Imitation Korean Drama Review

Imitation Korean Drama - Lee Jun Young and Jung Ji So

Imitation follows several idol groups including the rising girl group Tea Party and the popular boy group Shax as a member from each group gets involved with each other after a series of incidents.

Imitation Korean Drama - Jung Ji So

Jung Ji So plays Lee Ma Ha. She is part of the group Tea Party. She has had bad luck in the industry and had been unable to debut for a long time. That changes when an opportunity comes along as she debuts with Tea Party.

Imitation Korean Drama - Lee Jun Young

Lee Jun Young as Kwon Ryeok. He is a member of the popular boy group Shax. He’s a bit closed off and went through a rocky period with the group, but now he’s a superstar. Things get a bit complicated for him though when he starts developing feelings for Ma Ha.

Imitation Korean Drama - Jung Yun Ho Imitation Korean Drama - Park Ji Yeon

Jung Yun Ho is Lee Yoo Jin. He is a member of the boy group Sparkling. He is close friends with Ma Ha, but he actually has long-time feelings for her. Finally, we have Park Ji Yeon as La Li Ma. She is a popular solo singer who likes Ryeok.

Imitation Korean Drama - Lee Jun Young and Jung Ji So

Imitation is a drama I went in to not knowing much beyond the main plot, and that made for some nice surprises. The drama is very easy to watch, and I found myself hooked from the first episode.

I really liked the story of Ma Ha struggling in the industry and finally getting her chance while also having to navigate a relationship with a popular boy group member. I also found Ma Ha completely adorable! She’s sweet, feisty, and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed Jung Ji So’s performance here.

Ryeok is that classic closed off lead who is a bit cold to Ma Ha. At least we get snippets early on of his potential feelings for her. Then eventually, it’s all very clear, and he falls quite hard for Ma Ha.

Imitation Korean Drama - Jung Ji So Imitation Korean Drama - Lee Jun Young

I found this to be a cute couple, but we didn’t get a whole lot of time with them together. I would have preferred them to have more screen time with each other. They face a lot of obstacles both individually and as a couple though, so their story was still entertaining.

Imitation Korean Drama - Jung Yun Ho

We get some added drama with Ma Ha’s friend Yoo Jin sort of competing for her affections and taking on the challenge of trying to top Ryeok. He was definitely always looking out for Ma Ha.

Imitation Korean Drama - Jung Ji So, Im Na Young, Kim Min Seo

I also quite enjoyed the friendship between the Tea Party members. Ma Ha, Hyun Ji (Im Na Young), and Ri Ah (Min Seo) certainly went through some trials together. They had some internal issues at times, but ultimately, their ups and downs drew them closer. It was nice seeing how they supported each other.

Imitation Korean Drama - Jung Ji So, Im Na Young, Kim Min Seo Imitation Korean Drama - Jung Yun Ho

The drama had a mystery element too surrounding the disappearance of one of the members of Shax at the very beginning of the drama. This thickened up the story a bit, added some emotional heft, and definitely allowed for the exploration of some deeper themes, particularly within the entertainment industry, as well as character growth.

The music was pretty good in the drama, though I think it was very underutilized, and it felt like there should have been more group performances. At least the final episode does go all in and gives a great look at all of the groups with some memorable performances.

Imitation Korean Drama - Lee Jun Young and Jung Ji So

Imitation was a nice drama that I enjoyed. It had some slow spots, but for the most part the pacing was fine. It had a solid story with humor, mystery, romance, and friendship. All around, it was a fun underdog series that was very easy to watch.

My Rating: 7/10

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13 Responses to Imitation Korean Drama Review

  1. D says:

    I enjoyed this drama too and was also hooked from episode 1. Though I agree there are some things they could’ve done better. However, it was an enjoyable watch. There was one thing that did bother me though – not a big issue and really very superficial. The main FL’s hair – it looked so obvious that it was a wig. And in one scene they had her cut her hair and in the next scene, she had her long hair again. These are small things but it really bothered me lol.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jermena says:

      Hahaha interesting observations.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      I’m glad you liked it too! Yes, it was a very nice drama that I enjoyed all the way through. You’re definitely not alone. I saw sooo many people saying they hated her hair! 😂 I wouldn’t say it bothered me, but I certainly didn’t care for it, hehe. And I too noticed the haircut! I thought they were about to give her some nice hair, they didn’t and just cut it, and then it went back to long. Very weird! lol 🤣


  2. Jermena says:

    Sounds like not a bad drama at all.
    Thank you for the review ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kate says:

    So funny to read all the comments about the hair LOL! It was definitely distracting, especially since I enjoyed watching her simultaneously in Doom At Your Service with short hair where she looked really cute! Otherwise, I found this drama better than expected with a bit of serious to temper the story. Overall a good watch.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yes, the hair definitely makes for some funny conversation! 😂 It would probably be quite a distraction seeing her with the bad wig and then with nice hair in another drama at the same time. It was definitely a nice drama though. Good mix of humor and serious 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Eta Wardana says:

    I agree with you that Ma-ha is totally adorable! I’ve read some comments saying her character is flat, but I think her positive outlook on life is amazing.

    And I really love their final performance!

    Liked by 1 person

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  7. jolevey says:

    I usually watch just one episode a day of a Kdrama. But this one hooked me enough that I watched 2-3 a day. I am a die-hard hip-hop fan and the dancing and singing were outstanding. Love the song at the end and would have liked 2-3 more episodes or a second season.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      I usually only watch one episode a day too, so I completely understand what its like when a drama hooks you enough to watch more than that 🙂 And yes, the dancing and singing here were great. It was such a fun series with great music, particularly the last episode. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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