Good Job Korean Drama Review

Good Job is a comedy investigation about a chaebol detective (Jung Il Woo) and his assistant (Yuri) with super vision who team up to solve cases as he tries to find out the truth behind his mother’s death.

Jung Il Woo plays Eun Sun Woo. He is a wealthy chaebol who is the chairman of his company who moonlights as a detective while working to discover how his mother died many years ago.

Yuri is Don Se Ra. She grew up as an orphan and has had many jobs in her life. She was also was born with super vision which allows her to see a lot of detail, and she uses her power to help others.

Eum Moon Suk is Yang Jin Mo. He is Sun Woo’s lawyer and close friend. Finally, there is Song Sang Eun as Sa Na Hee. She is best friends with Se Ra and runs a bakery.

Good Job was a solid drama that was pretty fun. This comedy investigation is nothing new, but it executes the genre well. It leans on the humorous side which is cheesy with a lot of silly happenings. A lot of the fun is watching Sun Woo and his crew go on various little missions in disguise. I liked seeing the different costumes and settings.

Do keep in mind that much of the comedy is exaggerated. There are a lot of ridiculous things that go on during these missions that don’t make sense and would just never happen.

You’ll also find lots inconsistencies, plot holes, and characters making dumb decisions. It’s all meant to be silly fun and not taken too seriously. There is definitely a need to adjust your expectations with this one.

But there is a decent backstory as Sun Woo tries to find out what happened to his mother. It propels the drama forward as he collects evidence and gets closer to the truth.

We also have some romance to enjoy in the show. First, we have Sun Woo and Se Ra. This is a classic bickering to romance relationship as they begin working together and eventually fall in love. It’s a cute romance.

I really liked the second romance between Jin Mo and Na Hee too. It is also a bickering to romance relationship. This couple is on the silly side but very fun. They are super playful and actually end up being very cute together.

There were a couple of small negatives for me. First, Se Ra’s supervision was extremely underutilized. She uses her power the most at the beginning, but then only a little bit after that and some at the end. It’s referenced throughout the show, but it really didn’t make much of an impact on anything. It felt kind of pointless.

Also, the villains were kind of bland here. I did find Kang Tae Joon (Yoon Sun Woo) fairly entertaining in his obnoxious way, but he’s not really the main villain or much of a threat. The others were a bit meh for most of the drama.

Things do get pretty dramatic in the last couple of episodes as the story comes to fruition. Secrets are revealed, and the truth must be faced. This is where the villains are most interesting, and I quite enjoyed the uptick in dramatics. There are definitely some plot holes here and not everything is really answered completely.

Good Job was a fun watch overall though. It’s kind of cheesy with humorous investigations and a nice enough story. We also enjoy a couple of very different romances. Then add in some drama and things round out pretty well. All in all, Good Job did a good job.

My Rating: 7/10

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2 Responses to Good Job Korean Drama Review

  1. Kate says:

    I tried watching this but couldn’t get into it unfortunately 😦 Glad it was good one for you! I’m trying to finish Kkokdu and Our Blooming Youth which is kinda slow going.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      That’s too bad this one didn’t work for you 😦 Nothing revolutionary, but I did find it a good watch for the most part. I hope Kkokdu and Our Blooming Youth pick up for you in the end and leave off on a good note 🙂


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