10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in May 2022

The Sound of Magic Korean Drama - Ji Chang Wook and Choi Sung Eun

We have some history, magic, law, and melodrama coming our way this month! Let’s see what we have to look forward to in this May 2022 edition of “Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching.”

This monthly series is meant to keep you updated on what’s happening in that amazing world of Korean dramas so that you don’t miss out on anything! Here are the kdramas you should keep an eye out for in May 2022:

My Pick:

1. The Sound of Magic

The Sound of Magic Korean Drama - Ji Chang Wook and Choi Sung Eun

A drama with Ji Chang Wook as a mysterious magician who sings? Count me in for that! This one looks fun and whimsical, and I’m excited to see what’s in store!

The Sound of Magic is about a girl (Choi Sung Hoon) with a difficult life that loses her dream of becoming a magician who meets a mysterious magician (Ji Chang Wook) that lives in an abandoned theme park.

The Sound of Magic is scheduled to premiere May 6 on Netflix.


2. Bloody Heart

Bloody Heart Korean Drama - Lee Joon, Kang Han Na, Jang Hyuk

Bloody Heart is about a man (Lee Joon) who becomes the king of Joseon and desires an absolute monarchy. He falls for a free-spirited woman (Kang Ha Na) and comes into conflict with a very powerful man (Jang Hyuk).

Bloody Heart is scheduled to premiere May 2 on KBS.

3. Woori the Virgin

Woori the Virgin Korean Drama - Sung Hoon and Im Soo Hyang

Woori the Virgin is about a young woman (Im Soo Hyang) that is a virgin who is accidentally inseminated by her gynecologist and becomes pregnant with the baby of the CEO of a Cosmetics Company (Sung Hoon).

Woori the Virgin is scheduled to premiere May 9 on SBS.

4. Eve

Eve Korean Drama - Seo Ye Ji

Eve is a melodrama about a dangerously charming woman (Seo Ye Ji) at the center of a ridiculously expensive divorce lawsuit that has shocked the nation.

Eve is scheduled to premiere May 25 on tvN.

5. Doctor Lawyer

Doctor Lawyer Korean Drama - So Ji Sub

Doctor Lawyer tells the story of a genius surgeon (So Ji Sub) who loses everything due to a fabricated surgery and then becomes a medical malpractice lawyer. He teams up with a prosecutor (Im Soo Hyang) who lost her loved one during that surgery to punish those responsible.

Doctor Lawyer is scheduled to premiere May 27 on MBC.


6. Our Blues

Our Blues Korean Drama - Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Kim Woo Bin, Han Ji Min

Our Blues tells the bittersweet stories of a group of people living on Jeju Island including a woman (Shin Min Ah) with a secret, a man (Lee Byung Hun) raised on Jeju Island who sells trucks, a ship Captain (Kim Woo Bin ), and a rookie diver (Han Ji Min).

Our Blues airs Saturday and Sunday on tvN.

7. Sh**ting Stars

Shooting Stars Korean Drama - Kim Young Dae and Lee Sung Kyung

Sh**ting Stars focuses on people behind the scenes in the entertainment industry including the head of a PR team (Lee Sung Kyung) and the agency’s top star (Kim Young Dae).

Sh**ting Stars airs Friday and Saturday on tvN.

8. The Killer’s Shopping List

The Killer's Shopping List Korean Drama - Lee Kwang Soo and Seolhyun

The Killer’s Shopping List is a thriller about a supermarket cashier (Lee Kwang Soo) with a great memory and observation skills who gets involved in solving crimes in an ordinary neighborhood.

The Killer’s Shopping List airs Wednesday and Thursday on tvN.

9. From Now, Showtime!

From Now On, Showtime! Korean Drama - Park Hae Jin and Jin Ki Joo

From Now, Showtime! is an investigative rom-com about a charismatic magician (Park Hae Jin) who manages ghosts and a passionate police officer (Jin Ki Joo) with supernatural abilities that team up to solve cases.

From Now, Showtime! airs Saturday and Sunday on MBC.

10. Love All Play

Love All Play Korean Drama - Chae Jong Hyeop and Park Joo Hyun

Love All Play is a sports romance about a woman (Park Joo Hyun) who had to leave badminton due to a scandal and a man (Chae Jong Hyeop) who sees the sport as a job as they join the same team and fall in love.

Love All Play airs Wednesday and Thursday on KBS.

Other Premieres & Ongoing Dramas
(These dramas will be highlighted in the coming months)

There is No Goo Pil Soo
Welcome to Wedding Hell


Again My Life

Again My Life Korean Drama - Lee Joon Gi

Again My Life is about a prosecutor (Lee Joon Gi) who is killed while investigating a corrupt politician, but he then gets a second chance at life and getting justice.

Again My Life airs Friday and Saturday on SBS.


Tomorrow Korean Drama - Rowoon

Tomorrow is a fantasy office drama about a man (Rowoon) looking for a job who gets into an accident and ends up working for a grim reaper company.

Tomorrow airs Friday and Saturday on MBC.

My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Diary Korean Drama - Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Lee El, Son Seuk Koo

My Liberation Notes is about three siblings (Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, Lee El) who want to get away from their dreary lives and a mysterious stranger (Son Seok Koo) who arrives in town.

My Liberation Notes airs Saturday and Sunday on JTBC.

Green Mothers Club

Green Mothers Club Korean Drama - Lee Yo Won, Chu Ja Hyun, Jang Hye Jin, Kim Gyu Ri, Joo Min Kyung

Green Mothers Club follows the friendship between five mothers (Lee Yo Won, Chu Ja Hyun, Kim Gyu Ri, Jang Hye Jin, Joo Min Kyung) of elementary school children as they face their complex issues and grow.

Green Mothers Club airs Wednesday and Thursday on JTBC.

A Superior Day

A Superior Day Korean Drama - Jin Goo

A Superior Day is a thriller that tells the story of a firefighter (Jin Goo) whose daughter is kidnapped, and he is ordered to kill the serial killer (Lee Won Geun) living next door in order to save her.

A Superior Day airs Sunday on OCN.

What dramas are you looking forward to or enjoying in May?

Make sure to get caught up because there are more dramas coming your way in June!

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6 Responses to 10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in May 2022

  1. Timescout says:

    Monstrous wasn’t really on my radad despite of the great cast, because horror is not my cup of tea. But… I hadn’t realised it’s only 6 epis of 30 min, so it could be doable. Maybe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yeah, these short form dramas make it a lot easier to tolerate genres we don’t love as much or that are more mediocre. There’s quite a few of them these days 🙂


  2. Snow Flower says:

    I am currently watching My Liberation Notes and liking it a lot. Will keep an eye on Bloody Heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      That’s great that you’re enjoying My Liberation Notes 🙂 I’ll be keeping an eye on Bloody Heart too. Jang Hyuk and all, hehe 😉


  3. Kate says:

    So many to add to my ever expanding watchlist! Just started Our Blues and can’t wait to see Sung Hoon and Im Soo Hyang reunite in Woori the Virgin.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      I hope you enjoy Our Blues. The cast is something else for that one! And of course, the writer is excellent. Woori the Virgin looks promising too 🙂


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