I watched two dramas in September, and luckily, they were both good and enjoyable.  It was the fantasy romantic comedy My Roommate is a Gumiho and the classic-style romantic comedy So I Married the Anti-Fan that I got in for the month:

My Roommate is a Gumiho Korean Drama - Jang Ki Yong and HyeriMy Roommate is a Gumiho

The fantasy romantic comedy My Roommate is a Gumiho was a very solid and enjoyable drama. I liked that the fantasy element with the gumiho mythology that was nicely woven throughout the story. The drama is fairly light with plenty of humor.

Things get going right away with Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri with lots of nice interactions between them early on. They had a solid love story with the progression from misunderstandings, to interest, to love. And then they have several big obstacles they have to overcome in order to be together.

I didn’t really find My Roommate is a Gumiho gripping, but I enjoyed every episode. The drama had such a classic feel to it that was very pleasant and easy to watch. It’s perfect for those like me that like the fantasy romantic comedy genre and want a solid story with a nice romance. (My Roommate is a Gumiho Review)

So I Married the Anti-Fan Korean Drama - Choi Tae Joon and SooyoungSo I Married the Anti-Fan

We waited a long time for So I Married the Anti-Fan, and overall, I enjoyed the drama. It feels very much like a classic style romantic comedy in just about every way. We’ve got the rich male lead who is a complete jerk to our hardworking and nice female lead. Add in some fun cohabitation hijinks with a hefty serving of tropes and cliches, and there you have it.

The drama does have a solid story that moves nicely along with some romance and a bit more angst in the latter third. Nothing riveting, but mostly enjoyable. I personally enjoy this style of drama, so it all worked pretty well for me. (So I Married the Anti-Fan Review)

So how was September for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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10 responses to “Korean Drama Update for September 2021”

  1. Kate Avatar

    I finished 4 dramas in September:

    Wild Romance – went on a Lee Dong Wook binge after watching My Girl in August and consider Wild Romance one of my favorites. Loved it so much that I’m currently re-watching. All of the things I love about classic kdramas with excellent chemistry between the leads.

    Blade Man – another Lee Dong Wook oldie. More weird than I was expecting but a good watch. A bit draggy at times and not thrilled with how they handled some of the characters by the end. My favorite relationship was the bromance between the lead and his secretary.

    Blue Birthday – short 17-minute episodes made this one a quick watch. Interesting time travelling drama with a murder mystery. Thought provoking idea of how changing one thing in the past can lead to other unexpected changes in the future.

    Racket Boys – loved the first half, a bit too much focus on the games in the middle section, but by the end really miss checking in weekly for the antics of the whole gang. Not just the kids but the small town charm and side characters.

    Currently watching: Second 20s, You Raise Me Up, Lovers of the Red Sky, Hometown Cha Cha Cha, One the Woman, Yumi’s Cells, and Dali and the Cocky Prince.

    1. Kay Avatar

      For some reason your comment ended up in the spam folder. No idea why, but I retrieved it. I’m so happy you found a drama you love so much with Wild Romance! It’s on my must watch list because of your love for it 🙂

      Blade Man is certainly a weird but fun ride. It has issues for sure, but it gets enough right to make it entertaining and memorable. Blue Birthday is on my watch list. Racket Boys actually sounds like I might enjoy it too.

      You’ve got quite an ongoing list! All except for Second 20s are on my list. Soooo many promising dramas are out right now!

  2. Snow Flower Avatar
    Snow Flower

    Korean drama update for September 2021

    Hospital Playlist 2 – I liked the characters and the hospital stories, but still don’t understand why it took a bunch of well-adjusted adults 2 seasons (24 very long episodes) to sort out their romantic lives.

    Nirvana In Fire – a classic Chinese drama. It was a little difficult to get into it at first, so I am very thankful to everyone who participated in the group watch.

    I Am Not A Robot – funny, sweet, and well-paced. In one word – a classic.

    1. Kay Avatar

      A varied drama list for the month 🙂 I love I Am Not a Robot! Heart, romance, great story. Glad you liked it too.

      I hope to check out Nirvana in Fire at some point. I will definitely have to refer back to the group watch posts when I do since I know it will be hard to take everything in on my own.

  3. D Avatar

    Hi Kay – I love both the dramas you completed this month. I completed two kdramas this month – Mask and Emergency Couple. I really enjoyed both.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yay! They were both very fun dramas for sure. Glad you enjoyed them too 🙂 I haven’t seen Emergency Couple, but Mask was a decent watch. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it though.

  4. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

    “My KDramatic September 2021”
    (The Best of Dramas)

    I’ve been meaning to watch the best dramas of this year, with few older great shows. Some are unplanned but so worth it.

    This is more than just a melodrama!
    But more than its melodramatic, thrilling and OTT (over-the-top) feels, what I like most is the heartfelt portrayals of our characters. Lee Yu Ri was fantastic as Ji Eun Soo, our longing mother. While I really enjoyed Lee Yu Ri in her acting, Ji Eun Soo’s character is sometimes frustrating. First time seeing Yeon Jung Hoon, and thought he’s great. He and Yu Ri have chemistry. And really rooted for them romantically, eventhough this is not a pure romance drama. I appreciated that the drama put effort in maintaining the romantic sparks between Ji Eun Soo and Kang Ji Min (Yeon Jung Hoon).
    I also really like the child, Woo Joo. And I hated to death our antagonist, Kim Ho Ran (Lee Il Hwa). The mystery was engaging from start to end. Although I thought the finalé could have been better.
    Overall, I find Lie After Lie very good! With great actors and actresses and well-portrayed characters.

