Korean Drama Update for October 2021

Imitation Korean Drama - Jung Ji So, Im Na Young, Kim Min Seo

I got in another two dramas for the month of October, and they were good watches. It was the kpop centered idol drama Imitation and the 4 episode romance Check Out the Event that I enjoyed this month:

Imitation Korean Drama - Lee Jun Young and Jung Ji SoImitation

Imitation is a drama that is very easy to watch. I really liked the story of Ma Ha struggling in the industry and finally getting her chance while also having to navigate a relationship with a popular boy group member. I also found Ma Ha completely adorable!

The main couple with her and Ryeok was cute, but they didn’t get as much time together as I would have liked. They face a lot of obstacles both on individually and as a couple though, so their story was still entertaining.

Imitation was a nice drama all around. It had a solid story with humor, mystery, romance, and friendship. All around, it was a fun underdog series that was a solid watch. (Imitation Review)

Check Out the Event Korean Drama - Kwon Hwa Woon and MinahCheck Out the Event

Check Out the Event is a 4 episode romance drama that is pretty basic with a simple plot, but it is very easy to watch. We see a couple who recently broke up have to pretend to be a couple again to go on a trip they won.

A pretty good chunk of the drama just involves our couple going around in circles with her asking why he broke up with her and him not really saying. We also get a bit of a love triangle as well as two other couples who have their own story.

It’s not all that engaging, and I didn’t really get invested in any of the characters, but I thought it managed to do well enough with it’s 4 episodes and tell a decent little story in that short amount of time. (Check Out the Event Review)

So how was October for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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8 Responses to Korean Drama Update for October 2021

  1. Snow Flower says:

    Kdramas completed in October 2021:

    Move To Heaven – surprisingly hopeful and uplifting
    Hometown Cha Cha Cha – nice and fluffy
    The Moon Embracing the Sun – a classic
    Lovers of the Red Sky – a bit uneven, confusing plot

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  2. Timescout says:

    I somehow managed to watch 3 full dramas in Oct. 😄

    Move to Heaven was, as Snow Flowe said, surprisingly hopeful and uplifting
    Definitely Not Today (cdrama), a rather quirky, darkish comedy that somehow managed to pull off a satisfying, happy ending that felt organic. The Veil, which imho was better than many seemed to think. In many ways it is a quite standard Korean action/spy show but the plot actually wasn’t too bad and NGM was on fire. 😁 He was definitely the best part of the drama.

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    • Kay says:

      Oh wow! That is a fantastic month for you 🙂 And 2 of them were kdramas at that! 😲 I’m glad you enjoyed The Veil (on my watch list) and Move to Heaven as well as Definitely Not Today. Looks like a good variety. Congrats on your productive drama month! 🙂


  3. Kate says:

    Second 20s – enjoyed the story but didn’t think the actress captured the essense of who that character was meant to become. She had the mousy first half spot on but she never came alive in the second half. A good watch but a bit meh.
    You Raise Me Up – more serious than I was expecting. Only 8 episodes thankfully. Could have been better.
    Squid Game – not my usual genre but as it took over the world I had to give it a go and was hooked from first episode to last. Extremely well done. Not a fan of the ending for a number of reasons but altogether excellent.
    Lovers of the Red Sky – Amazing start that just seemed to get lost as it went along. The last third of the series seemed to repeat and go in circles.
    Hometown CCC – my favorite watch in October despite the off screen controversy. If you’re looking for cute, fun, charming seaside town characters, uplifting, positive – this is it!
    Yumi’s Cells – This was a bit uneven for me because of the graphics (seems too “bright” and child like) but I get what they were going for. Really well done watching the machinations that go on in FL’s mind as she navigates relationships ups and downs. There’s a season 2 and if I’d known that before starting I would have waited because it definitely feels unfinished by the end. Will definitely watch when it returns.

    Also finished 2 movies Love Clinic and Love 911 which were both better than expected.

    One the Woman – watched about 2 episodes but couldn’t get into it. Didn’t feel like there was anyone worth rooting for.

    Currently watching:
    Dali and the Cocky Prince – absolutely loving it
    Lady and the Gentleman – not my favorite but only 2 eps a week so okay
    The King’s Affection – not loving but again, just 2 a week so okay
    Monthly Magazine Home – wasn’t planning to watch this but loving so far – 6 eps in (Thanks Kay! Your “First Impressions” got me started on this one and I’m so glad I did!!)

