My Love Patzzi Korean Drama Review

My Love Patzzi Korean Drama - Jang Na Ra, Kim Rae Won, Kim Jae Won, Hong Eun Hee

My Love Patzzi is about a woman (Jang Na Ra) that tends to get into trouble a lot because of her hot temper who takes a job at an amusement park and draws the affections of the park owner’s wealthy son (Kim Jae Won) and a seal trainer (Kim Rae Won).  But her scheming “friend” (Hong Eun Hee) is constantly plotting to keep the guys from liking her.

I took the opportunity to work in an older drama in the form of the classic 2002 series My Love Patzzi. And it turned to out to be pretty cute! It’s a simple romantic comedy, but it’s still fun and romantic with a dash of angst. Plus, with only 10 episodes, it’s quick and easy.

My Love Patzzi Korean Drama - Jang Na Ra

We see an adorably young Jang Na Ra as Yang Song Yi. This role was quite different from anything I’ve seen Jang Na Ra in. Song Yi is rough around the edges with a sharp tongue. She doesn’t really hold back with anything, but she has a good heart. And to her frustration, her so-called “friend” is constantly causing her trouble and trying to mess up her life.

My Love Patzzi Korean Drama - Kim Jae Won

Kim Jae Won is the park owner’s wealthy son Kang Sung Joon. After Song Yi saves his life, he takes a liking to her. He also really enjoys her straightforward and honest personality. But a secret she is hiding threatens the relationship.

My Love Patzzi Korean Drama - Kim Rae Won

Then we have Kim Rae Won as Kim Hyun Sung. And I fell victim to some serious Second Lead Syndrome because of him! He’s the one who starts off not really liking Song Yi, but then develops feelings for her. Of course, he downplays them and pokes fun at her while he pines away and watches Sung Joon win her heart. Ah, it was so bad!

My Love Patzzi Korean Drama - Hong Eun Hee

Hong Eun Hee plays Eun Hee Won. She is that classic second lead that you can’t stand. She puts on a show of being a very sweet and considerate woman, but in reality, she is jealous and manipulative. She is always plotting to make sure she gets all of the attention and orchestrates many scenarios to further her agenda. Nobody needs this kind of friend!

My Love Patzzi Korean Drama - Kim Jae Won, Jang Na Ra, Hong Eun Hee

My Love Patzzi is a very simple drama as it just focuses on the relationships between our four main characters. It’s two guys falling for Song Yi and then Eun Hee always plotting her downfall. Even though it’s something we’ve seen countless times before, it presents the story in an enjoyable fashion that I liked seeing play out. The characters are interesting with a great dynamic between them.

All of the actors were fun to watch, and it was really neat to see some familiar faces in the earlier days of their acting careers. Jang Na Ra was really fantastic, both Kim Rae Won and Kim Jae Won were each charming in their own way, and Hong Eun Hee nailed the scheming second lead.

My Love Patzzi Korean Drama - Kim Rae Won and Jang Na Ra My Love Patzzi Korean Drama - Kim Jae Won and Jang Na Ra

While the story is nothing revolutionary, I really enjoyed it. It just had this simple charm that I found to be light and fun. We watch the guys develop feelings for Song Yi and see her trying to adjust to the attention.

Her bluntness and sharp temper make her a little awkward and always gets her into trouble, but that trait is something both guys actually come to like. But then she has to fend off Eun Hee as she constantly tries to mess things up for her.

My Love Patzzi Korean Drama - Jang Na Ra, Kim Rae Won, Kim Jae Won

I particularly liked that there was a true love triangle in this drama. Going in, I didn’t even know who was supposed to be the main male lead (I only found out after I watched it). And then the drama really develops Song Yi’s relationship with each guy.

It really felt like each man had a shot which is something I loved since most dramas have a very clear cut main pairing. If you don’t like there be confusion around who the girl will choose, this drama may not be for you. Fans of love triangles should appreciate this one though!

My Love Patzzi Korean Drama - Jang Na Ra

Of course, Jang Na Ra was the highlight of the drama. I always love her, but she was such a delight in this show! I loved her spitfire attitude and how different she was from most of the roles I’ve seen her in. The animated faces she made were hilarious, and I really got such a kick out of her.

My Love Patzzi Korean Drama - Jang Na Ra, Kim Rae Won, Kim Jae Won

I also tend to really like the atmosphere and laid back feel of older dramas like this. They just seem kind of cozy and have this charm that newer dramas frequently lack. Although the story is very cliched and predictable, it’s just fun seeing things play out. The music is something that really sets the tone of the time period too.

So while the story of My Love Patzzi has been done before, it’s good to keep in mind that this drama was doing this kind of story in its early days. It really nails the overall execution to give us a classic romantic comedy with romance, humor, and some relationship angst. It was cute and charming and just an enjoyable trip back in time.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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8 Responses to My Love Patzzi Korean Drama Review

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for reviewing an oldie that wasn’t on my radar. I love Jang Na Ra and I love cute/sweet/love triangles so this one sounds perfect. Another one to add to the long list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      You’re welcome 🙂 I had this drama on my list for ages, but it just never really had any priority. But then I was looking for something older and preferably shorter to work in between some new ones, and this one just fit perfectly. Super basic and cliché, but it embodies what I like about those older rom-coms 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have had this drama recommended to me many times, but it has always been on the back burner for me as I am not a huge fan of older dramas. But, I didn’t realize that was Jang Na Ra in the lead…I really like her dramas usually. So maybe I will have to give it a chance after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      I had heard quite a few good things about the drama too, and it has taken me awhile to get around to it. I do like older dramas though, so that helps when it comes to a drama like this. I also tend to like Jang Na Ra’s dramas. She’s quite different in this one than what I’m used to seeing, but I really enjoyed her a lot. Best of luck if you do decide to give it a go 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • So I watched it over the weekend, and for the most part I liked it…except the last two episodes were not fully translated on viki. 5% doesn’t seem like much until important conversations are not translated, including the last part of the last episode. And then it seems like pure evil that I couldn’t understand what was going on! I honestly am not 100% sure who got the girl in the end. I know who I think did, but there was no kiss, just a hug, which would have been enough, but then the 1 year later thing happened. And now I am confused. UGH. It was such a disappointing turn of events that I couldn’t understand anything that was happening. I think they over estimated the 95% translated. Because it wasn’t translated from the fountain scene onward.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          Oh I ran into that problem too! I don’t think it was anywhere near 95% either. Sadly, I had to go elsewhere to watch the final two eps. If you can’t find it anywhere else to watch, Hyun Sung is the one that ended up with Song Yi. The last scene has them all three being quite playful and joking about the situation, so without translations it would definitely be confusing. Viki really needs to fix the issue, but it’s hard enough getting help on problems with current dramas let alone the older ones 😦

          Liked by 1 person

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