Love O2O Chinese Drama Review


Love O2O follows the real life and online relationship of college students Xiau Nai (Yang Yang) and Wei Wei (Zheng Schuang). Xiau Nai becomes interested in Wei Wei in real life when he sees her skillfully playing the online game he loves. They begin an online relationship in the game that eventually moves to the real world as they fall in love.

Love O2O wasn’t even on my radar, but it seemed to be the latest Chinese drama everyone was raving about. I hadn’t heard of it, but the cute premise and the glowing reviews got my attention and gave me the push give it a go. And I’m pretty happy I did.

love-o2o-yang-yang-and-zheng-schuang-10 love-o2o-yang-yang-and-zheng-schuang-26

The drama is breezy and fun as we follow the relationships of students on a college campus. Each episode is very light and passed by quickly.  There’s not a whole lot of story, but the characters are all very likable and humorous.

The drama is absolutely stunning to look at with beautiful and vibrant cinematography throughout. And pretty much every single person in Love O2O is also very nice to look at. Beautiful people abound in this drama!


We have Yang Yang as our leading man Xiau Nai. Xiau Nai’s personality was a little stiff for me overall. But he’s actually a very nice and kind guy, so you don’t have to deal with any of the usual cold jerk phase many male leads have to go through. It’s also nice that he is the one who initially falls for Wei Wei and pursues her. And he makes sure to show her lots of love all of the time.


Zheng Schuang plays our fantastic female lead Wei Wei. She is smart, fun, and has a bright personality. I really loved her. And when interacting with Xiau Nai, she has a nice mix of innocence and assertiveness. She’s definitely a charming girl.


There are so many wonderful supporting characters that populate this drama. One of my favorites was Wei Wei’s best friend Er Xi. She is a bubbly, animated, and energetic girl. I found her completely adorable! She even has her own little romantic adventure to go on.

love-o2o-zheng-schuang-mao-xiao-tong love-o2o-yang-yang-niu-jun-feng-zheng-ye-cheng-cui-kyle

Wei Wei has a couple other girlfriends that add to the fun. But it was the bromance in Love O2O was truly wonderful! Xiau Nai’s three friends are an absolute delight, and they bring so much humor and fun to the drama. There is never a dull moment with these guys!

love-o2o-yang-yang-30 love-o2o-zheng-schuang-20

The first third of the drama follows the real life and online relationship of Xiau Nai and Wei Wei. Xiau Nai becomes interested in Wei Wei in real life when he sees her skillfully playing the online game he loves. He then befriends her in the game, and they eventually become husband and wife, but she remains unaware of who he is in real life.

love-o2o-yang-yang-and-zheng-schuang-35 love-o2o-yang-yang-and-zheng-schuang-31

My favorite part was the in game scenes. Some people found the CGI to be cheesy, but I thought it was gorgeous. And then everyone wears these beautiful and vibrant fantasy costumes with long flowing hair. It was a feast for the eyes! The music is absolutely gorgeous too.

I also really liked the in game story because this is where there are plenty of conflicts and troublemakers as Xiau Nai and Wei Wei battle their way through the game. There’s lots of great action as well as some breathtaking romance scenes. It was really a lot of fun!

love-o2o-yang-yang-and-zheng-schuang-41 love-o2o-yang-yang-and-zheng-schuang-40

Our couple finally meet in real life in episode 10, and we get to experience a lovely romance between them. And there are so many adorable couple moments between these two! Probably the main reason to watch the drama is to watch these two lovebirds being ridiculously cute. Many fans also really enjoyed their more mature relationship. They talk through their problems and completely trust each other. No misunderstandings here.


Which brings me to my main negative about the drama. Now let’s face it, I do tend to like angst and tension in most of my dramas, and I wouldn’t have minded to see a bit more of it in Love O2O.

The second half of the drama definitely suffers from a lack of story, and I found myself craving a dramatic twist, a birth secret, some noble idiocy, or any other classic trope. Give me some heartache please! But alas, there was none to be found. But despite not having a lot of that, this drama still remained pretty enjoyable.


Love O2O is able to create a fun world of characters that you eventually just become comfortable being with. It was enjoyable just watching each set of friends interact, and the blossoming romance of our main couple was always sweet. It’s the perfect drama if you just want something light and fun.

My Rating: 7/10

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8 Responses to Love O2O Chinese Drama Review

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Haven’t been following any Chinese series except for one: Tiger Cubs (a high action police drama, worth checking out 😀). This definitely has my interest, besides taking place on a campus, usually like those, I like the in game idea. Pretty cool, thanks for sharing this one 😀


    • Kay says:

      Yeah, I’m still very new to Chinese dramas and have only completed three of them. This is a perfect campus drama because it really has that college feel to it.

      I really liked the unique gaming concept in Love O2O. It was really neat how they actually portrayed the actors in the game. One of the few Anime series I have watched and loved was Sword Art Online. Although it’s completely different from this drama as a whole, I really loved that both series featured the characters in the online world. I would love to see more stuff like that. Overall, Love O2O is very light and fluffy, but I enjoyed a lot about it 🙂


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  4. Clv says:

    Watched it. Loved it. It’s really cute and wouldn’t mind watching another Yang Yang drama in future

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Bhavyanshi Seth says:

    i just loved this drama hope their could be a real Xiao Nai in my life. i want to see again these cute lead roles in other dramas and this drama is too my favourite. just thumbs up to those guys who made this

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      This drama was so cute! The couple is adorable and I agree, Xiao Nai is very swoon worthy 😉 It would be great to see them in more dramas together!


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