First Intense Trailer Released for Korean Drama Defendant

Defendant Korean Drama - Ji Sung

We finally have our first trailer for the new SBS thriller Defendant starring Ji Sung (Entertainer) and Yuri (Neighborhood Hero). And it is dark and intense! Ji Sung is already completely delivering a gripping an emotional performance as our amnesiac prosecutor who finds himself charged with the murder of his family.

We see snippets of him as a prosecutor and then finding himself in prison confused and afraid. We also see creepy images of the real killer in his house. It’s quite the intense first trailer, and it has definitely set the stage for a haunting and thrilling tale.

Defendant is about a top prosecutor (Ji Sung) who one day wakes up in prison on death row with no memory of how he ended up there. The drama then follows his attempt to figure out what happened and get out of prison with the help of a public defender (Yuri). The drama comes from one of the writers of City Hunter.

Defendant is scheduled to premiere January 23 on SBS.

See the trailer here:

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4 Responses to First Intense Trailer Released for Korean Drama Defendant

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Okay, this trailer is very cool indeed (luckily this one was already in my to watch novel lol). All kidding aside though, think this might be a really worthwhile show. Already liked the premise of it in the first place, and this trailer has made it even better 😀

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    • Kay says:

      That’s what I thought too. Definitely a great trailer. It certainly has everything it needs to be great, now if it can just execute it well. And if you haven’t seen the lead actor, Ji Sung, he is another truly talented actor who consistently delivers moving performances 🙂


  2. Sakura says:

    I thought Yuri’s character was a defense lawyer not a public prosecutor like Ji Sung’s character?

    Honestly this drama has everything I am interested in a drama. I’m a sucker for thrillers, and while I don’t understand legal stuff, it’s something that can get my brain working for once.

    I also think the combination of Ji Sung and Yuri’s characters are interesting, Ji Sung’s Park Jung Woo (a top prosecutor who’s NEVER lost a case turned amnesiac defendant) meets Yuri’s Seo Eun Hye (a defense lawyer who’s the opposite of him, the fact that she tries to be a cool lawyer but ends up hotheaded in the court, gets into fights with the judge and ALWAYS ends up losing her cases). But for some reason, Seo Eun Hye is the only one he can depend on to prove his innocence? She probably has lost to him a number of times in court, but I wonder how she came about to help him? I read a character description somewhere that Park Jung Woo is a cold guy when he’s at work, Seo Eun Hye might not have the best impression of him. Really interested in their development. I don’t think there will be a loveline though, since Park Jung Woo just lost his wife and his daughter’s body is missing. Their bond doesn’t have to be romantic tbh I’d be happy with a well written, strong platonic bond. If it does turn into something romantic, I hope it’s written well because I’d hate for their future development to be called “forced.” I’d be okay with just subtle hints + great chemistry that make you CRAVE these characters got together even though they’re not supposed to.

    Uhm Ki Joon’s dual characters are also something to really look forward to. I know his acting is gonna be chilling, even though I’ve only seen him in Dream High where he was the nicest teacher ever lmao.

    This is seriously gonna be my new obsession, as well as Saimdang’s Light Diary. If all goes smoothly, SBS will be on a roll.

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    • Kay says:

      Yes, you’re right. She is a public defender. I just typed it wrong and have now corrected it. Thanks for pointing it out. I must have still been thinking about Ji Sung at the time, hehe 🙂

      I love a good thriller too and am loving so much about this one. I agree, I think both Ji Sung and Yuri’s characters are very interesting and should make for an interesting dynamic.

      Yeah, I don’t know what to expect as far as a love line either. Considering he’ll probably be in prison for a good chunk of time coupled with the fact that he just lost his wife, I wouldn’t think there would be much of one. Maybe just a low-key one with some bonding moments and then hinting at a possible future coupling. I’d be fine with that too.

      And I can’t wait to see Uhm Ki Joon’s dual characters. He already looked so intense in the trailer, and I can just imagine how creepy he will be in the drama. It’s certainly a drama to look forward to on many levels 🙂


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