Perfect Marriage Revenge is about a woman (Jung Yoo Min) who travels back in time and enters into a contract marriage with a wealthy CEO (Sung Hoon) to get revenge on her husband and family who betrayed her.

Jung Yoo Min is Han Yi Joo.  She is a kind woman who was adopted by a wealthy family but was isolated and unloved. As she prepares to get married, she is devastated to find out her husband loves her sister, and her family has betrayed her. After getting killed in an accident, she travels back in time one year and vows to get revenge on all of them.

Sung Hoon plays Seo Do Guk. He is a wealthy CEO from a powerful family. He decides to enter into a contract marriage with Yi Joo to help in her revenge quest, but he soon finds himself wanting the marriage to be real.

Lee Jung Hye (Lee Min Young) is Yi Joo’s adoptive mother. She is power hungry, manipulative, and has never shown Yi Joo any love. Next is Han Yoo Ra (Jin Ji Hee) who is Yi Joo’s adoptive sister. Yi Joo’s husband is in love with her, but she has her eyes set on Do Guk.

Yoo Se Hyeok (Oh Seung Yun) is Yi Joo’s husband who is in love with Yoo Ra. Then we have Seo Jung Wook (Kang Shin Hyo) who is Do Guk’s brother who he is at odds with.

Now that was a fun ride! Perfect Marriage Revenge is the definition of a soapy makjang in the best kind of way. Once we get our characters and the stakes set-up, we quickly go on a fast-paced journey of betrayal and revenge.

Everything in this drama is over-the-top. There are dramatic stares, flaunting money, birth secrets, murder, power grabs, and so much more. It is filled with tropes galore, but it is executed perfectly to keep things exciting. The drama embraces what it is and rolls with it. While the story is serious, it never feels too heavy. It’s a lot of fun dramatics peppered with some comedy and romance.

In many ways, this feels like an old-school makjang, but it has a bit of modern feel which sort of freshens things up. I love this genre, so I had such a wonderful time getting to go on a cracky, fast-paced ride that only a classic makang can deliver.

It was great to watch Yi Joo’s journey as a character. At first, she is basically a doormat to everyone in her life. She is used and abused, and she takes it all with a smile. But after her life takes a tragic turn, we watch her rise up and take control as she begins to get her life back all while getting revenge on those who wronged her.

Do Guk goes along on the ride with her. He’s an interesting character who stays by her side and is more than ready to help with her revenge plans. He’s got quite the character journey to go on too, and there is plenty to explore with him.

This duo as a couple were pretty entertaining. Contract marriages are always a fun trope for me, but this one felt pretty fresh. I liked watching their feelings for each other grow as they drew closer and supported each other. They were also pretty cute during the more lighthearted moments.

This drama delivered lots of very satisfying moments as we watch Yi Joo get continually wronged but then one up everyone on her revenge quest. There’s a lot of back forth here, but the 12 episodes felt just right to not feel overdone and keep the pace moving right along. There are lots of twists and turns along the way to spice things up. The ending also was pretty satisfying all around.

Perfect Marriage Revenge has a whole lot of baddies in it, but these are the kind of villains I love to watch. They are all over-the-top in their own way and so entertaining. It’s fun seeing them scheming and feeling good about themselves, and then watching them in shock as curveball after curveball is thrown at them. Such a good time!

I hadn’t watched a good makjang in a while, so I was super happy with Perfect Marriage Revenge. It did everything it needed to do to make for a chaotic tale of soapy goodness with betrayal, revenge, dramatics, romance, and a side of humor. I had a great time with this one!

My Rating: 8.5/10

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17 responses to “Perfect Marriage Revenge Korean Drama Review”

  1. Dragon Archive Avatar

    I was watching as it aired and I found myself looking forward to the weekends more!

    1. Kay Avatar

      It would definitely brighten up the weekends for sure! It was so much fun 🙂

  2. sovietredstar Avatar

    I avoided this one since the description sounded so depressing but I may give it a try.

    1. Kay Avatar

      It really just depends on how you experience over-the-top makjangs like this. The actual story is definitely negative and depressing, but 1: it’s all over-the-top and embraces what it is, which I find fun, and 2: this one is lighter than other makjangs with some comedy and romance in the midst of the dramatics. Lots of people just don’t like this type of drama because it’s too soapy.

