Princess’ Man is a story of star crossed lovers where a woman’s father seeks to become King by any means necessary. When she falls in love with the son of his biggest enemy, their romance seems doomed from the start.

Princess’ Man was quite a ride! It’s a story of love, sadness, greed, and revenge. But before I get to my review portion, let’s go ahead and meet the key players in this epic tale.

Princess' Man Korean Drama - Moon Chae Won

Moon Chae Won plays our heroine Lee Se Ryung. She’s a generous woman with a big heart. But her world becomes very complicated when her father the Grand Prince will stop at nothing to get the throne. Many lives are lost because of him, and when he sets his sights on the family of the man she loves, Kim Seung Yoo, she frantically tries to protect Seung Yoo but is met with much adversity.

Moon Chae Won shined in this role. She delivered so much emotion and completely drew me into the plight of her character. This is easily one of the best drama roles that I have seen her in.

Princess' Man Korean Drama - Park Shi Hoo

Park Shi Hoo plays Kim Seung Yoo. He’s the son of Kim Jong Seo who is the Grand Prince’s enemy. His father seeks to protect the King and prevent the Grand Prince from taking control. His world is also turned upside down as he goes from a carefree sort of playboy to a man with nothing to live for.

Park Shi Hoo is one of those actors that I’m pretty neutral towards. He is perfectly adequate and even has moments where he shines, but overall I have a difficult time connecting with him on an emotional level. But I really enjoyed the trajectory of his character in this drama, and it was a fascinating one to watch.

Princess' Man Korean Drama - Kim Young Chul

Grand Prince Su Yang (Kim Young Chul) is the power hungry father of Se Ryung. His ruthless tactics to takeover the throne are downright scary. He comes off completely heartless. Even though he does have a soft spot for his daughter, he even deals with her in a very cold and calculating way.

Princess' Man Korean Drama - Lee Soon Jae

Kim Jong Seo (Lee Soon Jae) is the Grand Prince’s adversary. He has made it his mission to protect the King and Crown Prince even though it puts his life on the line. He is an honorable man who always does what is right.

Princess' Man Korean Drama - Song Jong Ho

Shin Myun (Song Jong Ho) is one of Seung Yoo’s closest friends. But when he finds himself caught between him and Grand Prince Su Yang, he sets off on a dangerous path of betrayal.

Princess' Man Korean Drama - Lee Min Woo Princess' Man Korean Drama - Hong Soo Hyun

Another close friend of Seung Yoo is Jung Jong (Lee Min Woo) while Princess Kyung Hae (Hong Soo Hyun) is the cousin of Se Ryung. These two are caught right in the middle of the battle for the throne. And they also go on quite the journey of growth throughout the drama.

Princess' Man Korean Drama - Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won

So I had an interesting experience with Princess’ Man. I’m usually pretty good at keeping my expectations for a drama in check, so even though I had heard almost exclusively glowing reviews of this drama over the years, I was still not sure what to expect.

But I was quite surprised by how slow I thought the first few episodes were. And when I say slow, I mean sloooow. Boy did they drag! Next there were a few so-so episodes. The politics were completely boring, and I found the main couple to be just average. I actually almost dropped it because I was just not feeling it.

But I’m glad I stuck it out because everything finally came together and clicked around episode seven. With the set up phase completely done, big stuff starts going down, and our characters lives get turned upside down. Things proceeded to get pretty intense!

Princess' Man Korean Drama - Park Shi Hoo Princess' Man Korean Drama - Moon Chae Won

I loved the raw emotions that came from both Seung Yoo and Se Ryung. These are some tortured people, and everything just seems to be against them. I was fully on board for the tortuous emotional journey they each go on.

The drama was also very well plotted with exciting things always happening. There are always new story developments and new challenges to overcome. Nothing felt forced and the story flowed smoothly. If you like angsty dramas with a bit of action and where the hero actually acts on his revenge plans, Princess’ Man is a perfect fit.

Princess' Man Korean Drama - Park Shi Hoo Princess' Man Korean Drama - Moon Chae Won

I did have one other big negative aside from the boring start though. For a story about star-crossed lovers, I didn’t feel much about the actual romance for a long while. Overall, the couple spends very little time together. We get some brief relationship building in the beginning, but even then it wasn’t that much.

Then they spend the bulk of the drama away from each other with many external factors in their way and Seung Yoo struggling with feelings of hate towards Se Ryung. She pines away for her love, but he mostly reacts coldly. This is understandable of course, but it just didn’t do much for making me feel their romance.

Princess' Man Korean Drama - Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won Princess' Man Korean Drama - Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won

Now things do eventually improve greatly late in the drama, and I finally started feeling their love story more. I kept wanting to see more of them both wanting to be together but struggling to do so. That’s what finally made me feel for them, and I ate that up.

But even though I didn’t love the romance aspect for so long, I was very into each character individually and was very invested in their lives and stories. And there are so many other developments happening around them that it kept things plenty entertaining.

Princess' Man Korean Drama - Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won

Princess’ Man had a slow start, but it blossomed into a very captivating and exciting drama. It built up an interesting world of characters that had many obstacles to overcome. The soundtrack also perfectly compliments it and easily stirs up emotions. So in the end, I was mostly pleased with this tale of star crossed lovers.

