Two Cops Korean Drama Review

Two Cops is about a moral and upright detective (Jo Jung Suk) who ends up having his body inhabited by the spirit of a con artist (Kim Sun Ho).  As he  deals with that, he works to solve cases and falls for a reporter (Hyeri).

Jo Jung Suk is our moral detective Cha Dong Tak. He’s on the hunt for the murderer of his partner, but his world is shaken up when a con artist inhabits his body. Jo Jung Suk really was fantastic in this role. He played both characters wonderfully, and I really felt like he was two different people.

We then have Kim Sun Ho as the con artist Gong Soo Chang. Though he may be a swindler, he has a moral code and is actually a pretty decent guy. He’s also quite lively and humorous. After an accident lands him in a coma and then inhabiting Dong Tak’s body, he realizes he has the opportunity to solve a years old mystery concerning his family.

Hyeri plays a reporter named Song Ji Ahn. She’s strong willed, independent, and will do whatever it takes to get a story. Of course, she also finds herself in a pretty unique love triangle with two guys sharing one body. That’s not something you deal with everyday.

Two Cops was mostly an okay watch, but at the same time it didn’t really do anything to grab me. It’s a lighter crime drama with a love triangle and that twist of the supernatural. There’s also an interesting mystery that makes up the core of the main plot.

Sadly, it was pretty slow going, and it really didn’t feel like much was happening throughout the drama to really propel that story forward. A huge chunk of the middle of the drama was very draggy. Things do pick up in the last few episodes, but it sure did take a long time to get there.

I did really like all three of our main characters. They had interesting personalities, and the actors all did great. One of the best things was the bromance between Jo Jung Suk and Kim Sun Ho as they end up sharing a body and having to work together to solve a mystery.

I will admit that I was the victim of Second Lead Syndrome in Two Cops. It was my first time seeing Kim Sun Ho, and I just really got a kick out of him. I loved his playful and humorous personality.


The Second Lead Syndrome was a bit odd in this drama though. I was definitely rooting for Soo Chang as his own person, but I was also rooting for him when he was in Dong Tak’s body. And this is a credit to Jo Jung Suk, but when he was mimicking Kim Sun Ho, I found myself still rooting for Kim Sun Ho despite the fact that I was staring right at Jo Jung Suk! It was just kind of weird, lol.

I did feel like the romance angle kind of loses it’s fizzle as the drama progresses though. Which is really sad because that was something I was really enjoying, and it was set up so well. Both Jo Jung Suk and Hyeri were great together, and there are some great moments between them, but the relationship was not utilized to it’s full potential.

It starts out very strong and intriguing, but that plot line becomes much less important and eventually falls to the wayside. Hyeri’s character as a whole kind of gets kicked to the sideline too which was disappointing.

So there was definitely stuff to like in Two Cops, but it had some big issues. The slowness and lack of plot progression as well as the diminishing romance story line really took the steam out of the drama. But it’s an easy enough watch with a little bit of everything with mystery, crime, humor, and romance. It’s just too bad it didn’t do more with the excellent foundation it had to work with.

My Rating: 6/10

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13 Responses to Two Cops Korean Drama Review

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    I had all but forgotten about this one, but I actually was looking forward to this after having seen the trailers for it, and the premise also was quite decent. But after reading this post, and your grade I think I will pass on this. Especially considering the fact that there are much more interesting dramas out there, and I am not a fan of dramas where not much of anything seems to happen. That said I enjoyed your review for this! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yeah, it’s one of those has the exact kind of premise I like. And it started out so good with so many good elements. But then it felt like a lot of nothing happened until the end. It has some good things eo enjoy, but it really is too bad it didn’t quite deliver.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I tried watching it… and I ended up not finishing the first episode (i got bored)… And recently~ I was like thinking of trying it again… but when I read your review, and you said it’s a kinda slow paced drama… I think I won’t try watching it again… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Probably a good decision. The first few eps and the last few eps were the best of the series. That middle stretch was tough though. From the type of dramas I’ve seen you review highly on your blog, I would agree with you and say you should probably just stick with your first instinct and move on to something else 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Cristina says:

    I am still waiting for your first 10/10 review to start my 2018 kdrama journey 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Haha, I really hope I get a 10/10 soon too! I believe last year I only gave out one 10 despite watching over 50 dramas. Lots of 8s and 9s though, so still a fantastic year 🙂 But we both need some wonderful dramas, so here’s hoping for an increase in 10s in 2018!


