Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama Review

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin

Oh Hae Young Again (also known as Another Oh Hae Young) is a mistaken identity romance drama about two women with the same name, Oh Hae Young, who go to school together and end up working at the same company. A man with the ability to see the future gets tangled up with them when all he really wants to do is get away from them.

Oh Hae Young Again enjoyed great popularity in Korea and among international fans. But this is one of those times that I’m left a little confused by all the hype surrounding this drama. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good drama, and I enjoyed it. But it really didn’t seem like anything particularly special.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin

The main thing Oh Hae Young Again has going for it is a unique story.  I haven’t really seen anything quite like it, so that is a plus. Also, if you don’t like kdrama tropes and clichés, it does break the mold and leaves many of them out. The main couple is also very intense in many ways that I’m sure most fans will enjoy.

Oh Hae Young Again was a bit unusual for me in that I was all over the place in my feelings for it. I was never in love with either of the main characters and many times I was actually really annoyed by them. It is very atypical for me to get annoyed with characters in a drama, especially main ones.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Seo Hyun Jin

Seo Hyun Jin plays Oh Hae Young 1. She’s sort of an average girl, but with a very quirky personality. In school, she always had to live in the shadow of another girl named Oh Hae Young who was very popular.  Sharing a name with her caused her a lot of heartache. And then Oh Hae Young 2 shows back up in her life working at the same company. She just can’t get away from her!

I found that Oh Hae Young 1 came off a bit obnoxious a lot of times.  I either found her humorous and pitiful or completely annoying. There’s wasn’t really much middle ground for me.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Eric Mun

Eric Mun plays Park Do Kyung. It turns out he was engaged to marry Oh Hae Young 2, but she left him at the alter. Years later looking for a bit of revenge, he gets the man she is supposed to marry in trouble which lands him in jail.  But it turns out he got the wrong guy, as he was going marry Oh Hae Young 1. A huge mistake!

And then Do Kyung starts to see snippets of the future of Oh Hae Young 1 and feels horribly guilty for destroying her life. But she becomes more intertwined in his life, and fate just keeps throwing them together no matter what he does.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Eric Mun

Do Kyung was complicated as a character for me in that in many ways he’s just like a stereotypical male lead in how he acts cold toward Hae Young 1 while hiding his true feelings, which is something I usually don’t mind.

But I surprisingly found myself annoyed with him most of the time. I was constantly like “Just tell her your feelings!” Many times he would say barely anything to her at all. I understand that was because of his fear to show his feelings which was something that he had to overcome, but in this particular drama, the character really bothered me. Another oddity for me.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin

But Do Kyung and Hae Young 1 have a very intense and memorable relationship. They seemed to have the same love-hate relationship with each other that I had for them.  And in the midst of all the chaos, there are some very sweet and poignant moments between the couple.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Jeon Hye Bin

We have Jeon Hye Bin as Oh Hae Young 2. She is beautiful, smart, and nice. Everyone loves her. It’s easy to see why Hae Young 1 has been trapped in her shadow.  But we learn even she has insecurities that greatly affect her life. I found her to be an appealing character for the most part and was usually more interested in her story than Hae Young 1.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Kim Ji Suk Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Ye Ji Won

Lee Ji Sang (Kim Ji Suk) is Do Kyung’s closest friend. He’s right there with him from the start of his revenge plot to dealing with the aftermath and his growing feelings for Hae Young 1. Ji Sang is a fun-loving playboy with no intentions of settling down.

Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) is Do Kyung’s sister and Hae Young 1’s boss.  And this lady is so hilarious!  She’s completely rigid at work, but at night she is constantly drunk and acting completely crazy. She’s frequently at odds with Ji Sang too which resulted in some pretty funny scenarios. She was so much fun!

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Kim Ji Suk and Ye Ji Won

These two as a couple actually ended up being quite fun, which was certainly not something I expected at the beginning of the drama. Most of the time, they really don’t get along, and their bickering is quite hilarious. But I loved seeing these two grow as people and as a couple.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Lee Jae Yoon

Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Hoon) was Hae Young 1’s finance who ends up in jail thanks to Do Kyung. But he shows back up looking for his own revenge after he gets out which just adds to this already terribly complicated scenario.

