New Korean and Chinese Dramas Coming to DramaFever in May!

Something in the Rain Koran Drama - Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin

New Korean and Chinese dramas are heading to DramaFever in May! It’s good to actually see several kdramas on the list this month too. There are also quite a few cdramas to check out. Here are the new additions to their library:

Korean Dramas:

Miss Hammurabi (coming May 21)

Miss Hammurabi - L, Go Ara, Sung Dong Il

*Stars: INFINITE’s L and Go Ara
A fiery rookie judge partners with a principled perfectionist. Will they be able to work together to uphold justice, or will it be a death sentence for both of them?

Check out Miss Hammurabi here.

Something in the Rain (coming May 26)

Something in the Rain Koran Drama - Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin

*Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin
A single woman in her thirties finally falls in love. It just happens to be with her best friend’s younger brother.

Check out Something in the Rain here.

Sketch (coming in May)

Sketch Korean Drama - Rain

*Stars: Rain and Lee Sun Bin
A detective looking for his fiancée’s murderer works with an artist who can draw what will happen three days into the future. But someone else also knows what’s coming.

Check out Sketch here.

Chinese Dramas

Secret of the Three Kingdoms

Secret of the Three Kingdoms Chinese Drama - Elvis Han

*Stars: Elvis Han and Ma Tian Yu
An emperor recruits his twin brother to help save their dynasty. But when he arrives at the palace, he’s placed into the role of a lifetime.

Check out Secret of the Three Kingdoms here.

Tree in the River

Tree in the River Chinese Drama

*Stars: Mike He and Gillian Chung
He loves his roommate, but she is his exact opposite. Whoever said “opposites attract” never saw a giraffe fall in love with a squirrel.

Check out Tree in the River here.

Princess Agents

Princess Agents Chinese Drama - Zhau Li Ying

*Stars: Kenny Lin and Zhau Li Ying
In a time of civil war, a slave enters the royal household and starts training to become a soldier. But the dangers outside the palace walls are nothing compared to what lies within.

Check out Princess Agents here.

Love’s Lies

Love's Lies Chinese Drama - Luo Jin and Pan Zhi Lin

*Stars: Luo Jin and Pan Zhi Lin
She wants to save the drug-dealing, money-laundering boyfriend who abandoned her. But is he really the one who needs saving?

Check out Love’s Lies here.

Moonshine and Valentine

Moonshine and Valentine Chinese Drama

*Stars: Huang Jin Yu and Victoria Song
A cursed reporter falls in love with a deity from another world. But someone wants to make sure their fairy tale doesn’t end with a ”happily ever after.”

Check out Moonshine and Valentine here.

So which dramas are you enjoying or most looking forward to?

*Source: Pictures and show descriptions courtesy of DramaFever

*Dramas listed are available in the US

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2 Responses to New Korean and Chinese Dramas Coming to DramaFever in May!

  1. Timescout says:

    Something in the Rain… it went just as I surmised. People expected a cute romance and were fooled by the saccharine start. So now they are ranting about the horrible mother and flawed heroine. They obviously haven’t seen any of PD Ahn’s previous dramas. Horrible characters and flawed leads are a PD Ahn norm. 😁

    Moonshine and Valentine is kinda fun. I’ve watched first 4 epis and so far so good. It’s a long drama though, so I’m expecting it to get painfully draggy at some point. Which is probably when I’ll say “adios!” 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Haha, expectations can be dangerous things. I plan to marathon Something in the Rain when DF gets it. I’ve avoided any big spoilers but definitely noticed a change in tune and some decreased interest in the drama as it has progressed. So we shall see how it goes, hehe 🙂

      I watched a couple clips from Moonshine & Valentine and thought it looked fun. I added it to my list, but those long ep counts of cdramas definitely put me off. So far I’ve only had success with longer historicals because they tend to have more substance. But even they can get draggy 😛


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