Angel’s Last Mission: Love Korean Drama Review

Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - L and Shin Hye Sun

Angel’s Last Mission: Love is a fantasy romance about a trouble-making angel (L) that is given the mission of helping a blind heiress (Shin Hye Sun) find love after she lost her dream of being a ballerina so that he can return to heaven.  The problem is he soon falls for her himself.

On to Angel’s Last Mission: Love! This fantasy romance had me intrigued early on with its premise of an angel helping a woman with an icy heart find love. Not to mention I really like both L and Shin Hye Sun.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - Shin Hye Sun

Shin Hye Sun is Lee Yeon Seo. She was a talented ballerina who lost her eye sight after an accident. This has left her cold and temperamental. She also doesn’t trust anyone which is shown by the less than nice way she treats everyone around her, including her family.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - L

L plays our troublesome angel Kim Dan. He tends to break heavenly rules to help others, but his heart is always in the right place. After he really messes up, he is tasked with a final mission of helping Yeon Seo find love. That starts as a challenge, but then things take an unexpected turn as he develops feelings for her.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - Lee Dong Gun

Then we have Lee Dong Gun as Ji Kang Woo. He is brought in to run the ballet company Yeon Seo was a part of. He has a mysterious long-time obsession with her and wants to see her return to dancing more than anything.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - Kim Bo Mi

Finally, Kim Bo Mi plays Geum Ni Na. She is Yeon Seo’s cousin and is also a ballerina, but she has always lived in her shadow. She has a lot of self-esteem issues combined with a family that is riddled with all sorts of problems.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - L and Shin Hye Sun

Angel’s Last Mission: Love drew me in with its fantasy romance story. I’m always up for fantasy, and that element was heavily incorporated into the story. Then you throw in a nice melo romance, and I’m pretty much in. Plus, I liked the cast a lot.

I tend to really enjoy L and have liked his more intense performances in the past. He got to be quite a bit more fun and animated in this role, at least initially, which was a nice change. His faces were hilarious! But we do still get the intensity as the drama progresses. Dan goes through a lot a lot of heartache, and L really packed an emotional punch.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - Shin Hye Sun Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - L

There are also several really nice songs on the soundtrack for the drama that really enhance the mood including one gorgeous ballad by L. It really added to the impact of what Dan was going through since it was sung by him.

Shin Hye Sun is also someone who has impressed me with her acting abilities in the past, and this was no different. She is very intense which was necessary for the character of Yeon Seo. Also crucial was that she perfectly showcased Yeon Seo’s icy side but was still able to show her pain and vulnerability underneath. She too goes through so many struggles, but even in her vulnerability, she remains strong.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - Shin Hye Sun

The set up episodes for Angel’s Last Mission: Love were very impactful and pulled me in quickly. I also really liked that ballet was focused on in the drama as it’s a pretty unique backdrop that is lovely to watch.

I did find that after the initial set up, things did slow down a bit for me for several episodes though. I still liked it, but it lacked the same punch. Luckily, things quickly improved as we got deeper into our story and the stakes really ramped up for our couple.

Both Dan and Yeon Seo have pretty tragic back stories which were both nicely explored. They really helped explain the characters and give their present interactions a lot more weight. These stories were interwoven nicely through the drama for a strong impact.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - Shin Hye Sun Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - L

God really comes off as a sort of unseen antagonist in this drama as he is firm in his rules and harsh in his punishments when those rules are broken. Dan is left to grapple with his forbidden feelings of love for Yeon Seo and has a difficult time handling the situation.

He wants to show her his love, but he knows that would lead to his destruction which would in turn cause her more pain. He struggles with how to handle things and endures a lot of suffering.

Dan and Yeon Seo’s love story is very touching as a whole. We’ve got the forbidden love aspect combined with some very raw emotions. Yeon Seo is very much in need of healing, and Dan helps to open up her heart. But Dan was also not ready for how much his love for her would encompass him.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - L and Shin Hye Sun

It takes a while for the pair to truly come together, but when they do I was all about it! They have so many hurts to deal with and then so many obstacles to overcome in order to be together. This drama gets quite angsty in the latter part as our couple becomes desperate to be together and to make sure the other one is happy…and makes it out alive.

