Hello, Me! Korean Drama Review

Hello, Me! is a fantasy comedy about a downtrodden 37 year contract worker (Choi Kang Hee) whose optimistic and confident 17 year old self (Lee Re) time travels to the present where they end up living with each other. They also get involved with the son of a chaebol family (Kim Young Kwang) who is trying to prove himself to his father.

Choi Kang Hee plays Ban Ha Ni. Life has not treated her well, and she has a lack of confidence. Things take a strange turn though when she meets her 17 year old self who is her complete opposite.

Lee Re is the 17 year old Ban Ha Ni. She is confident, popular, and goes after whatever she wants. Her impulsive nature and immaturity does cause her some issues though. When she mysteriously travels to the present, she is less than thrilled to find out how her life has turned out.

Then we have Kim Young Kwang as Han Yoo Hyun. He is the son of a chaebol family and is a bit of a man child. He wants his independence though, so he decides to prove to his father that he is capable.

Finally, there is Eum Moon Suk as Anthony. He had a huge crush on Ha Ni back in high school even though she couldn’t stand him. He is now a struggling actor with the biggest ego you could imagine.

I hadn’t originally planned to watch Hello, Me!, but I was in the mood for something lighter, so I decided to give it a go. And I’m glad I did! This drama was so much fun! It’s lighthearted with so much comedy gold as well as a nice helping of heart. Count me as surprised!

You all know that I’m pretty particular with comedy and what I find genuinely funny. Well, this drama was exactly my comedic style. The humor is zany and fun, and it’s present in the bulk of the drama. I laughed so much! Seriously, this is the kind of comedy that I wish there was more it. It just leaves me feeling happy.

While not exactly old school, Hello, Me! does have a more classic feel to it in terms of overall tone. Of course, this was something I quite enjoyed, and it made it feel more refreshing compared to the style of dramas of the present day.

I loved the fantasy aspect with 17 year old Ha Ni meeting the 37 year old version and spending the entire drama together. That’s actually a pretty unique concept in Dramaland, and I really enjoyed it.

A major theme of the drama is the exploration of Ha Ni as an individual. She gets to see what she lost to time as well as what she has gained. That also gives her the opportunity to get support from her younger self and slowly regain her confidence.

These two bickered a lot, but they also cared for each other deeply. It was unique relationship for sure. It’s a lovely journey to see play out, and the drama is filled with wonderful positive messages about self-love.

We get a bit of romance too as Yoo Hyun falls for Ha Ni. It’s not really swoony, but it’s pretty cute with Yoo Hyun being a puppy with his devotion to Ha Ni as well as very supportive of her. I enjoyed watching this couple grow close and to see their relationship develop.

There’s a lot of fun to be had around Anthony too. His character was slightly annoying at first, but it didn’t take long before I found him hilarious. His personality in general gives way to a lot of jokes. Combine that with his interesting relationship with Ha Ni, and there were plenty of laughs to be had. The younger version of Anthony (Kim Song Woo) was also delightful in his very quirky way.

Another highlight is the fun relationship between Yoo Hyun and his father Han Ji Man (Yoon Joo Sang). Ji Man actually turns out to be the rare nice chaebol. These two have the best bickering chemistry which I thoroughly enjoyed. Ji Man really cares for his son though, and it was evident. I smiled a lot watching this duo.

There are many other funny and interesting supporting characters too. Anthony’s team is hilarious. Ha Ni’s co-worker and old friend Ji Eun (Kim Yoo Mi) had her own nice story arc to explore involving both her friendship with Ha Ni as well as with her husband (Ji Seung Hyun). Plus, there are lots of great other family members and co-workers. So many wonderful characters!

Since I liked all of the characters, this made every scene enjoyable. I definitely laughed a lot with all of the zany comedy and hilarious situations these people got into. The heart also came through too. There were definitely feels as several of the relationships were explored.

Even though I would consider this a feel good drama, it does have a few slightly more serious parts concerning some of the issues various characters are facing. The last quarter of the drama definitely gets more serious as many of these things come to a head and have to be addressed while also dealing with a villain and some corporate power shenanigans.

I personally didn’t feel like any of it was out of place, and it was all a natural progression of the story. I liked how they handled many of the issues, and there were plenty of warm fuzzies to be had between the various characters.

I would also recommend not taking the time travel aspect of this story too seriously. It mostly serves as a vehicle for getting the characters in the right place for fun and character exploration. The time travel stuff mostly happens quietly in the background until the end of the drama. You will find some plot loopholes involving this element, but I still thought it was well done and succeeded in delivering its overall message which was obviously what was most important in this drama.

Hello, Me! really was such a pleasant surprise. It brought me a lot of joy, and I laughed a lot. I came to like all of the characters and enjoyed their personal journeys of growth. There was a nice helping of heart to provide the feels too. I liked this drama more and more as it went, and it left me feeling very satisfied.

My Rating: 8.5/10

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7 Responses to Hello, Me! Korean Drama Review

  1. D says:

    o wow – that’s a very high score. I have not watched it yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kate says:

    So happy you liked this one 🙂 Just wish there was more of the ML and dad and less of the evil aunt. The dad/son had such a lovely comedic dynamic going.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yes, this was such a great drama, and I enjoyed it a lot 🙂 I too loved the father/son relationship. Their chemistry and the dynamic between them was spot on. They gave me a lot of laughs as well as a lot of feels 🙂


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