Korean Drama Update for August 2017

Queen for Seven Days Korean Drama - Yeon Woo Jin

August was an alright month overall, but there were no runaway hits for me. I got in four dramas with three of them being decent and the other being really good. So that’s four new dramas for the month of August:

Queen for Seven Days Korean Drama - Yeon Woo Jin and Park Min YoungQueen for Seven Days

If you’re looking for a historical drama that is pretty much solid all round, look no further than Queen for Seven Days. It has a very solid and intriguing story in place that is filled with plenty of interesting plot developments. Yeon Woo Jin and Park Min Young were both wonderful as our ill fated lovers.

Being a political romance, I did find some of the palace politics slow and felt that it took away from time I would have rather spent with the character’s relationships. But things really ramp up in the last quarter as the inevitable showdown between the brothers takes place. It was all very intense!

So while I had some issues, they were more with my own tastes than the drama itself. It’s completely solid as a political romance with it’s rich story, talented actors, lovely cinematography, and beautiful soundtrack. It has a nice amount of angst that never feels forced as the stakes remain high for all involved. (Queen for Seven Days Review)

Fight for My WayFight for My Way Korean Drama - Park Seo Joon, Kim Ji Won, Ahn Jae Hong, Song Ha Yoon

Fight for My Way is a cute drama that is very slice of life. It was an overall enjoyable watch, though I did find it pretty average and lacking a bit in plot. The two main plots focus on Bong Man and Ae Ra’s career goals and their friends to lovers relationship.

Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won play their characters well, and they have some very heartwarming moments where they support each other, but I did think it took way to long to get around to them actually becoming a couple. While I found Fight for My Way to be average, it does have plenty of good things to enjoy. If you like slice of life dramas or friends to lovers stories, definitely give this one a look. (Fight for My Way Review)

Bride of the Water God Korean Drama - Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se KyungBride of the Water God

Bride of the Water God has a lot of issues. It lacks a strong narrative, it withholds most of the back story for too long, and most of the characters aren’t that well developed. Despite those things, I thought it was a decent watch. I liked the fantasy element and the concept, and it was also very lovely to look at. Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung were cute enough as a couple. But Im Joo Hwan gets most of the credit for delivering an amazing and layered performance.

Bride of the Water God is a bit all over the place in terms of things it does right and things it does wrong. It has many glaring issues, but it also has things that are very enjoyable. Your enjoyment of this drama will heavily depend on if you feel the good outweighs the bad. It could have been so much more, but it had enough good parts to make it worthwhile for me. (Bride of the Water God Review)

My Only Love Song

My Only Love Song is a comedy drama that is light and easy and knows how to have fun. Gong Seung Yeon is so lively and funny while Lee Jong Hyun was also enjoyable. Their bickering was spot on and very entertaining. They made a very cute couple.

The drama is heavy on the comedy, especially in the beginning. This is when I liked it best. Things get more serious as the story progresses which is something I would normally like, but I found that I lost interest as it went along. While it did lose its steam and initial appeal, I did enjoy several elements of it overall, especially for being a unique genre of being a very comedic historical drama. (My Only Love Song Review)

So how was August for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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6 Responses to Korean Drama Update for August 2017

  1. Ruthea van Heerden says:

    Bride of Haebek was SUCH a let down, the story could have been so rich and the main couple was so awkward with zero chemistry. I consoled myself by watching Healer and Goblin again!


    • Kay says:

      It definitely could have been so much better. It had so much to work with, but couldn’t pull it all together. I did like the main couple and thought they were cute, but I didn’t like how the relationship was handled. But yes, the perfect way to console yourself after a disappoint is by watching something you love! 🙂


  2. raistlin0903 says:

    I’m looking forward to Queen for seven days. I’m quite happy that I can finally watch a historical piece drama, and it’s available for me 😊


  3. D says:

    In August, I finished Seven Days Queen, Father Is Strange and Ma Boy. I really liked FIS. If you haven’t seen this one Kay, please give it a go. It really was very good. It is now my favourite family drama. Ma Boy was very cute too.
    I decided not to watch Fight May Way and BOWG after reading your reviews. I saw two episodes of my only love song but could not get into it and so I dropped it. Now that I read your review I won’t be picking it up again. 🙂
    I am currently watching School 2017 and liking it A LOT. Are you watching this one? I am watching Ruler finally after reading your review. I am also watching an old one called “Jealousy Incarnate”. So far both Ruler and JI are good.
    I have also seen one episode of Stranger (Forest of Secrets). Have you seen that one? Perhaps you have done a review but I missed it. I will go look for it after this. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Sounds like you had a good month! I really enjoyed Seven Day Queen 🙂 I hope Ruler and Jealousy Incarnate go well for you. Of course, I absolutely loved Ruler! It was pretty much exactly how I like my historicals to be.

      I think My Only Love Song is heavily dependent on taste. It seemed like most people loved it right away. As you read, I thought it was decent, but nothing to get to excited about. And I liked it better at the beginning. And well Bride of the Water God was messy, lol.

      I want to watch all of the ones you asked about, lol. I initially wasn’t that interested in Stranger or School 2017, but after hearing so many wonderful things about them, I put them both on my list. And I really want to watch Father is Strange! Working it in is the main problem with that one. The classic “too many dramas, not enough time” problem. It’s so hard working in those longer ones. But it looks like so much fun, and I think I’ll really like it. Hopefully, I can get around to it 🙂


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