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    • Kay says:

      Looks like a solid month, Kate 🙂 Mostly good watches with a couple just okay. Yumi’s Cells is on my soon to watch list as it looks light and fun.

      You’re currently watching looks solid too with a couple okay and a couple you are enjoying. I’m glad Monthly Magazine Home is going well for you! I’ll be releasing my review tomorrow. I ended up enjoying it all the way through. I do understand why people didn’t care for the last episode, but it didn’t really bother me since it was a very typical kdrama type ending, hehe. I hope it keeps going well for you! 🙂


  4. MyKDramaticLife says:

    A little bit late, but here it is!

    “My KDramatic October 2021”

    In October 2021, I watched dramas that provoked my thoughts and memories, as I explored dramas that centered capturing-memories themes.
    Unexpectedly, I can somehow relate to this month’s theme.

    Although I enjoyed this show, and the theme of having a moving agency that cleans up memorabilias and things of dead people, is quite unique. I still think the show seems ordinary. I was not that moved with its episodic clients and their supposed to be moving stories. Tho, I believe Lee Je Hoon delivered it well, as usual. Tang Joon Sang, our other male lead, with Asperger syndrome also portrayed his role well. Other characters are not that memorable to me.
    So overall, Move to Heaven is heartfelt, as it explored the growing uncle-nephew relationship of our leads while fixing their clients’ final emotional issues as they left the world, however the show didn’t manage to make me really moved.

    Overall Rating: 6.5/10

    Before Eulachaha Waikiki, there was a drama called One Mom and Three Dads. It was heartwarming and funny at the same time. I laughed many times and wanted to cry as the drama focused on the growth of three uncles who suspectedly thought they might be the baby’s real dad. Eugene was amazing as our female lead! She’s perfectly casted for this role. The baby is cute, but the daddies/uncles are cuter. 😍😀, especially Jo Hyun Jae. 😍 The drama for me was amazing and the scripts and scenes were well-written and well-delivered. I actually wished there were more than just 16 episodes. That finale is pretty lacking, and it made me want moreee.
    The romance part is also pretty lacking. That’s I think one negative thing about the show. I hoped they focused more on the romance part, especially that I finally enjoyed the Na Young (Eugene) and Soo Hyun (Jo Hyun Jae) ship in the last episodes, yet it’s cliffhanging.
    Overall, One Mom and Three Dads, is very funny and light, yet surprisingly heartwarming.

    Overall Rating: 9/10

    It’s a special 1 hour and 30 something minutes long episode, that can be considered as the prequel of the Kingdom series. Jun Ji Hyun is such a talented actress anyone should watch. I just hoped the special episode to focus more on the adult version of Ashin. The flashback could have been compressed to only 20 minutes, for us to enjoy more Jun Ji Hyun scenes. Well, this prequel is still as thrilling and action-packed as the Kingdom two seasons, with less of zombies though.

    Overall Rating: 7.5/10

    I actually don’t like it, in general. I checked the drama out because I was intrigued by the plot. But heh! There was nothing special on it. I didn’t like the female lead character, and the male lead character is frustratingly frustrating. Well, I sometimes enjoyed other characters (especially the two other couples in the couples’ special event), but overall I was really bored. Finished it because of curiosity, and since it’s only 4-episode away.

    Overall Rating: 6/10

    Decided to not continue Memories of Bali, after 5 episodes. Am not very sure if I’m going to pursue it soon, but I won’t for now. Reason is.. I think I was bored. I kept on waiting for some intense melodramatic vibes I get with my favorite melos. There were dramas here and there, but I can’t continue my interest. I unexpectedly didn’t like Ha Ji Won’s acting here. (first time seeing Ha Ji Won though. Let us see if I’ll like her in her other dramas) The sort-of love square is uninteresting and unappealing to my eyes too. For now, I won’t continue watching this drama.

    Favorite of the Month: One Mom and Three Dads 💛

    So that was October 2021 for me.
    How about you? Tell me about your K-Dramatic monthly experience. 😊


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    • Kay says:

      Good variety 🙂 Haha, our experiences were similar with Check Out the Event. Aww, too bad you didn’t enjoy Bali. I absolutely LOVED that one! My perfect kind of melo 🙂

      It sounds like I need to watch One Mom and Three Dads! That sounds like something I would love. Definitely adding it to the list 🙂

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