Love in Contract Korean Drama - Park Min Young

September is here with a huge new batch of kdramas!  Let’s see what we have to look forward to in this September 2022 edition of “Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching.”

This monthly series is meant to keep you updated on what’s happening in that amazing world of Korean dramas so that you don’t miss out on anything! Here are the kdramas you should keep an eye out for in September 2022:

My Pick:

1. The Law Cafe

The Law Cafe Korean Drama - Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young

I’m really looking forward to seeing the pairing of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young in what sounds like a fun legal romance!

The Law Cafe is a legal romance about the happenings in a cafe that is also a law firm involving a former prosecutor (Lee Seung Gi) who is now a landlord and a fiery, eccentric lawyer (Lee Se Young).

The Law Cafe is scheduled to premiere September 5 on KBS.


2. Love in Contract

Love in Contract Korean Drama - Park Min Young

Love in Contract is about a talented woman (Park Min Young) whose job during the week is to pretend to be the wife of single men to help them with gatherings, reunions, and other events, but she likes to keep Sunday to herself. She then gets involved with a mysterious man (Go Kyung Pyo) who is a longtime contract of hers for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as well as a new client (Kim Jae Young) she sees on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Love in Contract is scheduled to premiere September 21 on tvN.

3. Golden Spoon

Golden Spoon Korean Drama - Yook Sung Jae

Golden Spoon is about a student from a poor family (Yook Sung Jae) that uses a magical golden spoon to switch fates with a student from a wealthy family (Lee Jong Won).

Golden Spoon is scheduled to premiere September 23 on MBC.

4. Blind

Blind Korean Drama - Taecyeon

Blind is a mystery thriller that tells the story of a detective (Taecyeon), a judge (Ha Suk Jin), and a social worker (Jung Eun Ji) in a setting where regular people turn a blind eye to injustice which causes more suffering.

Blind is scheduled to premiere September 16 on tvN.

5. One Dollar Lawyer

One Dollar Lawyer Korean Drama - Nam Goong Min

One Dollar Lawyer tells the story of a troublesome lawyer (Nam Goong Min) who is very talented, but he only charges 1000 won to his clients.

One Dollar Lawyer is scheduled to premiere September 23 on SBS.

6. Little Women

Little Women Korean Drama - Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun and Park Ji Hu

Little Women will follow the story of three sisters (Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hu) who grew up poor and then get involved in a big situation with the wealthiest family in the nation.

Little Women is scheduled to premiere September 3 on tvN.

7. Mental Coach Jegal

Mental Coach Jegal Korean Drama - Jung Woo

Mental Coach Jegal tells the story of a former national athlete that was involved in a scandal and had to quit who becomes a mental coach for retired athletes and athletes who are in a slump.

Mental Coach Jegal is scheduled to premiere September 12 on tvN.

8. May It Please the Court

May It Please the Court Korean Drama - Lee Kyu Hyung and Jung Ryeo Won

May It Please the Court is a legal mystery drama that tells the story of a star lawyer (Jung Ryeo Won) who gets demoted to a public defender and a very private public defender (Lee Kyu Hyung) that get involved in a serial murder case involving rich elderly people.

May It Please the Court is scheduled to premiere in September on Disney+.

9. Once Upon a Small Town

Once Upon a Small Town Korean Drama - Chu Young Woo, Joy, and Baek Sung Chul

Once Upon a Small Town follows the romance between a veterinarian (Chu Young Woo) from Seoul and a police officer (Joy) in the countryside.

Once Upon a Small Town is scheduled to premiere September 5 on Kakao TV.


10. If You Wish Upon Me

If You Wish Upon Me Korean Drama - Ji Chang Wook

If You Wish Upon Me is set in a hospice ward and tells the stories of people dying well. One man (Ji Chang Wook) is running away from death but has no will to live despite the tough exterior he puts on, and he ends up volunteering in the hospice ward.

If You Wish Upon Me airs Wednesday and Thursday on KBS.

