Dear M Korean Drama Review

Dear M Korean Drama - Jeong Jae Hyun and Park Hye Soo

Dear M is a campus mystery romance about a business student (Park Hye Soo), a computer science student (Jeong Jae Hyun), and their group of friends at a university that get caught up in the chaos of a mysterious online community poster known as M.

Dear M Korean Drama - Jeong Jae Hyun

Joo Ah (Park Hye Soo) is a business student who wonders about the mysterious M and falls for another classmate along the way. Min Ho (Jeong Jae Hyun) is a computer science student and Joo Ah’s longtime best friend that develops feelings for her.

Dear M Korean Drama - Bae Hyun Sung

Ji Min (Roh Jeong Eui) and Ha Neul (Bae Hyun Sung) are the most popular couple on campus, but their perfect relationship suddenly faces many challenging obstacles.

Mok Jin (Lee Jin Hyuk) is a neat freak and awkward when it comes to dating while Bo Young (Woo Da Vi) is a straight-forward and independent woman.

Dear M Korean Drama - Hwang Bo Reum Byeol

We round out the cast with Moon Joon (Lee Jung Sic) who is the wealthy classmate that Joo Ah falls for and Ro Sa (Hwang Bo Reum Byeol) who is at the center of the conflict between the popular couple of Ji Min and Ha Neul.

Dear M Korean Drama - Jeong Jae Hyun and Park Hye Soo

I really wasn’t sure what I would think of Dear M, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. It’s a simple drama that is like a slice of life campus romance with a small mystery element. The show is a mostly light and pleasant watch with a side of angst.

We have a large core group of friends at the center of the story. It took a bit of time to really get to know everyone and figure out the dynamics, but once I did, I was invested in the characters and their relationships.

Dear M Korean Drama - Jeong Jae Hyun and Park Hye Soo Dear M Korean Drama - Bae Hyun Sung and Roh Jeong Eui
It’s also fun that we have three distinct romances to enjoy throughout the drama. We’ve got the friends-to-lovers, the popular couple, and the opposites attract couple. Each relationship offers a little something different to enjoy.

Dear M Korean Drama - Bae Hyun Sung and Roh Jeong EuiDear M Korean Drama - Hwang Bo Reum Byeol

The most entertaining one for me was the popular couple of Ji Min and Ha Neul. They go through some seriously challenging issues, mostly thanks to our villain Ro Sa. And Ro So is that person who is almost impossible to like.

She fakes a friendship with Ji Min all while constantly doing things behind her back to cause Ji Min trouble. The drama doesn’t really make Ro Sa sympathetic at all, so I never liked her. She’s a great trouble-making character though.

Some people might find this relationship a bit frustrating though. The communication between them was terrible, and it just really fed into all of Ro Sa’s plotting and enhanced many of their problems. I liked the dramatics though, hehe.

Dear M always had a fair amount going on, but it did have a sort of meandering quality to it. It just kind of casually moves between the many different stories without always feeling like it had a solid direction. I wouldn’t quite call it slow, just meandering. But luckily, there was enough going on that it held my interest.

The mystery element of the mysterious online poster M is not the focus of the story. It mostly runs in the background while everything else is going on. There’s always this curiosity from the students about who it is though. Now, the actual reveal felt like more of a bonus thrown in at the end. It was very cute but landed a little flat.

Overall, Dear M was a very nice drama. Definitely nothing revolutionary, but enjoyable nonetheless. It’s a group of friends dealing with college, relationships, and life. They have joys and sorrows to go through, but they do so together. The drama had a light and fun quality that I found entertaining.

My Rating: 7/10

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5 Responses to Dear M Korean Drama Review

  1. Kate says:

    At least this one sounds a bit more upbeat than Dear X, tho I do worry about the “meandering”. I’ll give it a look 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I tried, I really did. Even though high school/college romance stories are my least favorite genre I thought I’d try this show based on Kay’s review. I just couldn’t embrace the story. And I really hate it when there there are two guys wanting the same girl and I buy into the one who doesn’t get the girl. But with all that being said I can tell this was a good show for those who love this kind type of story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Too bad this one didn’t work out for you 😦 Yeah, the odds were definitely stacked against you with it being a college story plus having a love triangle that you ended up on the wrong side of.

      It’s good you sometimes try dramas outside of your typical preferences though. I try to do that from time to time. Yeah, they usually don’t work out, but sometimes one will surprise me, and I’ll be very glad I gave it a chance.

      Like you said though, this is definitely a nice drama for those who enjoy college/coming of age/romance type stories 🙂


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