Jealousy Incarnate Korean Drama - Jo Jung Suk, Gong Hyo Jin, and Go Kyung Pyo

Shopping King Louie Korean Drama - Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun On the Way to the Airport Korean Drama - Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul

Jealousy Incarnate continues its lead in ratings in the Wednesday-Thursday slot. It saw another slight dip from the previous week by bringing in in 11.9% for episode 13 on Wednesday, but saw a nice increase to 12.6% for episode 14 on Thursday.

On the Way to the Airport also saw a decrease on Wednesday bringing in 7.5% for episode 5, but it rebounded on Thursday and brought in its highest ratings so far with 9.1% for episode 6.

Shopping King Louie only aired one episode this week. While it remained in last place, it continued its steady rise in ratings to 8.4% for episode 5 on Thursday which is also its highest number so far.

So it does look like On the Way to the Airport and Shopping King Louie are continuing to stay tight in this ratings race and are even beginning to draw nearer to Jealousy Incarnate. Things are definitely heating up in the Wednesday-Thursday time slot!

Jealousy Incarnate airs Wednesday and Thursday on SBS.

On the Way to the Airport airs Wednesday and Thursday on KBS.

Shopping King Louie airs Wednesday and Thursday on MBC.

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4 responses to “Ratings Race Tightens for Korean Dramas Shopping King Louie, On the Way to the Airport, and Jealousy Incarnate”

  1. Mitta Avatar

    Ep 14 for Jealousy Incarnate was the bomb so far. Not surprised the ratings went up for that one. Have yet to catch up to ep 5 and 6 for On the Way to the Airport. But I’m enjoying the thoughtful albeit conflicting melo so far.

    1. Kay Avatar

      I heard all of the buzz around ep. 14 of Jealousy Incarnate. I’m only watching On the Way to the Airport from that time slot right now, but I’ve only seen the first two episodes so far. Shopping King Louie is the one I’m really excited to check out, but I’ll wait for a few more eps to build up first. It’s interesting to see these dramas each developing a nice following 🙂

  2. Didi Avatar

    Yat👏👏👏for Shopping King Louie currently is my fav drama

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yay! It’s good your loving it 🙂 I can’t wait to check it out!

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