Korean Drama Update for April 2016

Descendants of the Sun Korean Drama - Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo

Well, April was another wonderful month all around.  All my dramas were full of heart while each being different from one another.  They range from a ratings giant to those that fell way behind and everything in between.  But they were all special in their own way.  I watched four new dramas, a web drama, and a drama special.  So that’s six dramas this month:

Descendants of the Sun Korean Drama - Song Joong Ki and Song Hye KyoDescendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun sure was a fun ride! While it’s not the best drama I’ve ever seen, it really is an awesome drama.  It had plenty of action, melodrama, and a nice dose of humor on the side.   It gave lots of opportunities for our heroes to draw closer together while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Descendants of the Sun was a nice change of pace due to the setting, army elements, and the wide range of difficulties our characters face.  I really enjoyed Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo as a couple and getting to experience their trial-filled love story was wonderful.  Descendants of the Sun is a drama that will likely be remembered by many for a long time to come. (Descendants of the Sun Review)

Madame AntoineMadame Antoine Korean Drama - Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul

What a wonderful drama Madame Antoine was! It took me a few episodes to really get into it, but then it just got better and better all the way to the end. It’s a drama filled with fun, quirky characters and full of so much heartwarming goodness.

Add in some comedy as well some deeper reflection into the desires, pain, and emotions of people, and you have one fabulous drama.  I always love Han Yi Seul, but I developed a new appreciation for the talented Sung Joon.

It brought to light so many difficult issues that our characters were dealing with.  I loved seeing them all come together as a sort of family at the Madame Antoine Café.  On the surface, Madame Antoine is a simple romantic comedy, but for me, it went so much deeper.  I’m so glad I got to experience such an amazing drama. (Madame Antoine Review)

Moorim School Korean Drama - Hong Bin, Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hyun Woo, and Eugene JungMoorim School

Moorim School had an interesting fantasy premise that included the use of some magic.  It has its own little mystery to unveil as our students have to grow and mature.  Add in a wonderful bromance between Lee Hyun Woo and Hong Bin as well as a sweet romance with Lee Hyun Woo and Seo Ye Ji, and it made for a nice drama.

Moorim School definitely has plenty of flaws, but this is one of those dramas that just clicked with me.  The story is a bit cheesy, but also refreshing and different.  The acting is decent, but not the best.  I loved the school setting along with the fantasy premise.  It almost had a nostalgic feel to it that reminded me of shows I watched in my early teens.

It’s a great story if you enjoy themes such as friendship, loyalty, and good overcoming evil.  If you can just sit back and enjoy the little fantasy world it creates and just go with it, Moorim School is an enjoyable ride. (Moorim School Review)

Come Back AhjussiCome Back Ahjussi - Rain, Oh Yeon Seo, Honey Lee

I didn’t love Come Back Ahjussi, but for the most part I enjoyed it.  It definitely has a very interesting and unique story that was pretty well executed.  Each of our guys had people they loved and needed to help when coming back to earth.  I found the first half of the drama a bit slow, and it just didn’t move like I had hoped it would.  Things definitely improved in the second half though, and I was much more engaged.

Overall, the comedy is great, the actors are wonderful, and the story is interesting.  With so many pluses, I can see why people might enjoy it a lot more than I did and may feel completely different about the first half of the drama.  I don’t regret watching it at all because I did get a good amount of enjoyment from it, and I’m pleased with the overall direction it went.  (Come Back Ahjussi Review)

Page Turner Korean Drama - Ji Soo and Kim So HyunPage Turner

This 3 episode drama special was such a joy, and how I wish it would have been a full length drama.  But I’m thrilled with what we got.  Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo were all kinds of adorable together.  They are both talented actors and their skills were on display.

I also really enjoyed the dynamic that Shin Jae Ha added to the mix.  Page Turner was inspirational and heartwarming with characters that make you root for them.  All in all, it was a great little drama. (Page Turner Review)

Click Your HeartClick Your Heart Korean Drama - Baek Ju Ho, Kang Cha Ni, Kim Da Won, and Kim Ro Woon, and Kwon Mi Na

Click Your Heart is an interactive web drama consisting of 7 episodes averaging about 12 minutes each where you get to decide which of four different attractive guys you want high school student Mina to end up with.

This cute little fluff drama was very sweet with a nice dose of humor.  The interactive concept is really fun, and it was neat getting to decide what direction you want the story to go in. Click Your Heart is a great concept, and I really enjoyed it.  I would love to see more intereactive dramas like this in the future. (Click Your Heart Review)

As you can see, I enjoyed my April dramas! Madame Anotione has a special place in my heart for sure.  I also loved Descendants of the Sun and Moorim School.  The shorter dramas were cute, and Come Back Ahjussi was very intriguing.  So I’m very pleased with how April turned out.

For the month of May, I hope to complete Heartstrings, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and a couple of others.

So how was April for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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6 Responses to Korean Drama Update for April 2016

  1. snow says:

    I have Madame Antoine and Page Turner on my watchlist. I did want to watch Moorim School but then the interest disappeared after hearing not-so-good reviews. But I can understand if you liked it…sometimes certain shows just click with us, even if they were not loved by the majority!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yes, it all just depends on your taste. Moorim School very much feels like a drama for early teens and enjoying it depends on your tolerance for cheesiness and less than stellar acting. I liked the story and characters enough that the other stuff didn’t bother me, but I completely understand why so many people didn’t like it.

      I loved Madame Antoine so much! Such a fun rom com. I think a lot of people struggled with the fact that Sung Joon’s character lies so much throughout the drama and it prevented them from enjoying the romance. I just looked at the whole thing as a fun comedy that wasn’t meant to be that realistic, so I wasn’t bothered and ended up loving up.

      Hopefully, at least one of the dramas works for you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Drawde2000 says:

    My April was horrible, Korean drama wise. This after having had the best six months in dramaland (October to March) with Answer Me 1988, Six Flying Dragons, Cheese in the Trap, and Signal.

    When the last one ended in March, I was unable to find something new to watch and follow on a weekly basis. Six Flying Dragons was particularly very difficult to move on from as I was invested with that drama for six months. It was one of the best I have seen.

    The April drama I did watch and like was Page Turner. JiSoo was a hoot there. I tried a few others, but they were not for me (e.g. DotS and Vampire Detective). I did watch an old drama though: Hogu’s Love. That I enjoyed. Choi Woo Shik-ssi and the social issues discussed in the drama were the highlights for me.

    Other than that, i am so ready for what May has to offer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Aww, that’s too bad. It’s awful when you go from a great drama period to a drought. Signal has definitely been a tough act to follow for me. I honestly doubt anything will ever top it in the detective/crime genre.

      At least you found a couple dramas though. Ji Soo was hilarious in Page Turner! I wish it was longer. I also love Ho Goo’s Love. That was one of my favorites last year.

      May looks really promising too. Hopefully, you find something that clicks for you quickly 🙂


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