Great Seducer (Tempted) Korean Drama Review

Great Seducer (also known as Tempted) is about a dangerous love game that ensues when a womanizing rich man (Woo Do Hwan) who finds himself in a bad situation takes up a bet to seduce a virtuous woman (Joy) who is respected and seen as a role model.

Woo Do Hwan plays our great seducer Kwon Shi Hyun. Shi Hyun is a playboy with no guilt towards the many women he hooks up with. So when he takes a bet to seduce a woman, he has no qualms about his ability to do so. Of course, little does he know that he is about to fall deep in love and find himself in a prison of lies.

Joy is Eun Tae Hee, the target of Shi Hyun’s seduction. She’s kind and likes to volunteer to help others. She doesn’t really get into dating. Unaware of Shi Hyun’s intentions, she initially fends off his advances, but soon she finds herself drawn to him and developing feelings she has never felt before.

I will mention that I am aware that a lot of people take issue with Joy’s acting, but I don’t find it that problematic. I think it’s adequate, and she comes off very sweet. Nothing to get too excited about, but it certainly doesn’t bother me. Besides, there are much bigger things than that to take issue with concerning this drama. More on that later.

Now we have Shi Hyun’s friends. First is Moon Ga Young as Choi Soo Ji. She’s spoiled, entitled, and doesn’t hesitate to do what she wants even if it means ruining other people’s lives. I never really came around to liking her and found her obnoxious, but I understood her motives and attachment to Shi Hyun. She was pretty dysfunctional as a whole, so that created plenty of drama.

The third leg of our friends is Lee Se Joo who is played by Kim Min Jae. He’s an outgoing and free spirited guy who also falls in the playboy camp. But he has long harbored feelings for Soo Ji and has frequently felt a bit left out.

Where to start with this drama? It was kind of all over the place and had a ton of problems. I still thought it was a decent watch, and I think it did just enough right to satisfy my personal tastes to balance out all the not so good. But there really was a lot of not so good!

First, the negatives. The execution of the drama felt extremely messy. It was like it wasn’t sure what it wanted to be. I tend to really love soapy stories like this, but it just didn’t go deep enough early on. It tried to be angsty at times, but it was evident it was trying, and it just lacked that punch. Sometimes it felt like a melo while other times it felt like a rom-com.


The editing of the drama was sloppy as was the writing. Characters flip flop all over the place concerning their emotions that would sometimes change in an instant. They were inconsistent and this resulted in a lack of proper development. Also, there are LOTS of break ups and make ups.

I didn’t care for any of the story surrounding the supporting characters and side plots. That was all just uninteresting and boring to me. None of those elements were appealing, and they took up more screen time than necessary. These plot threads do become increasingly important as the drama goes along though. I just felt like it overtook to much of the story.

I was also really disappointed in the actual seduction aspect of the drama. The whole point of the story was supposed to be about Shi Hyun’s seducing Tae Hee and the mountains of conflict that comes with it. But he actually falls for her pretty quickly which really sucked the air out of the seduction balloon of building tension of her falling for him while he plays her. We just got to the part where he likes her too quickly.

Tae Hee falls for him super fast too which just cemented killing off the seduction part. Of course, there are still plenty of lies between them ready to cause problems down the road, but I just felt like the timeline and execution of events was not so great. It made it transform into a more regular rom/com/melo pretty fast.

So with all of these negatives, what did I like? Although I didn’t love the execution, my soft spot for deception type stories where someone falls for their target helped me like this one okay. I like the added complications it adds. Plus, it did still have that general soapiness to it.

The conflict between Shi Hyun and his friends was interesting. They are each other’s worlds and have a special bond. But as Shi Hyun grows closer to Tae Hee, he begins to radically change. This creates major division within the group that just continues to spiral downward as they end up at odds and the friendship falls apart. They mostly deserve everything that comes to them, but they do each have their own issues and struggles that creates a little empathy…just a little.

