Korean Drama Update for November 2022

Once Upon a Small Town Korean Drama - Chu Young Woo and Joy

It was one drama that I watched for November which was the small town romance Once Upon a Small Town. Here’s how it went:

Once Upon a Small Town Korean Drama - Chu Young Woo and JoyOnce Upon a Small Town

Once Upon a Small Town is a shorter drama with a very basic premise with the city boy coming to a small town and slowly connecting with a local woman. We’ve seen this story many times, but the drama does tell the tale pretty well. It has an overall light and fun quality to it that is easy to watch. There is humor, a slow-burn romance, quirky townspeople, and helping animals.

The drama was a bit slow for me, and the romance took too long to get going, but overall, Once Upon a Small Town is a quick watch that is nice and easy.  This might be a good drama for you if you need something lighter between the more serious dramas to add a bit of sweetness to your watch list. (Once Upon a Small Town Review)

So how was November for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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14 Responses to Korean Drama Update for November 2022

  1. I was not able to watch many dramas this month however I did finish watching Gaus Electronics, Narco-saints, Little women, the law cafe and Love in contract all of which I started watching in September/October. Also, I started watching Summer strike and May I help you last week (ongoing) and One spring night (old) since yesterday. So yes, November has been more eventful than Sept or oct.
    I was not very happy with Little women’s finale. Loved Gaus Electronics and found Narco saints interesting. Love in contract is missable and I wouldn’t have watched it if I wasn’t watching it weekly.
    I watched Once upon a small town while it was airing. It was my weekly Sunday night comfort. Very sweet, short drama with picturesque locations. I especially loved the peach farm and the coffee place which has rustic vibes.

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    • Kay says:

      Oooh, you’re keeping busy with the dramas! Definitely an eventful month 🙂

      I’m watching Gaus Electronics right now and am really enjoying it. It’s hilarious! I’ll watch Love in Contract. Hopefully, it goes a bit better for me than it did for you. Good luck with Summer Strike, May I Help You, and One Spring Night 🙂


  2. D says:

    Hi Kay – I did not watch any kdramas this month. I think this must be the first month where I did not watch a kdrama. Sadly, kdramas have been a bit of a miss for me recently. The last one I watched and enjoyed very much was ‘Once Upon a Small Town’. However, on the other hand Chinese dramas have been a surprise and have been very good watches for me. Usually, I would have to watch a lot in order to find a good one. So, this month, all the dramas I completed were Chinese dramas:
    1. Falling into you
    2. Forever Love
    3. Shining for one thing

    Forever Love was very very good. I loved it so much. Falling into you was also a very good watch. The only disappointing one was Shining for One Thing – I found the beginning boring and the end disappointing. The story and the concept was good but could have been better imho.

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    • Kay says:

      Aww, I’m sorry to hear that kdramas are a bit of a miss for lately. I think we’ve all been there at times.

      It’s great that cdramas are filling the void though 🙂 2 of the 3 dramas being really good watches is definitely a win. Whether its kdramas or cdramas, I hope December brings more good watches your way 🙂


  3. blessyou says:

    November – I just finished watching a Korean reality show called, “Somebody (Dancing Romance)”. I also finally finished Big Mouth, which I think I started in October. I guess November was just a month of finishing dramas as well discovering more to watch. This month, however, I was able to watch ‘Space Sweepers’ which I’ve wanted to watch for quite a while lol. Now, that I’m finished with Big Mouth and Somebody, I started watching Somebody (2022), May I help you? (ongoing), and two more reality shows (Korea No.1 and Love Catcher). Ever since I watched Single’s Inferno, my interest for reality shows grew bigger. In addition to those shows, I’ve been wanting to binge watch “Weak Hero”, since I heard it was pretty good. I’m pretty slow with watching Kdramas with school and all, but it’s a nice stress reliever, sometimes lol. Can we all just agree on that? 😎

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    • Kay says:

      You’ve got a lot of drama, movies, and reality shows going 🙂 I need to get in more reality shows. The only one I tend to watch is Running Man, but several of the newer ones look interesting. I also still need to watch Space Sweepers. I’m a bit slow at watching dramas these days too.

