Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo to Star in Korean Drama “Boyfriend”

Boyfriend Korean Drama - Park Bo GumBoyfriend Korean Drama - Song Hye Kyo

It looks like we have a power couple confirmed with news of Park Bo Gum (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) and Song Hye Kyo (Descendants of the Sun) accepting starring roles in the new drama Boyfriend.

With both actors making their returns to the small screen after widely popular hit dramas, it will be interesting to see the reaction to the duo. The drama comes from the writer of Entertainer, and I was one who absolutely loved that drama to pieces. I still find Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo to be a bit of an unusual pairing, but I’m interested to see them together and am overall pretty excited for the drama.

Boyfriend is an opposites story that follows the complicated romance between an ordinary man (Park Bo Gum) stuck in part time jobs who seems to have nothing and the daughter (Song Hye Kyo) of a politician who seems to have everything.

Boyfriend is looking to air later in 2018.

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16 Responses to Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo to Star in Korean Drama “Boyfriend”

  1. Shrestha Sen says:

    What an amazing and wonderful piece of news Kay. I was aware that Park Bo Gum was offered the lead role. I’m immensely happy to see he confirmed himself along with Song Hye Kyo, both being my favorites. I haven’t seen them pairing up together before, but I just know they’ll be incredible together. Will keep an eye on your updates for any news, spoilers or theme of the drama. Thanks again!


    • Kay says:

      I’m glad they both confirmed too. It’s a bit of an odd pairing, but they are both talented, and I’m interested to see how they do together. Hoping for a good drama for both of them 🙂


  2. Is it final that Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo accepted the roles? I’m sort of ambivalent about the news because of personal reasons.

    One – Kyo being married seems fresh and her having an on screen romance is kind of off for me.
    Two – Bo Gum has this noona-dongseng relationship with Kyo in real life so it’s pretty hard to see them in a romantic aspect on screen.
    Three – I read you love Entertainer, but I had a different opinion on it. The drama felt lacking despite having big time actors on screen. It has something to do with the story and script writing. Though it was a good drama, it wasn’t the best in my book and I wished it had more to offer.

    However… Despite all my reasons I’m still going to dig in and watch it once it airs because I love both actors, I just wish it isn’t a romance themed drama. Or that they both have different love interest if it is a romantic melodrama.

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    • Kay says:

      It does appear to be confirmed. I know a lot of people aren’t too excited about the pairing for the reasons you stated. I just figure they are both professionals and will do fine. I try not to think about real life stuff much when watching a drama.

      And yes I absolutely loved Entertainer! It was one of my fav dramas the year it came out. I know a lot of people didn’t like it though. I think for me it was just such a feel good drama, and I just loved all the characters so much 🙂 So these are pluses for me when it comes to this new drama. But we never know how things will go until it actually airs. I’m certainly hoping they have good chemistry and we get a solid drama. Hopefully, we both end up enjoying it 🙂

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Hmm. Not yet completely sure yet about this one, so will await a trailer. But it’s very nice to see Song Hey Kyo make a return to the screen, as she was amazing in Descendants of the Sun 😊

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  4. I have to see in order to take this serious. A recent drama (Radio Romance) left me eh on the age gaps. I honestly think it just depends if people have chemistry. Park Bo Gum and Hye Kyo are talented actors; I’m just wondering if they can pull it off. Just excited for Bo Gummy to come back with that precious smile!

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    • Kay says:

      I hardly ever mind age gaps, even really big ones. So their ages definitely aren’t a problem for me. Like you said, they are both talented actors, so I just hope they pull off a cute noona romance. I understand the excitement too. I’m anxious to see both back on my screen 🙂


  5. D says:

    Finally Park Bo Gum is back. Have been waiting forever. Song Hye Gyo is one of my favourites. I really want to watch it and really hope that the drama will be good. I am one of those people who won’t watch a drama just for the cast if it’s not enjoyable to me.

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    • Kay says:

      Yes! It seems like forever since DOTS and Moonlight, and I’ve been wanting to see them both in new dramas. So we’ll see how they do together. Now if we can just get Song Joong Ki back soon…


  6. Jaune says:

    Many people are unhappy with the pairing but they’re both professionals, so I don’t see the issue with the romance. I’m just overjoyed to have Bogummy back! 😊 His smile is everything

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    • Kay says:

      I’m exactly the same way. They are both talented, professional actors, so I have no issue with the pairing. And I’m super excited to have Park Bo Gum back too! 🙂

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