Lee Jung Jae and Shin Min Ah to Star in Politcal Drama “Advisor”

Advisor Korean Drama - Lee Jung Jae and Shin Min Ah

Lee Jung Jae (Triple) and Shin Min Ah (Tomorrow With You) are set to star in the new political Korean drama Advisor (or Aide). Advisor focuses on people who control the world from behind the scenes and is about a political advisor who is rising in power and a female politician who is attempting to break through the glass ceiling.

Lee Jung Jae will play the political advisor, and this will be his first drama in 10 years as he mostly does movies. Shin Min Ah will take on the role of the politician. The show comes from the writer of Life of on Mars and the PD of Miss Hammurabi.

It will also apparently be split into 2 seasons consisting of 10 episodes each with the first premiering in May and the second in November. Can’t say I’m a fan of the split season idea. I love kdramas for mostly being one season that airs all at once. I hope this doesn’t become a new trend.

Advisor is planning to air in May on JTBC.

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10 Responses to Lee Jung Jae and Shin Min Ah to Star in Politcal Drama “Advisor”

  1. Timescout says:

    This could actyally be interesting, if properly put together. I’m not too hot on splitting dramas into several seasons though and like you, I hope it’s not becoming a trend.

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    • Kay says:

      Agree, it has some good potential if they can execute it 🙂 Really hoping no one else wants to experiment with the split season idea though. I will not be very happy if that becomes a thing, lol


  2. Fred says:

    The reason why I love Kdramas (and Asian dramas in general) is because they do not have second seasons. Hopefully this gets scrapped LOL. I already miss Shin Mina/Miho so much. I hope she stars in another one-season drama. HAHAHA.

    On another note, you should watch Romance is a Bonus Book. It has almost the same feel as Thirty But Seventeen, though the latter is more special. This drama is not in my favourites but it is still worth watching. It is light but makes you teary-eyed at times HAHAHA. I gave it a 9.

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    • Kay says:

      Same here! I love the one season format. At least they already have both seasons planned for this one though. If I do watch it, I would just wait until both seasons aired most likely. Hoping they scrap this idea in the future though, lol

      Ah, I actually watched Romance is a Bonus Book a couple weeks ago and plan to post the review in a couple days. I just thought it was decent though. It had some really big positives, but it was soooooo slow all the way through (number one drama sin for me right there, lol). That really knocks off a lot of points for me. I need my angst and thrills, hehe. It was still a nice enough watch though. Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Fred says:

        Yah it was a bit slow. And I also usually hate slow dramas. Maybe I just really love dramas with female leads in their 30s HAHAHA. It could have been a 10 if filled with angst and thrills.

        I haven’t watched dramas you have reviewed since I distanced myself from Kdramas recently. I wanted to come back after some time so there will be more options. So I have been watching Chinese and Japanese dramas. I guess I’m now back to reading your reviews. HAHAHA. But maybe I’ll still watch some Chinese dramas every now and then.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          Haha, yeah, slowness just really gets me most of the time. I frequently like female leads in their 30s too, and I did like Lee Na Young quite a bit. It was my first time seeing her, and I really enjoyed her and some of the struggles her character faced. Some angst and thrills definitely would have helped me, but I do understand that some dramas go for a more feel-good vibe and don’t want to include that element, which is of course fine since so many people enjoy that 🙂

          I get the need to take a kdrama break sometimes and coming back a bit for fresh with more to choose from. There have been some really good ones lately, so hopefully you find a nice one. Glad you found some luck with cdramas and jdramas too. I’m always wanting to get in more of those, but they still usually get dropped pretty quickly when I do start them. I have a couple cdramas I’m hoping to try to soon, so we’ll see if I get past a few eps, hehe

          Liked by 1 person

          • Fred says:

            I really loved Jdramas in the past. I loved their humor. But now, I will prefer Kdramas over Jdramas anytime.

            As for Cdramas, you really have to test your patience. The two I’ve watched – Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (epic title LOL) and Ashes of Love – span 50-60+ episodes with 40 mins each. And they spend so much time on side stories just to make it longer. But it is nice to watch if you want a break from Kdramas because they feel different. I gave both (and Love 020) 8s. Not super amazing but good enough, if you have the patience. Hahaha. But the anti-climactic trait of Cdramas from those that I have seen is that they employ ‘Deus ex Machina’ (main obstacles just disappear due to random/only-the-writer-knew-about occurences).

            And now I just realized that probably the reason why I did not really get bored with the slowness of Romance is a Bonus Book is because of my ‘training’ with Cdramas. All of a sudden, 16 episodes seemed so short for me. HAHAHA.

            I am really hoping to soon get into the mood for watching some of your recent 8-10 reviews like tha Jang Na Ra one. Forgot the title. HAHAHA.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Kay says:

              Yes, jdramas definitely have a distinct style of humor. I mostly just don’t click with them because they are frequently so low key and basic. They have a very human and realistic feel to them (aside from some of the teen ones). I find I like the more exciting kdramas that I feel still contain plenty of heart and that human element. But it’s just a matter of preference 🙂

              And I agree, cdramas definitely take patience! Most of them are soooo long. I wish more of them were under 30 eps. But even then the way they tell stories in general is sort of drawn out, and they say the same thing a lot of times. It just gets tedious.

              Now when I want a kdrama break, I frequently head for a cdrama too. I’m always hoping that one will click and I will love it, but usually I put it 5 or 6 eps and just realize why I love kdramas so much, lol. They work really well to break a kdrama slump 😉

              Haha! Now that’s funny. If I would have tried a cdrama before Romance is a Bonus Book, I can almost guarantee that would have upped my score by at least a point because it would have definitely felt breezier under those circumstances. It’s funny how things work like that 🙂 But I have really enjoyed a few cdramas, and I plan to try Ever Night and Ashes of Love for my next foray into them.

              Ah, The Last Empress maybe? Make sure to put your makjang hat on for that one. It’s just one crazy after another, lol. And Jang Na Ra is great in it!

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