Jaejoong and Kim Bo Ra Considering Starring in Korean Remake of “Jane the Virgin”

Jane the Virgin Korean Drama - Jaejoong and Kim Bo Ra

Jaejoong (Manhole) and Kim Bo Ra (Her Private Life) are considering starring in the Korean drama remake of the American series Jane the Virgin. The show originated in Venezuela. Jane the Virgin is about a young woman that is a virgin who is accidentally inseminated by her gynecologist and becomes pregnant. Kim Bo Ra would play the leading lady who accidentally gets pregnant with Jaejoong as an heir to a hotel.

I haven’t seen the American version, but it has been quite successful with five seasons. It does sound like the kind of plot that would work well for a kdrama, so I’ll be interested to see this one develop.

Jane the Virgin is planning to air at the end of 2019 on Channel A.

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8 Responses to Jaejoong and Kim Bo Ra Considering Starring in Korean Remake of “Jane the Virgin”

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    I haven’t seen the American virgin erm version either, but so true: it’s quite a succesful show. Probably not something I would be very interested in myself, but I have the feeling this definitely would lend itself well to a Korean drama 😊

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  2. Kdrama Crazy says:

    I have seen the original show. And I’m so excited for this one. The news dropped just when I was wishing for a Korean remake of a series that I have seen.

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  3. shamrockmom3 says:

    I haven’t seen the US version, but I am very excited about the casting (especially Jaejoong–can’t imagine a better choice for the part, lol!). I will be interested to see how this premise plays out in a conservative culture. International fans will love it, but will Koreans be okay with the accidental pregnancy concept? Definitely on my watch list.

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    • Kay says:

      I really like the idea of Jaejoong for the casting too! I’m also interested to see how it plays out. I would think the accidental pregnancy would work okay since there have been other dramas that have things like one night stands resulting in pregnancy as the main theme. Obviously, a little different but similar ideas. Sounds perfect for a kdrama plot. Like how Fated to Love You did that and had lots of comedy in the beginning and then got quite angsty. I could see this show doing something similar. We’ll have to see if it tries to bring over a lot of the themes and issues from the US version or it really goes more kdrama style, hehe

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  4. Drama Fan says:

    The american version is based on a venezuelan telenovela called “Juana, la virgen”. Not sure how closely it follows the original-original but the general premise sounds like a good starting point for a kdrama rom-com.

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    • Kay says:

      Yeah, I was wondering how closely the American version followed the Venezuelan one. I agree, the premise sounds right up a kdrama’s alley though. I can pretty much already picture how it will go down in my mind, hehe 🙂

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