“Hotel Del Luna” Rises to Series High in Ratings

Hotel Del Luna Korean Drama - Yeo Jin Goo and IU

It was another great week for Hotel Del Luna starring Yeo Jin and IU in Nielsen drama ratings! It brought in 7.0% for episode 5 and then rose up to a series high of 8.7% for episode 6 on Sunday. It looks like its going strong!

Hotel Del Luna is a supernatural drama about a mysterious hotel filled with ghosts and the romance that blossoms between the hotel manager (Yeo Jin Goo) and a woman (IU) who is stuck running the hotel because of a curse.

Hotel Del Luna airs Friday and Saturday on tvN.

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7 Responses to “Hotel Del Luna” Rises to Series High in Ratings

  1. I couldn’t help it… I started watching it yesterday… and now I’m on the recent episode. My goodness, I think this is the first kdrama that I’m loving from the Hong sisters.

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  2. Timescout says:

    I haven’t been able to watch the latest episodes yet, but this is shaping up to be one of the better Hong sisters dramas. Unless it goes to pot in the 2nd half, which is always a posibility. 😉

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  3. Snow Flower says:

    Does it have an episodic feel (ghost of the week type of narrative)? Master’s Sun had it and I was not too happy about it. I prefer more serialized storytelling.
    I have not started HdL yet, but I am very curious…

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    • Kay says:

      I actually haven’t started it yet since I’m waiting for more eps to come out (I really dislike waiting week to week, hehe). I’m exactly the same way as you. I strongly prefer serialized stories and tend to avoid episodic stuff unless something else about the show really grabs my attention. I’ve tried to stay pretty unspoiled, but it does sound like IU’s character has a pretty intriguing back story which ties into the present story and hopefully makes it more serialized. Of course, I anticipate some of ghost of the week stuff too. Hopefully, the central story is strong and builds up as it goes along though.


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