Korean Drama Update for March 2023

Good Job Korean Drama - Jung Il Woo and Yuri

For the month of March, I got in the comedy investigation drama Good Job which was a good watch. Here’s how it went:

Good Job Korean Drama - Jung Il Woo and YuriGood Job

Good Job was a solid drama that was pretty fun. This comedy investigation is nothing new, but it executes the genre well. It leans on the cheesy side with exaggerated comedy and lots of ridiculous happenings. A lot of the fun is watching Sun Woo and his crew go on various little missions in disguise. I liked seeing the different costumes and settings.

You’ll also find lots inconsistencies, plot holes, and characters making dumb decisions. It’s all meant to be silly fun and not taken too seriously. There is definitely a need to adjust your expectations with this one.

But there is a decent backstory as Sun Woo tries to find out what happened to his mother. We also enjoy a couple of very different romances. Then add in some drama and things round out pretty well. Good Job was a fun watch overall. (Good Job Review)

So how was March for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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10 Responses to Korean Drama Update for March 2023

  1. Timescout says:

    Well, I somehow managed to fit in several dramas in March. Mainly because I really needed something to counterbalance work and what better to take your mind of “stuff” than watching dramas, eh? 🙂

    I finished The Fangirl Verdict’s group watch for Winter Sonata. Oh my, that was a job and a half, SO frustrating. I was only able to stay the distance thanks to the entertaining recaps by Trent and all the commenters on the posts. WS might be an early classic but I sure would have given it Das Boot early on if I’d watched it for the first time now. That said, drama had it’s moments… annnnnd I was kinda bedazzled by it too, back in the day, ha.

    I also completed two cdramas. Warm on a Cold Night – which I ended up loving a lot and will probably post about at some point and The Starry Love – which wasn’t too bad for a xianxia drama. I don’t generally care for those much. Oh, almost forgot… I there was The Heavenly Idol too – nothing much to write home about but at least it was quite funny in places. I’m still watching Our Blooming Youth but I’m kinda loosing interest in it. And I started Delivery Man, which has been ok so far. Mmmmm… what else? Oh yes, Miss Chun is a Litigator – another Chinese costume drama about crime solving and a mysteries. I do tend to gravitate toward those, don’t I. 😀

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    • Kay says:

      Dramas are definitely an excellent solution to counterbalance all of that extra “stuff”, hehe 😊

      Wow, you actually did a Winter Sonata re-watch with the group. That’s definitely not your usual fair these days 😅 Watching with a group can definitely make things more entertaining though. I still need to see Winter Sonata. One of those that’s been on The List for like 10 years. It’s a classic and right up my alley, just haven’t ever gotten around to it.

      It’s great that the cdramas went well and The Heavenly Idol okay. I’ve still got that one on my watch list. And you certainly do love your crime solving mysteries! You’ve definitely been having a bit better success in the drama department lately which is great 🙂


  2. D says:

    Hi Kay – I finished 4 dramas this month. I loved every single one of them so it was a good drama month for me. 🙂
    1. Crash Course in Romance – I have a few minor quibbles on this one but otherwise loved it.
    2. Please send a fan letter
    3. The forbidden marriage
    4. The Glory – this one was unexpectedly really good for me. The cast was just amazing.

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    • Kay says:

      4 loved dramas in a month? Now that’s what I call a fantastic drama month! 😀 A nice variety too. I really enjoyed The Forbidden Marriage and and am interested in Crash Course in Romance and The Glory.


  3. Snow Flower says:

    Kdrama update March 2023:
    One drama finished, Winter Sonata. I thought it was way too long and drawn out. The story could have been told in fewer episodes or even in a movie. The acting was good though. I kept watching just to read the entertaining comments of the group watch participants. Still, the show offered a glimpse of the drama world from 20 years ago and revealed how the tastes have changed.

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  4. Kate says:

    Ended up dropping more dramas that I finished in March 😦
    Finished Crash Course in Romance and Kokkdu – enjoyed both.
    Dropped Good Job, Warm and Cozy, Ending Again and Jdrama First Love.
    Currently watching Our Blooming Youth, Secret Romantic Guesthouse, and my “soap of the day” is Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life 🙂

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    • Kay says:

      Aww, that’s always a bummer 😦 At least you really enjoyed the two you stuck with and are hopefully enjoying your current watch list 🙂


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