I just ate up everything about their passionate love for each other! My heart felt their pain and longing, and I too wanted them to somehow find a way for God to allow them to be together and live happily.


Dan and Yeon Seo plead and plead with Him to answer their prayers, but they seemed to be constantly ignored. They struggled to understand why God wouldn’t allow them to simply be together, and we as the audience are also left wondering that too.

Can’t God make an exception? Is their love so bad? Is there some other grand plan for this couple? We really don’t know. God seems to remain firm for all of the drama as other angels who break rules are destroyed, and Dan and Yeon Seo continue to suffer and be ignored while God seems to be mysterious and just does what he wants.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - L Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - Shin Hye Sun

In the end, God does forgive Dan but initially requires him to stay an angel and be apart from Yeon Seo. We don’t really get a concrete answer as to why Dan has to leave (aside from the staple time skip required by most kdramas…gotta get it in there).

But we do see that Dan’s love remains firm as he stays by her side even though she can’t always see him, and that she attempts to go on with life but is miserable in missing him.

God then ultimately grants their wish, and Dan becomes human and returns to Yeon Seo. My heart was all over the place watching this couple. It was a hard fought road to get there, but Dan and Yeon Seo did get their happy ending. Whew! I needed that for them!


Angel's Last Mission: Love Korean Drama - L and Shin Hye Sun

In the end, Angel’s Last Mission: Love really won my heart. We’ve got interesting characters with rich back stories, a bit of mystery, and a forbidden romance. I loved the angsty and desperate love that Dan and Yeon Seo experienced and completely felt their joy and sorrow.

This is the kind of romance story I would like to see more often because it allowed me to be completely invested in the couple by focusing so strongly on them and their amazing love story.

My Rating: 8.5/10

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18 Responses to Angel’s Last Mission: Love Korean Drama Review

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Well, this certainly doesn’t sound bad at all. Not entirely sure if it’s completely my cup of tea, but I also have to admit it’s maybe time for me to also start watching a K-drama that isn’t all about darkness and fights and other stuff, but something a little bit more uplifting and heartwarming. But I guess there are plenty of those around to watch. I’m going to decide what to watch this weekend for September, so who knows maybe this will make the cut. Great review by the way, as always😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yeah, I’m really not sure what you would think of this one. As you said, it might not be a bad idea to branch out from some of the darker dramas. There’s definitely no shortage of more uplifting dramas to choose from though. But we like what we like and have limited time, so we usually like to go for what we know will interest us. It’s a delicate operation curating our watch list 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • raistlin0903 says:

        Honestly though…I really do want to watch something feel good. Lately, as much fun as I am having with those, I have watched quite a lot of dark shows. It’s time to just watch something that is fun and heartwarming too😊 I’ll let you know when I found one of those what it end up being! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          I get that. I tend to gravitate towards angsty, melo-type dramas, but I watch a lot of rom-coms too since I like to see happier things. Then I have to really prepare myself for when I go in for a really dark show. As much as I like dark and angsty, it’s definitely nice to just laugh and feel good from a show. Do let me know which more heartwarming drama you end up going for 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Cindy says:

    I wasn’t too sure about this one but after your review, I will give it a go. Thanks for a great review, as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Thank you Cindy! This one seemed to really divide the fandom. Those who liked seemed to enjoy the strong romance focus rather than some of the other plot elements. Luckily, I liked the direction is went. Hopefully, it works for you. Best of luck to you when you watch it! 🙂


  3. Timescout says:

    I rather liked the begining of this but then started gradually loose interest and finally gave up. I have too little time to waste on dramas I’m not really invested in.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      You’re definitely not alone. A lot of people really didn’t like the second half of the drama. Whereas I liked the first couple eps then felt it slowed down for several and ultimately got really good around the middle. But yes, definitely not enough time to linger on dramas you’re not feeling when you’re in the middle of a deluge, hehe 😉


