Innocent Love Turns to Tragedy in New Trailer for Korean Sageuk Drama ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask’

Ruler Master of the Mask Korean Drama - Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun

I just continue to be impressed with each trailer released for the upcoming MBC sageuk drama Ruler: Master of the Mask starring Yoo Seung Ho (Remember: War of the Son) and Kim So Hyun (Let’s Fight Ghost).

This one shows us the innocent love of our two leads. On a trip outside the palace, Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun have some very sweet moments with each other. They are so cute together!

But then things take a tragic turn as Kim So Hyun witnesses the masked crown prince execute her father. Then the prince finds himself trapped in the palace as Kim So Hyun is ready for revenge.

Wow! What a great trailer! I’m glad we got introduced to a little of the romance in this one, and as I expected, these two are just perfect together. It really sets the stage for the difficulties ahead. I don’t think the prince was the one that actually killed her father, but rather a stand in. But of course, she doesn’t know that! I’m so excited for this!

Ruler: Master of the Mask is about a Joseon prince (Yoo Seung Ho) forced to hide his face with a mask who fights against injustice in society by going up against a shadow organization wanting to privatize the waters of Joseon. A woman (Kim So Hyun) is also out for revenge against the prince after her father is ordered to be executed because of him. Of course, things get complicated when she falls in love with him.

Ruler: Master of the Mask is scheduled to premiere May 10 on MBC.

See the trailer here:

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4 Responses to Innocent Love Turns to Tragedy in New Trailer for Korean Sageuk Drama ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask’

  1. Noël says:

    So excited for this one as well! I think it’s the drama I am looking forward to the most this spring. These two seem very well matched and I am a big fan of Yoo Seung Ho in sageuks. Can’t wait! 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      It really does look so good! There are so many dramas I’m looking forward to this spring, but I think this is at the top of my list too 🙂 I’m also a big fan of Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun, so my excitement is high!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. raistlin0903 says:

    I have to agree with you (but then again…I always agree with you lol). This series really looks incredibly good so far. I love these big epic historical settings. And every trailer that I have so far seen for this one keeps improving the already very positive thoughts I have for this one. Really looking forward to it 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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