Oh Hae Young Again orean Drama - Heo Jung Min and Heo Young Ji

And a fun little side couple consisted of Hoon (Heo Jung Min) and Ahn Na (Heo Young Ji).  These two basically become a couple after meeting each other one time. He’s thrilled to have a girl, and she’s all in when it comes to dating a guy.  They were quite humorous.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Seo Hyun Jin, Lee Han Wi, and Kim Mi Kyung

Hae Young 1’s parents (Kim Mi Kyung and Lee Han Wi) added in a family layer to the story as well as some additional humor. This is certainly one unique family with each of them coming off a tad bit crazy.

So despite some major issues with the main characters, the actual story of Oh Hae Young Again is what really tied it all together. The premise of Do Kyung seeking revenge on the man his ex was supposed to marry ending up causing another woman with the same name’s life to be ruined is quite unique.  And this story was able to create multiple layers of emotions for our characters because of the complexity of the situation.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin

While I did find the drama a tad slow in the beginning, as the ramifications of this scenario begin to play out, things really heat up as our characters are left to grapple with their unwanted emotions and having to face who they really are inside.  So this is a case where the story itself was enough to keep me interested despite my sometimes utter annoyance with the main couple.


That final stretch does lose some steam too. Once all of the secrets are revealed and Do Kyung and Hae Young are together, much of that lovely tension disappeared from the drama. But we still had to resolve Do Kyung’s visions of the future as well as wrap up some of the supporting character’s stories.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Seo Hyun Jin and Jeon Hye Bin

Both Hae Young’s finally come together to work out their issues. Sharing a name ended up being difficult for both of them and brought them each different struggles. After really being open with each other, the two women are finally able to appreciate each other and themselves.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin

There are plenty of cute couple moments for Do Kyung and Hae Young 1 with all kinds of fan service. Fans who enjoy “real” kissing will also be pleased with the many passionate kisses between the two lovers.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Eric Mun

I actually found the reasons behind Do Kyung’s ability to see the future very interesting.  It turns out that at the moment of his death, his regrets towards Hae Young 1 were so deep that it was all he could think about as he lay dying.  And the regret was so strong that it transcended time and those moments began to appear in his head before they had even happened. That’s pretty deep.

Luckily, he discovered that his visions could be changed. By admitting his feelings and fully loving Hae Young 1, he was ultimately able to change the course of events that would lead to his death and instead live happily with her.

Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama - Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin

All in all, Oh Hae Young Again was a really solid drama. Despite a somewhat slow opening and closing and a main couple that sometimes annoyed me, I found the story itself very fresh, well-written, and thought-provoking. Oh Hae Young Again was certainly a fun drama on many levels.

My Rating: 7/10

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22 Responses to Oh Hae Young Again Korean Drama Review

  1. joybran2015 says:

    I’m half way through Oh Hae Young again, so I didn’t read your spoilers, but I totally understand what you mean by your feelings being all over the place. There are moments when I’m genuinely moved and other moments when I’m just annoyed with one or both of the main characters. The drama is certainly worth watching, but it’s a bumpy ride.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yep, definitely a love-hate relationship with them. You’re in that great middle stretch of the drama that I really enjoyed. That’s where seeing the story play out really upped the enjoyment factor for me and it made it a good drama overall 🙂


      • joybran2015 says:

        I finally finished Oh Hae Young Again, and I liked it a little better than you did. 8/10
        Even though I still don’t get Eric’s appeal, I really did like the story and most of the side characters. The ending worked fine for me, but I can see how it didn’t for everybody. It was worth watching even if it was over hyped.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          Sounds like we were pretty close in our thoughts on the drama. The story was what I loved the most. I actually haven’t read any other opinions on the ending, so I wasn’t sure what everyone thought about it. Aside from it losing quite a bit of steam in the final stretch, I most liked Ji Suk and Ji Won’s story. And I liked the actual ending itself just fine. Glad you enjoyed it!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. aigoo says:

    The hype was over hyped. It really was a drama full of head scratches, but it is a shoe that’ll be remembered in its oddity

    Liked by 1 person

  3. junny says:

    Mmm… I caught bits of this and was not really interested in continuing, so I just read recaps. Eric is hit and miss for me (more miss), and the story seemed to be much ado about nothing. Even through the recaps, I couldn’t find any character likeable enough to root for.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yep, the drama was definitely love-hate for me. This was my first time seeing Eric. His character was so guarded though that I felt like I really didn’t get a chance to see his full potential. Guess I’ll have to wait for another drama for that.