  4. Kate says:

    Nice review as always. I finally finished this one last night despite having started it ages ago. Not so much having lost interest but other dramas pulled on me hard (Come and Hug Me and Perfume) and I kept feeling like I had to be in the mood to get back to Angel. I loved the beginning episodes then like you, there was a bit of a slump in the middle. By the end I was just going through an emotional roller coaster and furious at the petty God! That “character” was ever present in the drama and was made out to be irrational and quite frankly ridiculous!
    SPOILERS and a bit of a rant: I kept holding out hope that all of the dissipated angels would be found in heaven at the end having served their punishment for breaking the rules but having essentially done nothing worse than loving someone they were eventually restored to heaven. The old guy and blind lady, Archangel Hu, Kang Woo eventually getting reunited with his lost love. What can I say, I’m desperate for everyone to have a happy ending. I would have preferred if Butler Jung was in the know about Dan so when he disappeared at the end she wouldn’t be so angry with him – that she would have been in his confidence and he’d have given her the anniversary cards to give to Yeon So every year and when YS died she’d be reunited with KD in heaven. I don’t mind the way it ended but after all of the “rules” it seems odd that suddenly and irrationally God would decide to relent at the end. It’s like the Kdrama gods had to step in HA! And finally, what was with the whispering every time Ru Na appeared on screen? Were they trying to say she was possessed by evil? Then why not explore that a bit? If they didn’t make the religious stuff such a big part of the drama some of this stuff wouldn’t bother me so much but I’m getting really frustrated with dramas that set things up then make no logical sense or give any explanations or just leave things hanging! We invest hours of our lives to them and they are just so sloppy. It’s a real disrespect to the viewers and disservice to the amazing acting talents trying to execute the story!! Sorry for the rant, this drama has left me spinning. It must be that I’m angry because I loved it so much and wanted so much more 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Wow, it does sound like it was a complicated drama for you! The overall tone, romance, and fantasy elements are what really won me over. But yes, the God character in this was all over the place. I mean they do kind of say he’s jealous and pretty much does what he wants in the drama, and well, that’s exactly what he did! lol I just chalked up his change of heart to Dan and Yeon Seo’s relentless petitions combined with her last ditch effort dance to appease him. It was certainly tough to watch them struggle so much just to be together.

      I thought that whispering was weird too. Mostly it just distracted me when it came on. Luckily, the drama as a whole worked out for me pretty well since most of the “sloppiness” I just attributed to God’s character. Not to say it was perfect though. There were definitely issues. It does sound like you liked it enough for it to make you feel something, so I guess that’s at least something, hehe 😉


  5. MyKDramaticLife says:

    I will surely have to watch this. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  7. Rabbit says:

    This drama is not so bad but then I have to put myself in the mood every time I watch this. The thing is there are episodes in this drama that lacks that intense or thrilling feeling that’s why I get bored sometimes. And also, the background history of the characters are well-made. However, it lacks that round or complicated personality i am looking for. The personality of the characters are somewhat too predictable (in most part.)

    As for the positive side, I must say that this drama gave me a new taste of romcom (in terms of the story line and their acting skills). The first half of this drama was so entertaining and funny that sometimes I laughed so hard.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      This was definitely an interesting drama with some unique qualities to it 🙂 Nice mix of humor and serious too. Even though you were bored sometimes, I’m glad you still found things to enjoy about it 🙂


  8. A very good show. The ballet part of the story was interesting and I wish there had been more of it. Shin Hye-Sun and Kim Myung-Soo were outstanding and had good chemistry. The supporting cast were excellent, with shout out to Lee Dong-Gun. He was the love competition, the type you love to hate. Also to Kim In-Kwon, the senior angel.

    This show was the most emotional Kdrama I;ve seen so far. I got really emotionally invested in this couple.

    SPOLIERS: The one major disappoint was that while the last couple of episodes were emotionally super-charged and I had a large emotional investment in the last few episodes since we don’t know the fate of Kim Dan I was very disappointed in their getting back together. Their reunion only lasted a few minutes of the last episode. If that wasn’t enough I even had to endure the dreaded and infamous Kdrama time lapse separation.

    Rating: 8.5/10

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yes this was a really great show 🙂 I too love how much ballet they were able to incorporate into the story as well as main couple’s chemistry. Great story, and I agree, very emotional. Ending was definitely on the weak side, but I still loved this drama and how it ultimately wrapped up 🙂


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