Lee Joon Gi and Milla Jovovich Promote Their Movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in South Korea

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter South Korean Movie Event - Lee Joon Gi and Milla Jovovich

Lee Joon Gi recently attended a South Korean red carpet event for the new movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter along with the film’s star Milla Jovovich. Milla’s husband, Paul W.S. Anderson, who is the director, also attended the event.

Both actors appeared to have a great time as they shared lots of smiles and playfully interacted with each other and the fans. Lee Joon Gi treated Milla and Paul to dinner prior to the event.

Lee Joon Gi plays the part of the Commander Lee of the Umbrella Corporation who will be pitted against Milla’s character, Alice.

It looks like the duo had a lot of fun promoting the film. It’s also wonderful to see Lee Joon Gi making his Hollywood debut through this role. Congratulations to him!

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is about humans trying to survive a zombie apocalypse after the evil Umbrella Corporation releases a virus that turns people into zombies.  It is scheduled to be released January 27.

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6 Responses to Lee Joon Gi and Milla Jovovich Promote Their Movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in South Korea

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    The Resident Evil films, are a bit of a guilty pleasure I guess. Have seen them all so far, and quite enjoyed them for what they are. Looking forward to this final chapter (though with franchises such as these, you can never quite tell if it is really the last part 😂😂)

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    • Kay says:

      I remember you posting about how much you enjoyed the series 🙂 I saw the first once way back when it came out. It was fine, but these sort of movies just aren’t something I gravitate towards. But I see the broad appeal of it, and it has enjoyed some nice success. And although it’s a small role, I’m thrilled Lee Joon Gi is getting to take part in such a successful franchise for his debut. I hope you enjoy the movie!

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  2. joybran says:

    I’m such a fan of Lee Joon Gi that I had to watch everything I could find on Joon Gi’s dinner with Paul and Milla, his press conference with them, the interviews he did with Milla, and especially the red carpet premiere https://youtu.be/Y1RrlqnF0ow. Joon Gi and Milla are just so adorable together. One article called them a “friendship goal.” Both Milla and Paul were full of praise for Joon Gi, both as an actor and a person. Paul even promised that he would put Milla and Joon Gi together in a future movie. I enjoyed the press conference where Paul made that promise, even though I couldn’t find a version with english subs for the journalists’ questions. https://youtu.be/IyYfFdmUz3w Joon Gi’s english has really improved in the last year or so. He spoke it quite a bit. It was very cute, for example, when he said “Milla has so many patience” and immediately corrected himself with “She is so patient.”

    Even though Joon Gi’s appearance in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is just a cameo, I’ve read that he is getting lots of attention from it, which in turn is bringing more attention to kdramas. Cool.

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    • Kay says:

      I watched the red carpet premiere and it was a lot of fun! They seemed to have such a good time 🙂 I’ve seen quite a few interviews too and I love how much Paul and Milla have praised Lee Joon Gi’s talents.

      I so hope that Paul really does put him in a future movie in a larger role. How wonderful that would be for him! Thanks for the second link to the press conference. I’ll be sure to watch that one later.

      I’m excited at the attention his appearance is getting too. Anything that promotes the world of kdramas is wonderful. And I think a lot of people are really taking notice because of the praise Lee Joon Gi has been receiving. It’s definitely great all around 🙂

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  3. joybran says:

    The press conference looks pretty daunting at 42 minutes, but if you fast forward through all the interpreters’ bits and the journalists’ questions and just watch Milla and Paul talking, it isn’t long at all. I must admit I also enjoyed the times when Milla and Joon Gi whispered and laughed while the interpreter was working.

    I hadn’t seen any of the Resident Evil movies, but after hearing them talk about the movies, I decided to indulge. I agree with raistlin0903 that they are a guilty pleasure. I was surprised how much I enjoyed them for the suspense and action even when the plot didn’t make much sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Haha, yeah, I’ll probably do a bit of fast forwarding 🙂 It’s great you ended up finding and enjoying a new series of movies after hearing them talk about them. You just never know what’s going to click sometimes 🙂


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