Kim Woo Bin Diagnosed With Cancer

Uncontrollably Fond Korean Drama - Kim Woo Bin

Sad news for one of our beloved kdrama actors. Kim Woo Bin (Uncontrollably Fond) has been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. This is a cancer that affects the area behind the nose and throat.

His management has stated that he will be halting all activities as he receives treatment of medication and radiation. His latest movie Wiretap was set to begin filming this summer and has since been put on hold.

Well, this is just so sad! Kim Woo Bin is only 27, and this one of those more rare cancers that you just don’t won’t to get as it is a bit more difficult to treat because of it’s location. It does sound like they caught it early though, so at least he has that in his favor.

I’ve really enjoyed several of Kim Woo Bin’s dramas, and he such a talented actor. I just find this news so terrible. Of course, I wish him a quick recover with as few complications as possible so that he can get back to doing what he enjoys.

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15 Responses to Kim Woo Bin Diagnosed With Cancer

  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    Oh no, this is really terrible news. I hope he gets the right treament that can work for him.

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  2. Noël says:

    I haven’t seen any of his work yet, but I’ve seen him on running man many times and he’s such a sweet guy. This is such a shame, I wish him a speedy and safe recovery. 😦

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    • Kay says:

      He does seem so sweet. I don’t think I’ve seen his Running Man episodes. I’ll have to find them. But he’s a very unique actor and has a certain charisma he brings to his roles. Hope he gets better soon too.

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      • Noël says:

        They’re very fun eps! I’d recommend his episode with Lee Jong Suk (ep 138). They were so funny together. 😋 I’ve heard he’s really grown as an actor lately too, so I’m interested in checking out his work once the huge wave of upcoming dramas dies down a bit.

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        • Kay says:

          Oh, thanks for telling me the number! And it’s with Lee Jong Suk! That will be fun watch 🙂 And yes, he’s definitely improved over the years. I didn’t much like his characters in his first several dramas, but he always played them well. But I quite enjoyed him in White Christmas and then absolutely loved him in Uncontrollably Fond. Of course, if you like his bromance with Lee Jong Suk, most people loved School 2013. I didn’t really like the drama, but I loved them 🙂

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  3. leigh70 says:

    You are in my prayers.

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  4. raistlin0903 says:

    Like Noël says, I don’t think I have seen him in any dramas that I have seen so far, but 27 years of age is just so incredibly young to have such a terrible disease. I really hope he manages to recover quickly.

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    • Kay says:

      It’s so sad. There have been several young actors dealing with difficult health issues over the past year. I remember you being interested in his drama Uncontrollably Fond and adding it to your list last year. He was wonderful in that drama, but now it hits a bit too close to home since he played a character with terminal cancer in that one. It just makes the drama even more sad. But yes, I hope he recovers quickly and can just move on with his life.


  5. Luthessa says:

    oh no, he is too early to suffer that…..all the same i wish him a speedy recovery…..oppa get well soon…fighting

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  6. Jessie says:

    I wish him a quick recovery,he is a talented young man

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  7. sadeknows says:

    Oh my gosh this is like uncontrollably fond all over again. I hope he recovers from this

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