  4. You and I disagree on so much but we are in complete agreement on this. I blame my apparently unconditional love for JJS that I stayed with this to the end. The writing was sophomoric, the “twist” was annoying, and the female lead was nothing more than a plot device.

    For me, this show was plodding along in mediocreville until the last few episodes when it started to annoy me. JJS is amazing but he couldn’t save this for me. While the overall resolution was okay, I was very annoyed by the execution. And I felt some people skated on their responsibility for a lot of things while the male lead was forced to take responsibility for things that weren’t his fault.

    Every time I thought I would stop watching, JJS would turn on a dime and I’d keep tuning in. It’s actually a shame that such great actors were wasted on such ordinary writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Haha, yes, every so often a drama comes along we both agree on 🙂 Too bad this time it was more on the dislike side for both of us. I understand you hanging on for JJS. I’ve definitely sat through a few duds for a fav actor. And it really was disappointing that this drama had good actors all around, but the drama was just so-so. I wish they would have paced the middle better.

      And around halfway through the drama, I kept wondering what happened to Hyeri’s character. She was mostly sidelined along with the romance aspect. Ah well, I’ve seen much worse, but I’m sad at the wasted potential for this one.


      • People have complained about Hyeri’s acting but for me there was little she could do with that character as it was written.

        She was one thirds damsel, one thirds love interest, one thirds bromance complication. She completely disappeared when they decided they didn’t need her then popped up randomly when they did. It’s a thankless task to any actor.

        Tonally, this show was odd as well. There was a point at the midway where the show was almost slapstick rom com and then switched jarringly to prison buddy movie. It’s like they switched writers halfway through. I felt the same way actually about While You Were Sleeping. I’d watch LJS in anything but thought that was tonally inconsistent and the romance didn’t work.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          I’m one of those who has always enjoyed Hyeri, so I was definitely disappointed to see what they did with her character. Yes, it certainly wasn’t her, it was how it was written.

          I also agree that the tone was uneven at times. I think the show tried to do a bit too much and wasn’t sure what it wanted to be. A lot of different elements and genres were present with none of them really excelling.


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  6. Anne says:

    I just loved how the story rolled up ’til the end. Every character did his/her job well. Even the “least” of the minor characters portrayed significant roles. And that made the story quite wanting. I might agree on the comment that there was few slacked scenes but those scenes were somehow what triggered the excitement and anticipation to the succeeding scenes. I love Cho Jung-Seok’s dual characterization. It just shown how versatile actor he is. And wow! Kim Sun-Ho is so good. As of this writing, i still feel ecstatic of the bromance of these two guys who are now considered as my favorites. Hyeri has done great her part. I love when she and Dong-Tak (Jung-Seok) exchanged sweet moments as they gave justice to the role they portrayed. Not to forget the other characters, they too excelled in their respective roles. Kudos to the writer, director and others who in one way or the other took part in creating and bringing “Two Cops” to reality. This is my first time to leave comment to a Kdrama after several Kdrama i watched for a year now – an opportunity that I dont want to waste as I am so much ecstatic on the last part of the final episode. Thank you for the superb ending! I love it particularly the very last portion!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      It does sound like you really loved this drama! 🙂 There were definitely some good things for me especially the actors. They were all great in their roles. And it was light and easy to watch. I did find it quite lacking in a lot of areas, but I’m still glad I checked it out. And you should leave more comments since you have some great thoughts about what you liked in the drama 🙂


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