Korean Drama Update for May 2021

Two more dramas down for May! One was absolutely wonderful while the other was just okay. It was the sci-fi action thriller Sisyphus: The Myth and the historical River Where the Moon Rises that I watched this month:

Sisyphus: The Myth was such a good time! I had so much fun with this drama. It’s a grand dystopian style story that mixes fantastic action and thrills with some heart and cheesiness. In order to enjoy it though, you really need to role with the punches and embrace it for what it is. There are logic stretches galore and tons of situations that aren’t really believable, but if you can embrace some of these things, Sisyphus: The Myth is a whole lot of fun.

I love a good sci-fi story, and Sisyphus: The Myth was that. It starts out with a lot of mystery and then slowly peels back the layers. The plot was very interesting, and it kept me engaged all the way through. It was also good to have solid characters and heart in order to anchor the story. We get a nice little romance amidst all of the action too. The acting was also wonderful all around.

By having that early understanding not to take this series too seriously, it really helped me to just enjoy all of the fun that it had to offer. It was easy to forgive the flaws because of everything the show does right. Sisyphus: The Myth was enjoyable in every way. (Sisyphus: The Myth Review)

River Where the Moon Rises

River Where the Moon Rises was a very average historical for me. The story was solid, but I didn’t find it particularly engaging. The production was also really good so everything felt that it was of good quality. The acting was great all around too, but I struggled to connect with the characters.

We do get plenty of palace intrigue and plotting from various baddies. This was fairly standard stuff that was straightforward. The politics increase as the drama progresses which really made things draggy for me, especially in the latter half of the drama.

River Where the Moon Rises also had to deal with a main actor switch in the middle of its run which didn’t help and was definitely felt, but I would consider it more of a minor issue. Not a bad watch overall, but not very memorable either. (River Where the Moon Rises Review)

So how was May for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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8 Responses to Korean Drama Update for May 2021

  1. Kate says:

    I finished 3 this month:

    That Winter, The Wind Blows – old school melo. Not my kind of thing – too sad and didn’t like the emotional and health abuse suffered by the FL at the hands of all those around her. I struggled to finish and wanted to drop but stuck it out.

    Tomorrow with you – LOVED this one. A bit slower paced but felt it was okay and in keeping with the story over all. Picked up in the 2nd half and enough of a mystery throughout that it kept me engaged, wanting to know what happened.

    Taxi Driver – Having seen Lee Je Hoon now in 3 dramas I am officially a HUGE fan! Dude is awesome in anything he does. I am hoping Taxi Driver becomes a multi series drama because it was sooooo goood. The ripped-from-the-headlines weekly stories were amazing and the bad ass team handing out vigilante justice satisfied the human urge for justice. Loved it!

    Currently watching:
    Sell My Haunted House – Good watch, too episodic for most of it but now starting to focus on the backstory so hoping for a strong finish.
    So I Married the Anti Fan – Light and Fluffy. I love it but if you didn’t like 1% of Anything/My Secret Romance this is not for you.
    Doom At Your Service – Seo In Guk is to die for in this. If you’re a fan (even if you’re not you will become one after this!!), it’s a must watch.
    Bossam Steal The Fate – Good 1st 6 eps but then ep 7-8 felt repetitive so hoping that’s just a minor hiccup. I’m not usually a fan of period pieces but I try to get one in from time to time because stories are usually good if they can steer clear of too much of the palace politics and this one seems like that early on.
    Youth of May – My current 10/10 show so far this year. Lovely romance with the backdrop of the Gwangju uprising/ turmoil. The chemistry in this is off the charts. I am sooo invested in these characters and soooo scared of how things will end up but I can’t look away.

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    • Kay says:

      You finished 3 very different dramas! hehe. Yeah, I loved That Winter the Wind Blows, but I can see why this one would be too sad for you. It’s really sad! lol

      And I’m glad you ended up liking Tomorrow With You. Such a unique drama with a great story and amazing couple. Very engaging and luckily got better as it went.

      I heard so many good things about Taxi Driver, and it’s great you loved it too. I’m also a fan of Lee Je Hoon. First saw him in Signal and loved him in it. Then Tomorrow With You, and finally Where Stars Land where he gave a fantastic performance. He’s great 🙂

      From your currently watching list, I still may try So I Married the Anti-Fan since I’m looking for fluffy right now. Please keep me posted if it stays on the lighter side. Of course, I will eventually go darker for Doom at Your Service and Seo In Guk ❤ Interesting that you’re loving Youth of May so much. You’ve been racking up the dramas with a more serious side lately, hehe 😉

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      • kdramachickblog says:

        I’ve been trying to branch out my viewing from all light and fluffy to more substantive dramas. There are so many good ones out there! I still prefer the light stuff but if I don’t watch other things I run out of things to watch! 😁

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        • Kay says:

          It’s always good to branch out 🙂 I guess I’m kind of doing the same thing right now since I gravitate towards darker dramas but am now going for more light and fluffy 😂😂😂

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  2. Timescout says:

    I didn’t finish anything in May. Well, most of my dramas are still ongoing and I also have very little time for them. I wish it was July already and time for my summer vacation! Sigh. Anyways, I am watching stuff, even if slowly. Which is a good thing, I guess. 🙂

    I’m waaaay behind with ‘Sell Your Haunted House’ but I do like it so far. ‘The Imperial Coroner’ seems to be the one I’m mostly navigating towards each week, so I’m all up to date with that one. ‘Word of Honor’ and ‘The Long Ballad’ are on hold, I kinda lost interest in both but I guess I will finish them one of these days. Oh, and I’m also watching ‘Imitation’ (time permitting) and ‘Nirvana in Fire’ (with kfangurls goup watch). So, there is actually quite a bit going on but as I haven’t really put any timelimit for when I should be done with them, it’s not as bad as it may seem. 😀

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    • Kay says:

      You do have quite the list of ongoing dramas! hehe. A nice mix of dramas too. It does help when you’re watching them more casually though. And it’s always good to be watching stuff 🙂 Hopefully, July comes fast so you can enjoy a drama filled vacation! 😊

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  3. Snow Flower says:

    Dramas I finished in May 2021

    Money Flower rewatch – the best and the most brilliantly executed revenge melodrama/psychological thriller. Jang Hyuk in a suit is simply mesmerizing.

    Navillera – uplifting, inspiring, and bittersweet. One of the best dramas of 2021 so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      A big yes to Money Flower! I checked in with that one off and on for a re-watch with all of you and kfangurl. Definitely revenge drama perfection with Jang Hyuk at his best ❤

      I’m just about done with Navillera. You described it well as uplifting, inspiring, and bittersweet. This drama needs the tissues!

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