May was a so-so month drama wise. It gave me the wonderful historical Grand Prince, an okay crime caper in Switch: Change the World, and the seduction drama Great Seducer which ended up being a bit of a mess. So it was three new dramas for the month of May:

Grand Prince Korean Drama - Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, Joo Sang WookGrand Prince

Grand Prince did everything I love in a historical by giving me romance, action, angst, and thrills. I got all swoony with the romance between Yoon Shi Yoon and Jin Se Yeon as they are the definition of star crossed, fated lovers. There was also the complicated love-hate brother relationship between Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Sang Wook is filled with intensity, betrayal, and heartbreak.

I thought all of the other elements of Grand Prince came together beautifully. The script was well written, and the pacing was great from start to finish. There are also plenty of dramatic events to keep things exciting. Fantastic performances were given by all three of our leads. It was seriously all so well done to make for a wonderful adventure filled romance from start to finish! (Grand Prince Review)

Great Seducer Korean Drama - Woo Do Hwan and JoyGreat Seducer

Great Seducer was kind of all over the place and had a ton of problems. I still thought it was a decent watch, and I think it did just enough right to satisfy my tastes to balance out all the not so good. But there really was a lot of not so good!

The execution of the drama as a whole was messy with the writing, editing, and characters. It had a lot of boring story lines involving the supporting characters too. The seduction aspect of the drama was also a big let down.

But I do have a soft spot for this type of story. Woo Do Hwan and Joy were cute enough together and shared some very emotional moments. There is stuff to like, but it’s buried in a mess. Proceed with caution with this one. (Great Seducer Review)

Switch: Change the World

Switch: Change the World was an overall okay watch, but that about sums it up for me. Jang Geun Suk was fantastic in dual roles as a con artist and a prosecutor, and it has a fun crime caper premise. But the drama wasn’t particularly engaging for me as I wasn’t able to become emotionally invested and many of the early episodes felt episodic.

Switch: Change the World is an easy enough watch though.  If you like lighter, crime caper style dramas, this is a good drama to go for. Everything is done just well enough to not create any huge issues. And for those of us who like Jang Geun Suk, this is a great drama to enjoy more of his charms as well as something a little bit different for him. Despite being a bit average, Switch does have enough going for it to make it a worthwhile watch. (Switch: Change the World Review)

So how was May for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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6 responses to “Korean Drama Update for May 2018”

  1. Timescout Avatar

    Didn’t watch any of these. 😃 Tried Switch but didn’t find it interesting enough to continue beyond the initial episodes. Idkn but most kdramas these days leave me pretty uninspired. Thus I haven’t finished all that many. Still waiting for the one that would make me go “wow, that was grand!” ☺

    1. Kay Avatar

      There’s definitely been a lot of “average” kdramas lately. I’ve found a few that really impressed me this year though. I still blame there being way too many legal/crime dramas. They are taking up way to much space that could go to more unique plots that have a better chance at doing something impressive, lol

      1. Timescout Avatar

        Oh yes? Definitely too many leagal/crime shows. I generally like crime shows but too much is too much. Especially as most have been quite “meh”, downright silly or all over the place.

        1. Kay Avatar

          That there are. I like crime shows, it they really have to go above and beyond to impress me (and usually be heavily serialized). For instance, I did find Switch to be decent, but it was very average. It was also a case where Jang Geun Suk was so good that he gave it a bit of a boost. But still not enough for me to love it. I am going to try a few more crime dramas in the coming months (because there are just so many of them!), maybe I’ll get lucky and find a really good one 🙂

  2. libraryofthoughts Avatar

    I only watched the Great Seducer and the male lead and Woo Do Hwan was basically screwed in his first lead. The premise basically contradicted itself. Half the time it didn’t even make sense.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yeah, Great Seducer was a hot mess, lol. Really a pity since it could have been something unique and something to better showcase Woo Do Hwan 🙁

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