      It’s tough when the main couple is on the annoying side. But I did like most of the supporting characters pretty well, mostly because they were funny.

      As for the story, I really think this is a drama that should have been like 12 episodes tops. The middle stretch had a good pace, but there was a large chunk on either end of it that didn’t really have a ton going on 😛


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  8. Kate says:

    Just finished this one and I think I enjoyed it a tad more than you did and more than I expected to after watching the first few episodes. I agree that there were times the OHY1 was supremely frustrating and the story seemed to be moving a bit slow but there was something about the quirkyness of the stories and characters that worked for me. There was a bit of the savoring of some moments and laughing out loud at others. The secondary characters were needed more than ever to balance the love square and they did a fantastic job. All in all I’d go with an 8/10 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      This drama was really all over the place for me at times, lol. But yes, I loved the quirkiness and many of the characters. I also really liked the story. The romance was a bit hot and cold for me, but it did enough good in the end to make it enjoyable. Glad it was a good one for you too 🙂


  9. MyKDramaticLife says:

    Another Oh Hae Young [re-rewatch]
    Now it’s time to talk about the drama that always has a special spot in my heart. Been watched this for the third time, and it felt fresh and new to me whenever I did. I laughed out loud, I smiled from ear to ear, and I cried my heart out, like it was the first time.
    Another Oh Hae Young is the uniquest with its plot. After a year living miserably, a guy who was stood up by his almost wife on the day of his wedding, planned to get his revenge by ruining his now ex’s marriage but ended up ruining another woman’s (with the same name of his ex) marriage. Such a huge mistake – a whole lot misunderstanding!
    Another uniquest plot of the drama is that the lead guy having premonitions/dejavüs of just specific woman – the woman whose marriage was ruined because of his honest mistake. He kept on seeing her in his mind before he actually saw and met her. Those pyschic/premonitioned stuffs that I loved. And one last unique plot is the male lead being a sound director/producer, and having tackled how sounds in dramas and movies were amazingly created. Such a gem!
    While the whole thing started with quite an unbelievably honest mistake, I purely was liking it, loving it, without really thinking too much of my logics. The more you go with the flow while watching a drama, the more amazingly you’ll find yourself liking and loving it.
    So talking about our main leads, we have the amazingly talented, flexible and emotionful actress, the chemistry queen, Seo Hyun Jin. 😍 I labeled her personally as my chemistry queen because of how I found her having the perfect chemistry with her male leads (Yoo Yeon Seok in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 1, and Lee Min Ki in Beauty Inside). Her character as our plain Oh Hae Young is such a gem, for me. She let me feel every emotion I could actually feel in one drama. She made me cry whenever she spaced out thinking over her life, or whenever she murmured to her mom crying like a baby, or whenever she felt very inferior towards our pretty Oh Hae Young, or even whenever she cursed people when she felt wronged (it may sound bad to actually feel empathy to someone who cursed people to die, but I actually did). She made me smile whenever she’s happy, and sometimes just trying to be happy. She made me laugh out loud to those embarassing yet very unforgettable moments. And there were also few times I actually felt like frustated and very.. frustated, because of her. And take note I usually don’t like crying female leads (example: female lead in Missing You), but she cried a lot yet I love her. I love how she poured her heart out while conversing with our male lead, Park Do Kyung, so purely and honestly. Her honesty and purity are what made me fall and love her.
    Then we have our coldhearted tsundere male lead, Park Do Kyung (played by Eric Mun) 😍😍😍 Oh my gosh! He’s so damn hot. I were reminded once again of how I was charmed by Eric. (Have to re-arrange the list of my top fave actors and make him rank higher HAHAHA) While Do Kyung could be a total jerk character (depends on how you interpret and connect to him) He’s stubborn and coldhearted and mean and was almost incapable of emotions. But behind those negatives, he’s actually a kind and a warm person. His hesitations and cautious actions of course have reasons (that’s for you to find 😀) What made me fall in love with not only Eric but with Park Do Kyung as a whole is his misery. It’s like I wanna be one of the drama’s character and give him warm and comforting hug (with no malice huh, HAHAHA). I wanted to give a spoiler section of this drama, but decided not to. I want you guys to be so sooo curious. 🤔😀
    Their romance was a roller-coaster twists and turns of complicated events. The guy has every reason to be hesitant of expressing his feelings while the girl has all the reasons to misunderstand. Its complexity is what made it more appealing to me. I am a sucker for dramas with uniquest, and over-the-top well-done plot. While I love the main leads the most, we also have supporting characters that are amazingly likeable ones. We have our second leads – Park Do Kyung’s ex – the pretty Oh Hae Young who also has her own flaws and miseries (that switched report cards during their high school was quite memorable too), and plain Oh Hae Young’s ex – Han Tae Jin who was hurt and felt guilty of leaving his girlfriend behind due to his company’s bankruptcy. Though I don’t care much of them both, I somehow rooted them be happy because I witnessed that they were both hurt and suffering too.
    We also have the cute lovie dovie Park Hoon and his girlfriend Anna. I know they’re only just spices to the main recipe of the drama, but I did like them enough – enough for my main dish to be tastiest. I also like people around our main leads – there is the plain Oh Hae Young’s bestfriend and also the people working for Do Kyung. Their relationships were not obviously developed but they were ever-supportive guys. I have to remember that one scene wherein the coworkers of Do Kyung showed their sympathy by staying behind him (literally behind him 😂)
    And we also have Do Kyung’s friend, Lee Jin Sang, and Do Kyung’s sister, Park Soo Kyung.
    They were both amazing characters I’d love to foreverly remember! 😀😀😀 Especially Park Soo Kyung, how amazing to see her act two different personas in one – it’s as if she had dissociative disorder. HAHAHA. That was quite impressive!
    And lastly we have our plain Oh Hae Young’s parents that I just naturally loved, especially her mom. I know it’s quite weird but I like how her mom suddenly smacked Hae Young’s head. HAHAHA. And so amazing that whenever she stopped doing her things, you just have to count to five then she naturally exploded and bursted out her anger.
    They were one weird and flawed yet amazingly supportive and warm family.
    Everyone in this drama is amazingly memorable and unforgettable. I want to remember how this drama moved me, my heart, my insides. It made me laughed out loud, then cried my heart out moment after moment. And this drama made me realize that it really was possible to laugh and cry at the same time.
    This kind of drama is what I considered as gem and masterpiece in the Dramaland. And I wanna see more dramas like this kind so more often.
    I’m so glad to have the chance to rewatch it. I supposedly scheduled this to watch again in July (month of my biases) but ended up watching earlier. 😀
    So far since 2017, Another Oh Hae Young is my All-time favorite K-Drama. It was amazingly written, well-thought, has many great characters, and amazingly memorable main leads. 😍😍😍
    Special shout-outs to its OSTs especially What’s Love and Like a Dream. Both are addictive songs.

