10 Best Halloween Korean Dramas

10 Best Halloween Korean Dramas - Lee Joon Gi, Seo Ye Ji, Sung Joon, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Sae Ron, Kim So Hyun, Taecyeo, Gong Yoo, Park Bo Young, Jo Jung Suk, So Ji Sub

It’s the month of all things scary with Halloween soon upon us. And that’s the perfect time to enjoy some spooky kdramas!  Here are 10 of my favorite Korean dramas that feature scary elements including ghosts, vampires, serial killers, and more. Let’s get in the mood for Halloween!

10. Master’s Sun


Plot: A selfish CEO (So Ji Sub) and a woman (Gong Hyo Jin) that can see ghosts work together to heal the man’s traumatic past and help her deal with all of the scary ghosts in her life.

This romantic comedy horror mash up is filled with creepy ghosts and a spooky atmosphere. But you can also enjoy watching our leading man and lady fall in love in the midst of all that ghost action.

9. Mirror of the Witch

Mirror of the Witch Korean Drama - Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Sae Ron

Plot: The Joseon royal physician, Heo Jun (Yoon Shi Yoon), known as the father of Eastern medicine, becomes involved with a cursed princess (Kim Sae Ron) who has been turned into a witch. The two work together as they try to break the curse and save the kingdom.

This dark fairy tale is unique among historical kdramas. It sets up a very interesting and solid mythology that runs throughout the entire drama. There are plenty of fantasy elements with the liberal use of magic and curses that really add to the dark atmosphere of the drama. (Mirror of the Witch Review)

8. Oh My Ghostess

Oh My Ghostess Korean Drama - Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk

Plot: Bong Sun (Park Bo Young), a shy and timid restaurant worker falls for Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk), the star chef who happens to be her boss. Bong Sun also has the ability to see ghosts, and one day she gets possessed by Sun Ae (Kim Seul Gi), a lusty virgin ghost who is trying to settle a grudge by sleeping with a man before she is able to move on to the afterlife.

Oh My Ghostess is full of fun and crazy shenanigans concerning its unique love triangle that includes a body inhabiting ghost. But it also has a darker side with an interesting murder mystery. There is a lot of fun to be had with Oh My Ghostess! (Oh My Ghostess Review)

7. Arang and the Magistrate

Arang and the Magistrate Korean Drama - Lee Joon Gi

Plot: A government official (Lee Joon Gi) with the ability to see ghosts meets a woman ghost (Shin Min Ah) with amnesia that wants his help to discover the truth behind her death.

This ghostly historical starring my favorite actor Lee Joon Gi is another great addition to the list. It has an interesting mythology combined with a story of romance, fun, and murder. It’s a must watch for fans of ghostly dramas!

6. White Christmas

White Christmas Korean Drama - Baek Sung Hyun, Kim Young Kwang, Kim Woo Bin, Sung Joon, Lee Som, Hong Jong Hyun, Kwak Jung Wook, Lee Soo Hyuk

Plot: A group of eight students and their teacher are the only ones left at their prestigious school located deep in the mountains during Christmas break when a snowstorm cuts them off from civilization. After all of the students receive a cryptic letter, they soon learn there may me a murderer among them. Trust within the group quickly deteriorates as everyone finds themselves fighting for their lives.

There’s nothing like a serial killer on the loose to get you in the mood for Halloween! Packed with suspense, White Christmas is the perfect psychological thriller to get your heart racing. (White Christmas Review)

5. Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade Korean Drama - Seol Hyun

Plot: Vampires and humans now coexist together, but vampires must keep their identities secret since they are still feared among the people. A complicated love story begins between a teenage vampire (Seol Hyun) who transfers to a new school and draws the attention of a popular human (Yeo Jin Goo) who fiercely hates vampires.

This teen vampire drama has a lot to love. A complicated romance, fantastic music, gorgeous cinematography, and it hits upon some interesting societal issues. There’s also a pretty interesting twist! And at only 12 episodes, it’s perfect for a Halloween marathon!(Orange Marmalade Review)

4. Scholar Who Walks the Night

Scholar Who Walks the Night Korean Drama - Lee Joon Gi

Plot: A scholar named Kim Sung Yeol (Lee Joon Gi) becomes involved with a plot to take down the evil vampire Gwi (Lee Soo Hyuk) that results in Sung Yeol becoming a vampire himself. He dedicates his life over the next 120 years to finding a way to destroy Gwi.

How about another good vampire story for the list? Scholar Who Walks the Night is a fantastic tale of good verses evil and has plenty of vampire action to go along with a vampire/human romance. Lee Joon Gi is also the absolute perfect tortured vampire. (Scholar Who Walks the Night Review)

3. Let’s Fight Ghost

Let's Fight Ghost Korean Drama - Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun

Plot: A high school student (Kim So Hyun) who is a ghost tries to find out how she died and soon encounters a man (Taecyeon) who is an exorcist and can see ghosts.  The two work together to solve the mystery of her death as they battle bad ghosts and help good ghosts cross over to the afterlife while they fall in love with each other.

While Let’s Fight Ghost has plenty of comedy and light-hearted moments, it is full of scary ghosts and creepy situations. With an evil villain running around causing trouble, our main duo always has to be on their toes. Let’s Fight Ghost is the perfect addition to any Halloween drama marathon. (Let’s Fight Ghost Review)

2. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Korean Drama - Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na

Plot: Goblin is a fantasy romance about a modern day goblin (Gong Yoo) who seeks to end his cursed immortal life and needs a human bride (Kim Go Eun) to do so. His life then becomes intertwined with a grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook) who is unable to remember his past. But when the goblin finally finds his bride, he suddenly realizes he wants to live and be with her.

This epic tale is filled with some amazing characters, talented actors, stunning visuals, and a fresh and unique story woven beautifully throughout each episode. With immortals, grim reapers, and ghosts, there are plenty of supernatural elements to go along with a fully developed mythology. It’s an epic story of love, friendship, and forgiveness that really tugs at the heart. (Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Review)

1. Save Me

Save Me Korean Drama - Seo Ye Ji, Taecyeon, Woo Do Hwan, Lee David, Jo Jae Yun

Plot: Save Me is a psychological thriller about a woman (Seo Ye Ji) who finds herself trapped in a pseudo-religious cult. When an old friend (Taecyeon) hears her ask to be saved, he and his friends work to help her escape.

While there aren’t any supernatural elements in Save Me, this dark and disturbing story of a creepy cult is perfect for Halloween. This unique drama is full of craziness and is filled with tension and suspense from start to finish. (Save Me Review)

There’s my list of some of my favorite kdramas to get in the mood for Halloween. Of course, there are lots of other creepy ones out there. What are some of your favorite spooky Halloween kdramas?

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  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    Nice picks, these are pretty much the ones I would put if I made a list like this. 😄😊

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Cool post: as you probably would never have guessed I love Halloween 😂 The only from this list that I have unfortunately been able to see was Goblin. I loved that one as you know. Both White Christmas and Save Me are very high on my yo watch list. Highly enjoyed reading this one 😀

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    • Kay says:

      Really!? I had no idea you loved Halloween so much 😉 Yes, I really hope you get to see White Christmas and Save Me sometime as those are the two I would recommend for you anyway. They are definitely the creepiest and most intense. So perfect for Halloween 🙂

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  3. Kimchi Korner Blog says:

    Love this list!! I still haven’t watched Master’s Sun and Oh My Ghostess, but those are two I really want to see!

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