      And yes, I think we can all agree that kdramas are the perfect stress reliever 😊

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  4. Snow Flower says:

    I finished one drama in November: Seasons of Blossom. It is a thoughtful coming of age drama that deals with serious issues. It was very short, but it managed to tell two stories in different timelines.
    I am also rewatching The Princess’s Man and 30 but 17 while waiting for Alchemy of Souls Part 2.

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    • Kay says:

      It does sound like Seasons of Blossom was a good watch. It definitely takes skill to tell two stories in different timelines. I hope you enjoy your rewatches…both are great dramas.

      And I too am impatiently waiting for Alchemy of Souls 2! 😅


  5. Timescout says:

    What do you know, I managed to finish 2 dramas this month, 1 Dollar Lawyer and Again My Life. Neither is much to write home about but at least they weren’t a total waste of time. 😀

    I’m currently watching New Life Begins, a cdrama which I’m liking a lot so far. It’s so pretty! And mostly angst free. I’m also watching Reborn Rich and Gaus Electronics, whenever I can find time for them. Having 3 dramas simultaneously on my roster is a minor miracle these days, ha.

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    • Kay says:

      Yay! 2 dramas is fantastic. Plus, Lee Joon Gi and Nam Goong Min, well, the dramas definitely had that going for them, hehe 😅

      And wow, 3 dramas on the roster at once. A miracle indeed 😂 I’m currently watching Gaus Electronics too and really enjoying it. Kwak Dong Yeon doing comedy is just the best 🙂


  6. Kate says:

    Hi Kay,

    For November I finished 3 dramas, re-watched 2, and dropped 1. I also watched a variety show (my first, and possibly my last).

    Love in Contract. I thought it started out well and was an okay watch for much of the 1st half but I found the 2nd half lacking and the ending too neatly tied up in a cute bow. There seemed to be a lot of the ML’s backstory left on the table that could have been explored and the chaebol storyline of the FL seemed to go nowhere. The drama felt like it couldn’t make its mind up between cute, rom-com and chaebol melo. Oh well – still liked it much more than PMY’s last 2 dramas.

    Fates and Furies – had been on my watchlist for a while. The story was very good but the chemistry between the leads that was crackling in Cunning Single Lady did not exist in FnF. It was also so draggy at times that I had to fast forward through scenes where they were sometimes just staring off into space. If they tightened up that drama a bit it would have been so much better but I found it a good watch and don’t regret it. There were some episodes in the 2nd half that were thouroughly binge-worthy.

    A Week’s Grace – one of those short ten 30-minute episodes that was okay. Interestesting premise (woman has 1 week to re-live in order to save the life of her ex). It could probably have been better (and I still don’t understand the motivation of the grim reaper) but it was a good (short) watch.

    Dropped Cheer Up halfway through the first episode. Just wasn’t in the mood for a college cheer team drama.

    My first variety show – Young Actor’s Retreat with the casts from Moonlight, Magic, and Itaewon Class. I’ve seen 2 of those and love the actors so this was a good one to see them a bit un-scripted. It was okay but I’ve never really been into the variety shows so I don’t think I’ll be watching another but it was enjoyable and at times, laugh out loud funny 🙂

    Re-watched: Cunning Single Lady and Secret Garden as I was in the mood for some of my old faves.

    Started Curtain Call. Not loving it but plan to finish as it’s interesting, I like the cast, but don’t feel it’s quite grabbed me.

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    • Kay says:

      Hi Kate! You had an interesting drama month 🙂 I’m glad Love in Contract and A Week’s Grace were mostly good watches and that you made it through Fates and Furies. Too bad the chemistry wasn’t there on that one.

      It’s great you re-watched some faves likes Secret Garden and Cunning Single Lady. I have a bit of a soft spot for Cunning Single Lady just because you reached out to recommend it to me years ago 🙂

      I want to check out Young Actor’s Retreat at some point since it has so many actors I like. I don’t watch a lot of Korean variety shows, but that one piqued my interest 🙂


      • kdramachickblog says:

        Yes, the variety show watch was solely based on the cast so I hope you get around to that one someday. I’m definitely not planning to watch more of that genre because the narrative is just so cringy. But I did enjoy some of the interactions.

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