Shi Hyun and Tae Hee weren’t swoony, but they had a cute relationship especially when the drama veered into the more rom-com moments. Eventually, we do get some of that nice angsty regret on Shi Hyun’s part while Tae Hee remains very sweet and dedicated to him which makes him realize even more what a scummy thing he has done. So I liked the emotions that came with that aspect of the story.

I noticed some people comparing this drama to The Heirs. On one hand, it is similar in that it’s an angsty love story involving spoiled rich teens. If you disliked The Heirs, the chances of you disliking this one is probably high. Now I actually loved The Heirs, but I thought it was so much better than Great Seducer in every way. I think The Heirs nailed it’s genre as far as teen melodramas go. Whether or not you liked the characters and the angsty cliche games they played, it was executed well.

Not so much with Great Seducer. It greatly lacked in the execution including the story, characters, and tone. But my like of this type of genre and story is the main reason why I stuck around for Great Seducer and was still able to find some things to like about it. Things also get super angsty at the end as all the secrets really blow up and we get some pay off. I definitely liked that!

So yeah, Great Seducer was a bit of a mess. It had just enough things that I enjoyed to make it an okay watch, but there sure was a lot I didn’t care for. My recommendation would be to view this drama at your own risk as there is no telling what results you may get.

My Rating: 6/10

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21 Responses to Great Seducer (Tempted) Korean Drama Review

  1. Evelyn Coleman says:

    I agree totally. Actually I couldn’t even nail down as well as you did but I know it lacked a lot in the pacing, writing, character development and plot too. By the end I didn’t care for the protagonist at all.

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    • Kay says:

      Yeah, aside from a couple things it also took me a while to figure out exactly why this wasn’t working so well even though I did like some elements of it. But as it went on the issues became much more clear. I too wasn’t really caring much for, well anybody, by the end of the drama, lol


  2. D says:

    Hi Kay,

    Fantastic review. You basically said everything I wanted to say about this drama but in so many better words. It could have been so much better only if they focused on the seduction part alone. O well.

    P.S. I also don’t understand why the Netizens are lashing out on Joy. I think she did fine. It’s not her fault the story itself was bad and executed so badly. I think for a drama to be good every aspect of it must be good- story and execution etc. if these are bad doesn’t matter how great the actors are, it’s not going to become a great drama. Anyway I digress. Thanks for the review

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kay says:

      Thank you D 🙂 I know, this drama could have improved a lot just by developing the actual seduction aspect of the story properly which also would have made it unique.

      And yes, I’m always sad to see so much hate to any actor. Of course, Joy is still new to acting, but I still found her fine enough. And like you said, it doesn’t help when the story and direction around her is lacking. She got some flack for The Liar and His Lover too, but not to this extent. Probably because that drama was so much more well done and showcased her better. Ah well, this drama will be added to the list of dramas with potential that fell flat 😛


  3. Kate says:

    Great review as always! I added this to my list the moment I first read about the premise because it’s exactly the kind of thing I love but then saw how dismal the ratings were and now your review confirms why. I’ll keep it on my list but it’ll probably be a while before I see it 😦

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kay says:

      I did the same when I first read about it as I absolutely love stories like this. I wasn’t too concerned with the ratings since I’ve watched plenty of dramas that I loved which had terrible ratings in Korea. But I couldn’t avoid the disappointment among international fans about the drama, so I was a little concerned at that point. Although the same thing happened with Manhole last year (bad Korean ratings and international fan disappointment) and I ended up really enjoying the drama. So you just never know, lol. I definitely don’t regret watching Great Seducer, but it really could have been so much better, and it’s sad to see that great story potential wasted 😦

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  4. Nice! That’s what I also think — the drama lacks something… and it is in fast pace… can’t believe he already fell in love with her with just a few dates! **ugh** Doesn’t seem realistic to me. Haven’t finished the drama yet because of the mess in the scripts and all… 🙂

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    • Kay says:

      Yes, it was definitely lacking in a few things. And the thing that disappointed me the most was just how face they fall for each. In a normal rom-com that can be fine, but in a story that’s focused on seduction and lies, it really should take longer to maximize the intensity of emotions. Well, good luck if you decide to finish it. At least the last few eps pack a nice angsty punch, lol 🙂