Other Premieres & Ongoing Dramas
(These dramas will be highlighted in the coming months)

Seasons of Blossom
The Empire


Big Mouth

Big Mouth Korean Drama - Lee Jong Suk

Big Mouth is about a third-rate lawyer (Lee Jong Suk) who talks big despite having a terrible win rate. He takes on a murder case involving a big conspiracy and is mistaken as a genius swindler. He and his wife (Yoona) then have to work to clear his name.

Big Mouth airs Friday and Saturday on tvN.


Adamas Korean Drama - Ji Sung

Adamas is about twin brothers (Ji Sung), a mystery novel writer and a prosecutor, trying to solve a mystery and clear the name of their biological father who was charged with murdering their stepfather.

Adamas airs Wednesday and Thursday on tvN.

Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist

Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se Poong Korean Drama - Kim Min Jae, Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Sang Kyung

Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist is a historical drama that focuses on psychiatric practices of the Joseon era. An acupuncturist (Kim Min Jae) to the royal family gets involved in a conspiracy that forces him to leave the palace, and a woman (Kim Hyang Gi) escapes her difficult life to become a psychiatrist.

Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist airs Monday and Tuesday on tvN.

Today’s Webtoon

Today's Webtoon Korean Drama - Kim Se Jeong

Today’s Webtoon is about a rookie (Kim Se Jeong) who joins a webtoon editorial department and struggles to succeed along with her coworkers.

Today’s Webtoon airs Friday and Saturday on SBS.

Good Detective 2

Good Detective 2 Korean Drama - Jang Seung Jo and Son Hyun Joo

Good Detective 2 is about two detectives (Son Hyun Joo and Jang Seung Jo) and a reporter (Lee Elijah) trying to expose the truth while others try to cover it up.

Good Detective 2 airs Saturday and Sunday on JTBC.

Stock Struck

Stock Struck Korean Drama - Hong Jong Hyun and Han Ji Eun

Stock Struck is a comedy about five people (Hong Jung Hyun, Han Ji Eun, Jung Moon Sung, Kim Sun Young, Jang Gwang) who meet at a mysterious stock investing club as they learn about investing, life, friendship, and love.

Stock Struck airs Friday and Saturday on TVING.

What dramas are you looking forward to or enjoying in September?

Make sure to get caught up because there are more dramas coming your way in October!

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15 responses to “10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in September 2022”

  1. micline Avatar

    merci les Drama son géniaux

    1. Kay Avatar

      You’re welcome 🙂

  2. D Avatar

    o no. I want to watch everything on this list except 7 & 8. where to find the time. 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      Oh no! Sometimes it’s worse to want to watch everything on the list than to want to watch nothing because like you said, where do we find the time?! 😅

  3. Snow Flower Avatar
    Snow Flower

    Little Women!

    1. Kay Avatar

      That one does look exciting! 🙂

  4. Timescout Avatar

    One Dollar Lawyer… is a possibility. I’ve watched few epis of Poong and even though it’s nothing ground breaking, it’s ok for a casual watch, when you have nothing else lined up. 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      I thought Poong looked interesting. I may give that one a go at some point too 🙂

  5. Kay Avatar

    That’s a nice selection of dramas you have going! I hope they are going well for you. There are several on the upcoming list that I too am looking forward. I know what you mean, so many dramas, so little time! 😅

    1. Snow Flower Avatar
      Snow Flower

      I watched the first episode of Little Women and I am hooked!

      1. Snow Flower Avatar
        Snow Flower

        @eonniwrites, Episode 1 had me hooked. Episode 2 made me invested!

        1. Kay Avatar

          That sounds enticing! 🙂

    2. Kay Avatar

      No, I haven’t see the pilot of Little Women. What did you think of it?

  6. Snow Flower Avatar
    Snow Flower

    If you are in a mood for mindless fun, I recommend Good Job!

    1. Kay Avatar

      I thought it looked really fun in the trailers. Please let me know how it goes 🙂

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