My Rating: 7/10

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14 responses to “Princess’ Man Korean Drama Review”

  1. raistlin0903 Avatar

    The first thing when I saw that Moon Chae Won was in this, was check both Viki and Dramafever to see if I could watch it. Viki did not even show it, Dramafever had it but ofcourse it showed the text “Sorry this drama is not available in your country…..” Aargh….so annoying. I love Moon Chae Won. She is one of my favorite actresses ever since I first saw her in Innocent Man. I’m really disappointed that I can’t see this one. Your review makes it sound like a great show, even though there are some flaws. Oh well, I guess I should be happy with the series that I can watch. Great post though as always ! 😊

    1. Kay Avatar

      Well darn! It is too bad. This is one I would definitely recommend for you because the revenge element is great plus it is one of my favorite roles of Moon Chae Won. Definitely had some flaws (mostly the slow start), but it all came together pretty well. And I notice most people didn’t think the beginning was slow. Just something wrong with me apparently, lol 🙂

      1. raistlin0903 Avatar

        Haha, no there is nothing wrong with you at all. Everybody experiences films/tv-series/novels/anime in a different way. So…that is probably the reason, but yes this is a real shame indeed 😊 Oh well, still have plenty of dramas to watch luckily 😀

        1. Kay Avatar

          Well, we will hope it eventually finds its way to you 🙂

    2. Akatsuki Avatar

      Hi there

      Can you access viu?
      Try to look from that site. Hope it works

      1. raistlin0903 Avatar

        Thank you for the recommendation. I tried accessing it, but unfortunately it isn’t available in my country either. Thanks for your effort though, appreciate it😀

  2. […] The drama was also very well plotted with exciting things always happening. It built up an interesting world of characters that had many obstacles to overcome. So in the end, I was mostly pleased with this tale of star crossed lovers. (Princess’ Man Review) […]

  3. Kate Avatar

    I’m just 2 episodes into this one since I’m on a bit of a Park Si Hoo kick currently and since I was on the fence about if I wanted to continue, I decided to read your review. I normally don’t do that until I’m much further into a drama but I’m not a huge fan of the period pieces but I have so many in my queue that I needed to get one off the list. I agree with your assessment about the slow start, boring politics, lack of romance at the beginning completely! But I trust you implicitly so I’ll keep watching 😉 Thanks 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      Oh yes, those first episodes were so slow! I hesitate to drop dramas, but I’m actually surprised I held out on this one for so long, lol. It really did take about 6-7 eps to get good. But I’m glad I stuck with it because the star crossed lovers theme with plenty of angst and action really kicks in. Like I mentioned, I still found the romance a bit lacking, but I was very attached to each character so that helped a lot.

      There are quite a few other historicals I would recommend over this one, especially for those who don’t love historicals in general, but all in all, it turned into a really great story, and I can see why so many people love it. I hope you experience the “click” too after a few more eps and it gets enjoyable for you 🙂

  4. Kate Avatar

    I always assume it’ll take 2 to 3 episodes (sometimes even 5!) to get into some dramas. Like you, I’m hesitant to drop any – so far I’ve only dropped 2: Descendants of the Sun after 1 ep (I know, I know, blasphemy!) and Warrior Baek Dong Soo after 12 eps. I’m usually glad I stick with something, even if it’s underwhelming I still enjoy the ride. After seeing Park Si Hoo in Ch. Alice, I tried Prosecutor Princess and read up some stuff about what happened in 2013 with him and have been on the fence about watching him in anything else because I don’t think he’s that great of an actor but I see that his career is having a resurgence and there was even an article this week about some other drama he’s being considered for so I figured I’d give one more of his pre-scandal dramas a go before adding anything else with him to my queue.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Haha, you sound just like me! I hate dropping dramas. And like you, for the most part, I enjoy most dramas, even the ones that end up more average. I am getting a little better at dropping a few here and there especially when there are soooo many dramas still on my list that I know I would love. But it’s never easy, lol

      Yes, Park Shi Hoo is considering Lovely Horribly which I really like the premise for. He’s one of those actors that I don’t get super excited about for whatever reason, but I usually end up enjoying his performances. I too am aware of all the stuff that happened with him. Most of the time when I watch a drama I don’t think too much about the actual actors and focus more on the characters, especially since we usually can’t know all of the facts in these cases. But the Korean public seems to be accepting him considering his recent hit drama My Golden Life. You just never know with these things sometime :/

  5. Kate Avatar

    I finally finished this and even though I’m glad it’s over, it was worth watching. For me, there was way too much politics/revenge and not enough romance and by the end it was just repetitive! As with all dramas that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy, I still found a lot to admire. I enjoyed the way they tied in the actual history of the King/Grand Prince and how he ascended. But was a little surprised that in showing the negatives, why not then show some of the positives by the end of his reign which was part of the history as well. Especially since by the end they seemed to want to show him as a sympathetic character. It was a good drama and the friendship among the 3 guys was the most compelling part of it for me, as well as the father-daughter relationship. The romance part came in a distant 3rd.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Your comment definitely sums the drama up well. Too much politics and not enough of the romance. But once I got over that first third, I found enough to enjoy for the most part and was mostly happy with how it turned out. Those negatives still popped up of course, but I liked the revenge element, the star crossed lovers aspect, and the friendship. Like you, I too enjoy this history. There are some way better historicals out there though for those like us who don’t really love the political stuff. Maybe go for a low politics one the next time you’re in the mood a historical 🙂

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