    And I am excited to see which and what drama will beat my amazing Another Oh Hae Young in the future.

    Overall Rating: 10+/10

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      I do know how much you love this one! hehe 🙂 You know it’s a special one when you can watch it multiple times and still love it. And yes, the plot on this one was very unique and memorable.

      I too loved Oh Hae Young as a character and Seo Hyun Jin played her so well. And this was my first drama with Eric which left a great first impression. And I agree, their romance in this drama was definitely a roller coaster!

      It’s great that you couldn’t wait to re-watch and then had a fantastic time. It sounds like it will be hard for another drama to top this one in the future for you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  10. MyKDramaticLife says:

    You hit me with it’s hard to find another drama to top this one in the future. Hehehe. But I’m quite openminded you know. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      That you are 🙂 And that’s the great thing about kdramas, you just never know when one may come along and capture your heart 🙂


  11. jelynbean says:

    I’ve been wanting to watch this drama for so long and now I’m already on its 8th episode. Tbh I’m feeling a bit bored and annoyed with the plot but I happen to came across your review. I think I’m gonna give it a chance to finish this and see how the drama goes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      I actually had a similar experience to you in that I was bored at times and definitely annoyed! lol I personally found the middle stretch to be the best while the ending loses some steam. Still, an interesting enough story overall. Good luck with it! 🙂


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