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  6. Subhajit says:

    ‘But he actually falls for her pretty quickly which really sucked the air out of the seduction balloon of building tension of her falling for him while he plays her.’ – what a line ! You got some great language skills!
    Most probably , i won’t watch the drama because I am a diehard bbyu shipper . But what makes me happy is that Joy is becoming the most prominent member of Red Velvet , with all these dramas and shows . She also getting all the dashing boys ( being linked to Sungjae , bts v , etc).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Haha, thank you so much for saying that 🙂 I’m happy to see Joy doing so well too. I really liked her in this and The Liar and His Lover. Hoping to see more of her in dramas soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Subhajit says:

    so Kay , i finally gave this one a try and it …wasn’t what i expected.
    first; the characters are very inconsistent mainly Si Hyun .
    The overall story is very different than the synopsis .
    After the first three-four episodes , Si Hyun’s character changes from a seducer to a genuine lover who is trying to protect his love from his evil friends. And Se joo feels like a good friend who has a crush on so ji and genuinely cares for everyone including tae he (that day when he calls si hyun cause tae he was drunk?).And so ji feels miserable , simply miserable.
    si hyun’s falling for joy quickly doesn’t make sense and their family links , omg , it feels like all the leads have their family members having some love affair with each other .
    (i made this )[]
    i stopped watching after the 24th episode , cause i couldn’t take more silly breakups.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. the story is addicted from beginning to watch but its slowly become boring. I just watch and it keep disappointing, result i dont watch until the end. I never watch kdrama that need to skip the main actor and actress together scene most of the time. I am very disappointed with false dp/poster for this drama. If she is not the main actress or the main seducer why put her picture alone there. FYI i am not a fan of any actor or actress here but if you put her picture alone there u expect she is main actress but she isnt. I watch this drama cz the synopsis is interesting but sadly it beyond my expectation due the false alarm i get from the dp and the chemistry between main actor and actress are bad. this is 1st kdrama i wish they are not together cz i hate watching joy here. Her acting here is annoyed me and make me wish the 2nd main actress will together with the main actor. Actually i didnt acknowledge at all who is joy until i googled then found out she is from red velvet. So joy’s fan…soryyy. i just want to highlight here that i am not joy’s antifan at all plus i am not a kpop fan but joy as a main actress here is a big time mistake. I dont know why but if she is not main actress in this drama i will watch it till.end of ep.
    In summary i regret watching this drama. Sorry
    P/s: sorry for poor knowledge about actor/s name and poor grammer.


    • Kay says:

      It’s too bad this one didn’t work out for you 😦 It definitely has a whole lot of problems. I stuck around because I like the genre a lot, but it was a mess of a drama, lol. I didn’t mind Joy here, but she’s much better in rom-coms like The Liar and His Lover. Great Seducer had its good spots, but it sure didn’t execute the show well overall.


    • In my opinion, I think she did a decent enough job, for a first time actress. Also in as much as she didn’t do the best Jo, I honestly did not want Sooji yo end up with the male lead. Their relationship would have been very toxic, as she is very toxic.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Suzanne Atkinson says:

    I had read the reviews before I watched the series ( big mistake ) . Half way through the second Episode I was ready to switch it off , could not relate to the characters , found it noisy and messy , But not wanting to give up on a K drama I stuck to it and eventually became engrossed in it which surprised me as I did not much like the gang of 3 , nor many of the secondary characters . “Tempted ” has dark undertones , with this young Don Giovanni who was beginning on a path of self destruction until he falls for a young woman who has nothing much to attract him . But she shows him, love , kindness , forgiveness, compassion , endurance , all feelings he was not familiar with and will never have accounted without her . I am fine with him falling for her and for her to be attracted to him . They were both young and beautiful . He turned himself round for her , they will both have a great future ahead of them . I liked the series .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Oh it’s so good that you ended up really liking it after initially not 🙂 It’s definitely a messy sort of drama with some not particularly likable characters, but it’s a fun ride with a nice helping of soapy goodness. And it worked out pretty well all in all 🙂


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