Marry My Husband Korean Drama Review

Marry My Husband is about a woman (Park Min Young) who is terminally ill that catches her husband (Lee Yi Kyung) having an affair with her best friend (Song Ha Yoon) and is then killed by her husband. She then travels back in time 10 years to get revenge on him with the help of a department head (Na In Woo) from her company.

Park Min Young plays Kang Ji Won. She’s a timid pushover who always gives in to everyone else. She’s had a difficult life and even ends up terminally ill with cancer. Then everything culminates in her discovering her best friend and her husband sleeping together which turns her life upside down.

Na In Woo is Yoo Ji Hyuk. He is the department head in the same department as Ji Won in the past. He has secretly harbored one-sided feelings for her many years. Those feelings start to come out as he tries to help her in her revenge plans.

Next we have Lee Yi Kyung as Park Min Hwan who is Ji Won’s husband. He is selfish and abusive. Without remorse, he cheats on her during her illness with plans to get insurance money after her death.

Finally, Song Ha Yoon is Jung Soo Min. She is Ji Won’s longtime best friend. She seems like the sweetness person you could meet and is always there for Ji Won. But it’s all an act since in reality, she is extremely manipulative and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Marry My Husband was a fun drama. I love time travel and revenge, so putting them together is a great combination. We get a pretty well-developed story and characters as we go on the journey with Ji Won as she plans to get revenge on her husband and best friend for cheating on her and then murdering her.

The drama has a mixture of elements. There is a serious side with revenge, bullying, illness, and death. There is also a lighter side with humor and romance. It was all balanced pretty well. The concept of fate is heavily explored as Ji Won attempts to pass her bad fate off onto those who wronged her.

It’s great watching Ji Won grow from scared and timid into a strong woman who won’t hide or back down anymore. There are plenty of satisfying moments as she sticks it to Min Hwan, Soo Min, and others in her life.

She gets help from Ji Hyuk who is always ready to help and will do anything for her. He was a very dedicated man who goes over and above. I did find him to be an extremely bland character though. He doesn’t show much emotion, and he stays that way the bulk of the time. He pretty much makes the same face for 90% of the drama.

The romance between Ji Won and Ji Hyuk was nice. It’s a slow build with some thoughtful moments and a good back story. This too was a bit meh for me, but it gets enough right to make for a cute romance.

Song Ha Yoon was the standout in the drama. She’s really good at playing sweet and cutesy type roles, so the fake persona of Soo Min was a perfect fit for her. But then we get to see a darker side to her.

As the mask starts to peel back, we see this interesting mixture of sweet and manipulative that frequently made the character hard to read. Then towards the end, we see her really off the rails and get a wonderful performance as the true Soo Min is revealed. Fantastic job!

I’m a big fan of Lee Yi Kyung and am used to seeing him in more comedic roles. So having him be such a terrible guy was hard to see. His character does still have a sort of goofy awkward side so the comedy did come out, but his core personality is just awful. Lee Yi Kyung was very convincing as a villain and gave a great performance.

The middle stretch of the drama had some slow spots, but other than that the pace was good. There was also a plot deviation in the latter third involving Ji Hyuk’s ex that felt unnecessary. Luckily, the ending was pretty satisfying.

Overall, Marry My Husband was a good watch. The story was entertaining, and the characters were mostly interesting. I didn’t get very emotionally invested in it, but it was a fun one to watch play out. Marry My Husband is a nice entry into the time travel revenge genre.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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7 responses to “Marry My Husband Korean Drama Review”

  1. iamispiritualist Avatar

    I am currently on episode 3 and am liking it so far. I have heard some good things about the drama and so thought I’d give it a shot. Thanks for the review.

    1. Kay Avatar

      It’s definitely a fun drama! I hope you continue to enjoy it 🙂

  2. Kate Avatar

    Having watched Perfect Marriage Revenge before this it was so easy to see how 2 very similar dramas could be done so differently. Marry My Husband had a stellar cast and was far and away the superior product but just as much fun. I agree completely that Na In Woo was a bit bland. I like the dramas he’s in usually but he just doesn’t seem to bring enough emotion to the roles. Of the main cast he was certainly the weakest link. And like you Lee Yi Kyung as the villain was so hard to watch. He is a fantastic actor but jarring to see him be so abusive when I’m so used to seeing him as the goofy guy. I know actors need to stretch their range but this was tough to get used to. And I must say Song Ha Yoon was a stand out in this. I’ve seen her before and she’s always a solid actor – except Oh! Youngshim of course but I won’t hold that against her. I think she’s currently embroiled in some scandal but I’ll wait for the dust to settle on that.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yes, it’s definitely interesting watching two dramas with a similar premise be executed so differently. They were very different genres which gave them each a completely different feel.

      I had a lot of fun with Marry My Husband, and the cast was definitely its strength to create some very memorable characters. I do have a huge soft spot for makjangs though, so I did like Perfect Marriage Revenge better. It’s over-the-top soapy goodness was just soooo much fun! 😁

  3. Kate Avatar

    PS – Love the new site look, Kay!

    1. Kay Avatar

      Thank you for saying that, Kate! 🙂

  4. […] There were some slow spots, and I didn’t get very emotionally invested in it, but it was a fun drama to watch play out. Marry My Husband is a nice entry into the time travel revenge genre. (Marry My Husband Review) […]

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