    Overall Rating: 8.5/10

    (This review contains spoilery) Unexpectedly amazing drama! This Netflix original series has surely won over millions of viewers’ hearts with its unique, thought-provoking, life-valuing concept of writing.
    The characters are very varied and diverse. And the actors give each one justice to the roles assigned to them. I appreciated our unchanging lowkey main hero, Seong Gi Hun (Player 456). I was at first mesmerized by our smart and talented ahjussi, Cho Sang Woo (Player 218). I loved how fierce yet soft-hearted Kang Sae Byeok (Player 67) is. I enjoyed our unexpected infamous couple, the gangster Jang Deok Su (Player 101) and
    scammer Han Mi Nyeo (Player 212). Oooh woow Koreans know porn. 😂🤭 For sure everyone was glued to their screens by how thrilling this couple’s deaths were. For me, the most gratifying deaths in the whole series. HAHAHA. I was surely pleased by the wholesome grandpa Oh Il Nam (Player 001), he’s indeed one strong player in the WHOLE game! (I know you know what I mean)
    And who wouldn’t be amazed and charmed by our wholehearted warrior from Pakistan, Ali (Player 199). He’s for sure one of the favorites of many. The most undeserved death of them all. And to complete the list, is our investigating handsome policeman, Hwang Jun Ho. I know everyone’s talking about this sizzlingly hot oppa!
    So what makes Squid Game special to many’s hearts? This is an unusual survival drama that is not only thrilling and suspenseful, but is also very melodramatic and poignant. It gave its viewers the taste of tears while in fears.
    I might have very very minor personal preferences in the finalé part, but it’s negligible.
    I still have a lot to say about Squid Game, but that’s all for now. 😀
    Just so you know that if you haven’t watced it and you read this, then go ahead, go home and open your device – get glued on your screen and enjoy! 💛

    Overall Rating: 10/10

    Why are second seasons always less interesting than first season?
    Well, while I truly enjoyed Hospital Playlist season 2, I must say I liked the season 1 a little more.
    Hospital Playlist 2 is still as heartwarming and as motivating as season 1. Although I prefer that the medical parts to be more intense like that of Doctors (8/10) or Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (9/10). I think that the drama is playing safe in that department. The whooping 1 hour and 40 minutes in the average every episode is sometimes frustrating. 😂
    Well other than that, I find Hospital Playlist 2 a great drama. I loved the cast. (happy to have the chance to see three of my favorite oppas in one drama, Jo Jung Suk, Jung Kyung Ho and Yoo Yeon Seok 😍). I loved the friendship of our five doctors. I really liked their bonding and get-together by simple meals together and jamming through their private band. Jo Jung Suk has a very nice voice as always. 😍 I find the romance part just okay. Ahn Jeong Won (Yoo Yeon Seok) and Jang Gyeo Wool (Shin Hyun Been) , our Winter Garden couple are my most favorite, together with the blossoming romance between Yang Seok Yeong (Kim Dae Myung) and Chu Min Ha. The drama is packed with so many nice supporting characters. I will miss everyone of them.
    So season 2 of Hospital Playlist is the sequel we all deserve. We may be greedy to have wished for a third season, but we never know. 😊

    Overall Rating: 8/10

    When I read the plot for this series, I immediately felt that this would be something special. Lee Seung Gi is really great! This is by far my most favorite role of LSG. I now officially become a fan.
    Mouse is a crime thriller mystery drama. It’s mostly about police officer Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) who encountered with a serial killer.
    Episode per episode, a revelation unfolds, then another mystery follows. Mouse has been the most tricky drama I’ve ever watched. I feel deceived and betrayed. 😔 Hahahaha.
    The mysteries and twists were out of control. And it took millions of my braincells to understand what were going on in the series. I might say I ain’t too sure if I really really like the series, or just flabbergasted and overwhelmed by the writing. At times I felt that it’s overly-written, but most of the times I was amazed by its every revelation.
    However, I have issues with some other things. I just have to say that there were plenty of draggy scenes. I doubt if those were necessary. Many frustrating characters, that I mostly disliked. Some roll-of-the-eye unbelievable scenarios that require suspension of disbelief.
    Nevertheless, I found Mouse to be pretty exciting and very thrilling. And Lee Seung Gi in it is the best part of the series.

    Overall Rating: 8/10

    1. Kay Avatar

      Oooh, you had a really good drama month! All high scores 🙂 Squid Game and Hospital Playlist aren’t my genres, but I’m happy you enjoyed them both. I know what you mean about second seasons though. Although there are good multi season dramas (Waikiki!!), I think kdramas should mostly stick to their classic one season format.

      Mouse will probably be a bit much for me, but sometime I will watch it for Lee Seung Gi.

      Now Lie After Lie sounds right up my alley! Over the top melo and thrills sounds like perfection 🙂

      1. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

        Ooow too bad to know you won’t be watching Squid Game. 😔 It’s one of the best dramas these days.
        Goodluck in your watch of Mouse and Lie After Lie. Especially Lie After Lie. That one’s well-written and well-performed.

        1. Kay Avatar

          I know, it’s sad. Squid Game would be way to brutal for me though, lol 😂 I’m thrilled at the success it’s having though 🙂 And I’m hopeful for Mouse and Lie After Lie, particularly after hearing so many good things about Lie After Lie 🙂

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