Legend of the Blue Sea Korean Drama - Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun

The year is continuing to go well with February delivering another great batch of dramas. I really enjoyed most of them, and a couple of the love stories just really hit the right spot. I only watched one new drama this month, but that allowed me to get in four older ones that have been on my list bringing my total to five dramas in February:

Legend of the Blue Sea Korean Drama - Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji HyunLegend of the Blue Sea

Legend of the Blue Sea was a fantastic drama! It’s a beautiful love story with that twist of fantasy. Romance, humor, and drama along with a gorgeous couple that have many obstacles to overcome on their journey to happiness makes this a wonderful drama.

I loved Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun as a couple. They are what make this drama shine. I adored all of their interactions from Joon Jae’s humorous reactions to Chung, his falling for her, and the lovely romance between the two.

This couple just made me happy on so many levels. There’s just something about a fated romance such as theirs that hits all the right spots. I completely enjoyed their past and present love stories that was filled with laughter, heartache, and romance. Legend of the Blue Sea is simply a beautiful love story. (Legend of the Blue Sea Review)

High School King of SavvyHigh School King of Savvy Korean Drama - Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na

High School King of Savvy was such a fun office comedy! It’s filled with quirky characters that always keep things interesting. Watching an 18 year old high school student suddenly be thrown into the corporate world was definitely entertaining. The romance is also adorable, and the love triangle was filled with tension. Fun to be had all around!

Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na were both hilarious and gave wonderful performances. Min Suk and Soo Young made one completely adorable couple! It was so much fun watching them fall in love, and they are as cute as can be! They are so cheesy in the best kind of way.

High School King of Savvy was so much fun overall. An adorable couple, a tense love triangle, and lots of humor made for an all around good time. It was an easy watch, and the romantic in me was very happy and satisfied. (High School King of Savvy Review)

Good Doctor Korean Drama - Joo Won and Moon Chae WonGood Doctor

Good Doctor is a very heartwarming drama about one man’s road to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor despite his disability. Joo Won was fantastic as Shi On as he fully immersed himself in the role of someone with Autism.

It was easy to root for Shi On, and the drama brought his story to life well. I felt his growing pains as well as celebrated his triumphs. And being able to connect with Shi On helped me to connect with his patients and their individual stories. The relationship between Shi On and Yoon Seo was also handled very well, and I thought they were an adorable couple.

It’s a great drama in the medical genre with likable characters that you root for and emotionally engaging stories of patients. It was a wonderful story of one man’s journey to beat the odds and achieve his dream with the support of those around him. (Good Doctor Review)


Monstar is a very fun and compelling drama with a refreshing focus on music. It beautifully weaves the music into the narrative of the story, and the songs frequently reflect the emotions the characters are going through at the time.

The students all have difficult things they are dealing with, and their stories are all presented well which allowed me to emotionally connect with them. It’s also always fun to watch a group of students have to come together to achieve a common goal.

Monstar was a great example of a well done high school drama. It created a heartfelt and moody atmosphere that I found very pleasant and refreshing. I would love to see more dramas incorporate music into the narrative, especially if they execute it as well as Monstar. (Monstar Review)

Simple Man Chinese Drama - Lee Si YangSimple Man

Simple Man is a Chinese web drama that had a really neat concept surrounding the mystery of a Demon website and how everyone is connected. But while the concept was great, I don’t think the drama executed it that well. The biggest issue for me was that I think the drama tried to do too much and created a world populated with way to many characters.

On the plus side, it presents its story in a unique way, and some of the personal stories of the characters are are very interesting. It was also neat to see how everything surrounding the mystery of the Demon website eventually came together.

So while Simple Man did have a few things going for it, I just wasn’t able to really connect with it overall and found it pretty lacking. But I give it a lot of credit for its unique concept and format. (Simple Man Review)

So it’s another great month down in the books. I got completely swept up in the love story in Legend of the Blue Sea and loved the adorable noona romance in High School King of Savvy. Good Doctor and Monstar were great dramas too, so I’m very happy with February!

For the month of March, I hope to complete Missing 9, Chief Kim, and Defendant.

So how was February for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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4 responses to “Korean Drama Update for February 2017”

  1. Emma Avatar

    can i ask where you watched Simple Man? in spite of your review.. I am a sucker for fantasy premises:)

    1. Kay Avatar

      Simple Man does have a really neat fantasy concept 🙂 And even though it didn’t really click with me, it does a lot good so you may well like it.

      The only place I could find it with English subs was here: https://youtu.be/vb0WCQZQeYM. But a little heads up, they are pretty bad quality. Lots of broken sentences and incorrect usage of words. Paying close attention and using context is a must. I hope you are able to enjoy it 🙂

    2. Emma Avatar

      ooh thank u.. i don’t need eng subs:)

      1. Kay Avatar

        Oh good! That should make it much easier than 🙂

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