joo Hyuk)

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Tale of the Nine-Tailed Korean Drama Review

Tale of the Nine-Tailed is about a gumiho (Lee Dong Wook) that handles problems between the living world and the spirit world who is seeking his lost love and the PD (Jo

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Record of Youth Korean Drama Review

Record of Youth is set in the entertainment industry and focuses on a model (Park Bo Gum) who wants to become an actor and a makeup artist (Park So Dam) trying to succeed

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Alice Korean Drama Reivew

Alice is a sci-fi drama about a detective (Joo Won) who struggles with feeling emotions that discovers that his mother (Kim Hee Sun) who was murdered was a time traveler. While

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