  3. beez Avatar

    I watched this because I lurve Sung hoon (even though he’s only been in one good drama, imo). It’s interesting how these dramas (that look as of they have cheaper production values) pop up just before other dramas with the same plot line and more seasoned actors. I’ve been watching Marry My Husband and I’m trying to see why it’s so much more compelling and watchable then this show. It really does seem like it’s the better acting (excluding male lead).

    I’m also watching Journey to Illusion which has the same plot line as Captivating the KIng.

    1. Kate Avatar

      Hi beez! I love Sung Hoon as well! What’s your favorite drama of his? New Tales of Gisaeng and My Secret Romance are my top 2 with Perfect Marriage Revenge now 3rd. His other dramas are ok but those are my top 3 😁 He had a cute romance in Five Enough but not enough screen time.

      1. beez Avatar

        The only one that’s so good that it’s in my all-time top 5 favorite – Five Children aka Five Enough. But you’re right, he was good in New Tales. I also prefer Noble my Love over it’s copycat My Secret Romance.

        Talking about this reminds me – I watched the first half of Love Ft Marriage and Romance but when the same writer as New Tales pulled the same lame duck of a ghost (for no other reason that I can see other than having run out of ideas) as she did in New Tales – I dropped Love Ft Marriage in disgust plus the coming attractions for “season 2” looked like it was going beyond makjang with the story everywhere and characters more mixed up than Pine Valley (the town that soap opera All My Children takes place).

        1. Kate Avatar

          Yes, he was adorable in Five Children/Five Enough. Nobel My Love was not one of my favorites but was good for a Sung Hoon fix 🙂 I never watched Love/Marriage/Romance and glad I didn’t waste my time if the lame duck ghost story line made another appearance! I keep wanting to watch New Tales but can’t find it on any legit services. I keep waiting but plan to skip like the last 10 eps that went sideways LOL!

    2. Kay Avatar

      Yeah, it’s weird how similar tropes and storylines frequently pop-up together. This one definitely had a lower budget, but I think they did great with what they had to work with and really nailed this type of over-the-top soapy, makjang. I haven’t watched Marry My Husband yet, but it’s clear it has a bigger budget, plus it doesn’t really look like a makjang from the trailers. I’m curious what genre it feels like. Maybe you like that type of genre better? I’m really looking forward to that one to though 🙂

      1. beez Avatar

        I like a mixed bag of genres. But production value can really make a difference. Noble My Love just looks better than My Secret Romance even though it was a web drama. This may sound strange, but My Secret Love creeps me out because I can’t become immersed in it because I’m constantly aware that they barely had enough money to rent the house for the ML (my assumption) but not enough to put any framed pictures or put any art on the walls or even plants.

        1. beez Avatar

          And let me warn you and everyone else who might watch Passionate Love for Sung hoon. It will leave you very, VERY dissatisfied with the ending.

        2. Kay Avatar

          I totally get that, and can see how it would make a difference to your viewing experience. I watched a lot of really low-budget stuff from the time I was young, so I think I’m immune to it now, lol 😂

          1. beez Avatar

            I can’t even handle a bad wig! I can’t get my mind to leave it long enough to concentrate on whatever else that could be good going but I’ll never know cause my brain is over there thinking “They didn’t have $200 to get a decent wig?” 😆😆😆

          2. Kay Avatar

            Lol, now that’s funny! 😂 I will say that I must agree, a bad wig might just be one of the worst offenders. If we have to stare at it the entire drama, that better be where a good chunk of the budget goes! 🤣🤣

  4. Timescout Avatar

    I watched a few episodes of this just to see what the fuss was about. Then my makjang allergy kicked in and I wandered off to something more to my taste. 😆

    1. Kay Avatar

      Oh goodness, yes, I would have advised you to stay as far a way as possible from this one. It’s literally everything you don’t like, lol 😅

  5. […] I hadn’t watched a good makjang in a while, so I was super happy with Perfect Marriage Revenge. It did everything it needed to do to make for a chaotic tale of soapy goodness with betrayal, revenge, dramatics, romance, and a side of humor. I had a great time with this one! (Perfect Marriage Revenge Review) […]

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