Good Morning Call - Shiraishi Shunya and Fukuhara Haruka 4

Good Morning Call is about a high school girl named Yoshikawa Nao (Fukuhara Haruka) who rents her first apartment, but when she moves in, she discovers that it was also rented to Uehara Hisashi (Shiraishi Sunya), the most handsome and popular boy in school.  When they discover they were scammed but have no way to resolve the matter, the two are left with no choice but to secretly live together.

Good Morning Call marks the second Japanese drama I have completed.  I watched it on a whim after getting excited to see a jdrama on Netflix. The premise sounded cute enough, so I dove in.

Good Morning Call - Fukuhara Haruka 2

Yoshikawa Nao is animated and quirky. Like you might expect from a manga adaptation, Nao is very exaggerated in her mannerisms and responses to those around her. Sometimes it was humorous, but it does take me out of the story at times because of how over the top it is. It doesn’t take long for her to develop feelings for Hisashi in their new living situation.

Good Morning Call - Shiraishi Shunya

Uehara Hisashi is the popular boy that everyone loves. He’s your classic closed off male lead who acts like a jerk to our leading lady. I did like his character okay, but man did I find him boring! He doesn’t say much, he doesn’t seem interested in much, and he always has the same blank face. It just made him very uninteresting.

Good Morning Call - Sakurada Dori

Daichi (Sakurada Dori) is our second lead. He’s a long time friend of Nao who is sweet, kind, and is always there for her. I found him very likable and enjoyed how he was able to push Hisashi along to confront his own growing feelings for Nao.

Good Morning Call - Fukuhara Haruka and Arai Moe

Marina (Arai Moe) is Nao’s best friend and main support. She’s her listening ear as Nao copes with her feelings for Hisashi, love triangles, and school troubles.

Good Morning Call - Mori Erika

Yuri (Mori Erika) brings the most conflict to the drama as Hisashi’s sister-in-law whom he had a crush on in the past. She moves in after separating from her husband, Hisashi’s brother. Yuri is a bit impulsive, but she is nice enough and gets along well with Nao. But even then, the situation still creates some trouble.

Good Morning Call - Shiraishi Shunya and Fukuhara Haruka Good Morning Call - Shiraishi Shunya and Fukuhara Haruka 3

Nao and Hisashi face a lot of the typical cohabitation scenarios which results in some funny moments. They also bicker a lot including after becoming a couple. But there are quite a few cute moments between the two on their journey to love. They were a very simple, but cute couple.

Good Morning Call - Shiraishi Shunya and Fukuhara Haruka 11 Good Morning Call - Shiraishi Shunya and Fukuhara Haruka 10

Basically, there’s not really much to Good Morning Call.  The first third of the drama was pretty basic. We get to know our characters and watch some humorous situations arise between Nao and Hisashi at the apartment as well as when they try to keep their secret at school. The pacing is pretty slow without much other story going on.

Good Morning Call - Shiraishi Shunya 6 Good Morning Call - Fukuhara Haruka 4

Things do get more interesting when Yuri shows up though. This added a nice layer to the basic plot that made things much more interesting during the middle stretch.

But once that story arc wraps up, the latter third of the drama gets pretty draggy with each episode just throwing in some mini-conflict to cause problems for Nao and Hisashi. The drama probably should have only been 12 episodes at the most.

Good Morning Call - Shiraishi Shunya and Fukuhara Haruka 9

Good Morning Call is a cute, fluff drama overall, but it’s very basic with a slower pace. If you like simple high school love stories, cohabitation, and manga adaptations, you might enjoy this one for what it is.

My Rating: 6/10

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19 responses to “Good Morning Call Japanese Drama Review”

  1. raistlin0903 Avatar

    When browsing through Netflix, I had pretty much the same reaction you did: Yes a Jdrama on Netflix. As usual (lol) I had some other things that I was watching so I didn’t get around to it yet. Reading this review, I am pretty glad I didn’t. Might watch it some time when I have nothing do, but for now with so many great shows coming up, I am not going to be waiting time watching shows that are not really interesting enough 😀

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yeah, just depends if you like dramas like this. I like high school and cohabitation stories, so that’s what made this an okay watch. But it didn’t have much plot, was draggy, and had too many episodes. In the end, I was mostly glad to add another jdrama to my list since I’m now up to two, hehe

      1. raistlin0903 Avatar

        Haha, okay well, if there ever comes a time when I have nothing to watch, than maybe I will watch this one some day 😂😂

        1. Kay Avatar

          Haha, a time with nothing to watch? That’s crazy talk 🙂

          1. raistlin0903 Avatar

            I know, right? 😂😂😂

  2. […] Good Morning Call is a cute, fluff drama overall, but it’s very basic with a slower pace. If you like simple high school love stories, cohabitation, and manga adaptations, you might enjoy this one for what it is. (Good Morning Call Review) […]

  3. yoyoyoshioka Avatar

    this is so much similar to one of the j-drama i watched recently called ‘Itazura na kiss’ about a girl’s story who likes the most handsome guy in school and then their family secretly started living together.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yes, it actually does. I’ve seen the Korean version of Itazura na Kiss, and they do have some similarities 🙂

      1. yoyoyoshioka Avatar

        Have you seen both season 1 and 2? Omg they both are so good! But I didn’t like the over reacting and other unusual things. Kotoko’s is good tbh she makes it funny. 😀

        1. Kay Avatar

          No I haven’t. I really need to though since I’ve heard so many good things about them 🙂

          1. yoyoyoshioka Avatar

            Yah when you watch do let me know 🙂 and do u have any j-drama suggestions? I like drama and comedy.

          2. Kay Avatar

            Have you seen My Little Lover? I really enjoyed it and thought it was super cute 🙂

          3. yoyoyoshioka Avatar

            Nope. Ok I will search about it and maybe watch it 🙂

          4. Kay Avatar

            You’re very welcome 🙂

          5. brindha Avatar

            i have seen it it is one of my fav drama

  4. brindha Avatar

    can any on tell me where i can watch the drama MORNING CALL jap. version…… thank u in advance.

    1. Kay Avatar

      I watched it on Netflix 🙂

  5. Kristy Avatar

    Contrary to this review I actually really enjoyed this drama! Mostly because of how MUCH I loved the cutie Nao and her milk pudding obsession T__T Maybe I just really enjoy those heart fluttering moments every now and then as well as Uehara’s character development. I also found Marina a very interesting but conflicting character to me and I was greatly surprised by a lot of events that included her. I do agree the story is dragged out a bit though. I seriously thought they were going to have a bad ending when they both decided to get their own apartments…until they just ended up living next to each other 🤣

    1. Kay Avatar

      It’s good that you enjoyed this one so much 🙂 I thought Nao was adorable too! She was wonderful. I actually also enjoyed all of those cute little heart fluttering moments. Watching the couple’s relationship progress was very sweet. Even though it was a bit slow at times, it was a cute watch. And I was so glad they ended up living next door to each other! So funny and a perfect little ending 🙂

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