Hymn of Death Korean Drama Review

Hymn of Death Korean Drama - Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun

Hymn of Death (also known as Death Song) is a 3 episode period drama based on the true story about the woman (Shin Hye Sun) who is known as the first soprano singer in Korea and a genius playwright (Lee Jong Suk) who was her lover.

If you’re in the mood for a little heartbreaking romance, Hymn of Death might be what you’re looking for.  We have Shin Hye Sun as the singer Yun Sim Deok and Lee Jong Suk as the playwright Kim Woo Jin. The two meet while working on a play during a very tumultuous time in Joseon during the Japanese occupation.

Hymn of Death Korean Drama - Shin Hye Sun Hymn of Death Korean Drama - Lee Jong Suk

They each face their own personal difficulties when it comes to achieving their dreams and living their lives how they want to. He’s unhappily married and working in the family business after reluctantly following his father’s wishes while she struggles to support her poor family. Society and their families have definitely tied them down. Then when a romance sparks between them, even that becomes a forbidden love that stands in their way of happiness.

The mood of the drama is on the somber side with a melancholy feel and increasing sadness. Since it’s a short drama, we don’t get a whole lot of time to develop everything, but the story is thoughtful and well directed while being accompanied by some beautiful music with the soundtrack.

Hymn of Death Korean Drama - Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun

Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun were both very well cast in their roles. They gave moving performances that conveyed the struggles and heartaches each were feeling. Their lives were sad as roadblocks got in the way of their dreams and their love for each other.

It would have been nice to have more time to develop a story like this so I could get really emotionally invested, but overall Hymn of Death is a decent watch with enough good qualities to depict this tragic romance.

My Rating: 7/10

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10 Responses to Hymn of Death Korean Drama Review

  1. Priyasha says:

    I want to watch this one.

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  2. MyKDramaticLife says:

    Oh. It’s at least at 6.5 for me. 🙂 Nevertheless it was still a decent drama. And! Shin Hye Sun nailed her character again.

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  3. MyKDramaticLife says:

    My K-Dramatic Review on ‘Hymn of Death (Death Song):

    So, Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun! Upon hearing their pairing up, I was caught excited as both actors were impressive and successful on their own and having them both in one drama is such a gift. So I am a bit sad it is only a 3-episode drama.

    Having Shin Hye Sun on my screen again after her amazing performance in 30 But Seventeen (10/10), I was perplexed by how flexible she is as an actress. Well I have seen her growth in the Dramaland ever since her School 2013 (8.5/20) and Oh My Ghost (9/10) roles. And then again she did impress me once again. So that being said I am gonna watch and wait patiently for Dan, My Only Love, her upcoming 2019 drama. As for Lee Jong Suk, I am not so into him actually. But I have seen almost all of his dramas except for Doctor Stranger. And I’ve liked and loved all of them.

    For this drama, I liked how the drama started as it reminded me of the well-written, impressing Chicago Typewriter (9.5/10). But the vibe didn’t continue well till the second and the last episode. I thought they would have focused on more of the historical stuffs which I would have liked if that was the case. But it was a surprise (that I kinda didn’t like) that the drama ventured more on the sad and tragic romance between Kim Woo Jin and Shim Deok. Hmm, it was a meeh to me. I mean their love story didn’t give me that amazing feeling. I wish the drama would have revolved more on the youth and their arts trying to fight for their freedom and that of their beloved country. Haiist, I was a bit disappointed. And so I conclude that a short series is another easy hit-or-miss kind of dramas for me. And to say, Hymn of Death is one those that oddly missed. Sorry! V

    MY RECOMMENDATION: Well, just watch it if you’re really a LJS fan, he’s still very good in this drama. And for Shin Hye Sun, she keeps on improving and improving and on her way to becoming one of those promising leading ladies of South Korean television.

    MY RATING: 6.5/10

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    • Kay says:

      Loved reading your thoughts on this drama 🙂 I think it really was too bad this drama couldn’t have been full length. There was a lot to work with concerning the historical aspects and the fight for freedom as well as potential to develop the romance as well as their families more. It did what it could with the time it had. Definitely a sad and tragic type drama though.


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  6. NR Wilson says:

    Firstly, I loved this drama. If you were looking for history, this was not the series to watch. The title should have been a clue. A struggle about a fight for freedom that eventually was victorious would not be titled as a “Hymn of Death”. The struggles were at first personal and then collective when they became a couple. The hymn was everything they lived through until making their decision on death as a final solution together. The length was appropriate because these were actors that conveyed the story. There are a couple of old Hollywood films to check out if you liked this genre: “A Farewell to Arms” and “Sayonara”.

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    • Kay says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed this well done and thoughtful drama too. It was a really nice story with great acting by both Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun 🙂


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