Monthly Magazine Home Korean Drama Review

Monthly Magazine Home is about the CEO of a real estate company and home magazine (Kim Ji Suk) that begins a romance with a magazine editor (Jung So Min) who is seeking to buy her own home.

Kim Ji Suk plays Yoo Ja Sung. He is the CEO of a real estate company and home magazine. He worked his way up from nothing to achieve his success, but he is a cold and difficult man who is hard to please.

Jung So Min is Na Young Won. Her goal in life is to own her own home. A series of bad events leads her to working at Ja Sung’s company as well as him being her landlord. She struggles to get along with him, but that slowly starts to change as she gets to know him better.

Finally, we have Jung Gun Joo as Shin Gyeom. He is a photographer and close friend of Ja Sung. He has a bright and friendly personality and ends up developing feelings for Young Won.

We also have a fantastic ensemble of quirky characters who work at the office with Young Won and Ja Sung including Choi Go (Kim Won Hae), Eui Joo (Chae Jung Ahn), and Sang Soon (Ahn Chang Hwan). They were very fun and added so much humor to the drama.

Monthly Magazine Home is a fun and pleasant drama. Honestly, it feels like a drama I have seen dozens of times before because of its classic feel and story, but it gets things right by delivering a good story with fun characters and heart. It’s the kind of drama that really grows on you as you watch and get attached to all of the characters.

The drama has that classic set up with Ja Sung as the cold, arrogant rich CEO and the sweet, struggling Young Won who just wants to buy her own home. They get off on the wrong foot, he becomes her boss and then landlord, then Young Won gets to know Ja Sung and romance blossoms. Like I said, a pretty standard plot, but enjoyable nonetheless.

I liked watching the relationship progression of our couple. We get to see Ja Sung soften up a lot. He’s one of those characters who does a 180 and turns into a pile of mush when he falls in love, and it was fun to see!

He and Young Won were quite adorable together once all of the walls came down. I loved the sweet moments. They did have some challenges to face though, particularly involving our second lead Shin Gyeom.

That latter third of the series throws some big difficulties their way that are made worse by misunderstandings and a lack of communication. The angst goes up a bit, but the show still maintained its fun charm.

A little heads up though. This drama does contain a hefty serving of noble idiocy. I find that to be pretty standard in this type of romantic comedy, but if you’re bothered by it, you may not be thrilled with this one, particularly towards the end.

Monthly Magazine Home also gives us a window into the real estate industry in South Korea. It explores development issues, how the housing market works, challenges potential homeowners face, and much more. We see these kinds of issues scattered about in other dramas, but Monthly Magazine Home is the most focused I’ve seen with so much of the plot centered around these topics.

Luckily, the business side of things doesn’t overwhelm the show. The characters are still very much the heart of the drama, and it’s their stories that take center stage. Everyone from the main characters to the supporting ones has a story, and I thought they were all touched upon nicely.

Monthly Magazine Home was a very good watch. Nothing new, but well done. Lots of humor keeps the show light and fun throughout along with a slightly more serious and thoughtful look at the characters and real estate problems to add more weight to the plot. The romance is cute and entertaining too. All in all, Monthly Magazine Home was full of heart and quite enjoyable.

My Rating: 7.5

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9 Responses to Monthly Magazine Home Korean Drama Review

  1. kdramachickblog says:

    I am 8 eps in and enjoying thoroughly! Thanks for the recommendation 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jessy B. says:

    I watched this one as they were filming. Definitely a classic drama. Still, it was lighthearted.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ven says:

    Super love this series!!! ♥️😍

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved Jung So Min in Father is Strange and Because This is My First Life. I was really disappointed with her character in this show. I stopped watching after the 4th episode because they made the female lead so pathetic and the I couldn’t stand the male lead. I feel like the newer romantic comedy kdramas have stopped with the abusive man who gets subdued by the poor kind girl. I may pick it up again if the characters redeem themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Aww, sorry you didn’t enjoy this one. Kim Ji Suk’s character definitely gets a lot better, and he softens up a lot. I always enjoy a good character growth arc. I liked Jung So Min’s character here and felt like she stayed pretty steady all the way though, so you might not like her progression. There’s also a pretty big noble idiocy portion which many didn’t like either. This drama would mostly appeal to those who like old style rom-coms since it’s very reminiscent of that 🙂


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