“SKY Castle” Becomes the Highest Rated Korean Cable Drama Ever

SKY Castle Korean Drama

Oh wow, the hit JTBC drama SKY Castle just set the record for the highest rated Korean cable drama ever in Nielsen drama ratings! It has rose steadily each week including breaking the JTBC record a couple weeks ago and then breaking its own record in subsequent weeks.

This week it brings in 16.4% for episode 15 which already topped last week, but then it went on to rise to 19.2% for episode 16! This broke the previous cable ratings record set by Reply 1988. And it looks like with the show being such a ratings hit, it has even been extended from 16 to 20 episodes. Wow, I wonder if it will be able to break 20% in its final weeks?

SKY Castle is a satirical comedy about the lives of four wealthy women and their families and all they go through to make sure their children are successful and get into good universities.

SKY Castle airs Friday and Saturday on JTBC.

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12 Responses to “SKY Castle” Becomes the Highest Rated Korean Cable Drama Ever

  1. D says:

    I wasn’t going to check this out but perhaps I should to see what all the fuss is

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    • Kay says:

      That’s exactly like me, lol. It’s one of those that doesn’t sound that interesting on paper, but all the excitement around it has me curious. And with Viki planning to pick it up, I really don’t have a reason not to at least give it a look 🙂


  2. Ann says:

    Wow. There’s just sooo many good dramas breaking ratings record/ recording high records so far. What a good start of the year for the Korean TV. The Last Empress (which I’m definitely going to check out because my sister, who hasn’t watched any kdramas in a looooong time, has gone out of her way and recommended it to me. She’s hooked on it.) And now, I’ve just read about My Only One going over 40% too.

    Im so happy at the same time, when are we going to have time to watch all of these good dramas? I still have loads on my list from last year that I definitely, definitely would love to go through.

    I’ve started Gangnam Beauty too. And though I haven’t gone past the 1st episode yet, I’m already pleasantly surprised at how immersed I got into the story already.

    Im currently watching Rooftop Prince which Im enjoying so much. I already miss the characters especially His Royal Highness’ entourage.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yes, it really is crazy how well some of these dramas are doing. It’s really good to see since ratings have been in such a decline. The Last Empress looks like it will be crazy fun and I definitely plan to check it out too. I’ve heard how good My Only One is doing over on the weekends also.

      I feel your pain though. When do we watch all of these dramas?! It’s so hard to get them all in. I’ve been trying to get a few in from last year in January, but now I’m ready to move onto the 2019 dramas.

      Aww, My ID is Gangnam Beauty was such a moving and sweet story. I was surprised by how good that one was.

      And I have a lot of love for Rooftop Prince! It’s a classic that completely holds up. Love all the characters and it has a great OST. Now I’m feeling nostalgic, lol 🙂


      • Ann says:

        Yes Im happy I gave it a chance. YooChun is just soo good. I loved him in The Girl Who Sees Smells and it’s no different here in Rooftop Prince. I don’t know much about the controversy surrounding him but it seemed that affected him greatly. I feel like that is such a touchy subject because I don’t know who actually harmed who. It’s just a shame that there’s a great talent set
        Aside because of what happened.

        So is that it for the 2018 dramas for you then? Im thinking of watching Clean With Passion For Now. I love Kim Yoo Jung and the premise sounds fun, is this drama a pass for you?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          I agree. I’ve loved every drama I have seen him in. Including The Girl Who Sees Smells 🙂 Yes, his controversy was so messy and we’ve yet to see if his career will recover from it. It’s frequently hard to tell what actually happened in many cases. It’s sad all around for whoever is the victim 😦

          Because of how I structure my big year end reviews, I typically count dramas as the year in which they are completed. So in that sense, I still have quite a few 2018 dramas on my list. They just technically end in 2019. Like I’m watching Memories of the Alhambra right now and still plan to watch Encounter, My Strange Hero, The Last Empress, and SKY Castle.

          And I definitely plan to try Clean With Passion For Now too. That one’s just a matter of finding a good sight to watch it on since I have really bad luck with “other” sites. But it looks so cute, so I really want to see it 🙂


          • Ann says:

            Yes, really hoping the victim gets the proper justice – whoever it is.

            Right, theres still a lot to catch up on it’s almost overwhelming. 🙈

            And that is so true. I watch most of them on Netflix now just because its pretty much the only streaming site available where I’m from. It just gets frustrating with the subtitles at times though. The fact that I do get what they’re saying most times without subtitles really annoys me when the translation is over simplified or just isn’t what the character really said.

            Makes me wonder how much more was actually inaccurate.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Kay says:

              Yep, the List is never ending, lol. I know what you mean about the subs on Netflix. They are my least favorite by far. Like you, there are lots of times where I can understand what they are saying and the subs go a very different route with the translation. That’s why I always prefer Viki because they keep a lot more of the culture in theirs subs. But I definitely wish I understood more because I’m there is a lot we miss out on with Netflix.


  3. MyKDramaticLife says:

    Count me in to those who are excited to check this one out. Hehe this isn’t also my cup-of-tea drama but I just couldn’t ignore it breaking the cable history record. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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