Come Back Ahjussi Korean Drama Review

Come Back Ahjussi - Rain, Oh Yeon Seo, Honey Lee

Come Back Ahjussi (also known as Please Come Back Mister) tells the story of two middle-aged men who die and then come back to earth and inhabit the bodies of a young man (Rain) and young woman (Oh Yeon Seo) in order to protect the ones they love.

Come Back Ahjussi had the terrible misfortune of airing directly opposite of the smash hit Descendants of the Sun for its entire run. Because of that, its ratings certainly suffered.  But we all know that ratings don’t always give us the full picture.  The drama really does have a lot going for it terms of story and actors.  That being said, it’s a drama that didn’t completely click with me, especially at first.

I’ve had a difficult time pinpointing the exact reason I didn’t love it. Come Back Ahjussi definitely has a very interesting and unique story that was pretty well executed.  I enjoyed that each of our guys had people they loved and needed to help when coming back to earth.  So first, let’s meet some of our key players.

Come Back Ahjussi - Kim Soo Ro

Han Gi Tak (Kim Soo Ro) has worked to come out from his gangster ways to become a law abiding restaurant owner.  But his past complicates things, and when a scandal threatens the career of the woman he loves, he loses his life trying to protect her.

Come Back Ahjussi - Kim In Kwon

Kim Young Soo (Kim In Kwon) is a sweet, but over-worked family man.  While he dearly loves his wife and daughter, work has become his priority in life, even over them.  And the tragedy is that his work is what ends up killing him.

Come Back Ahjussi - Oh Yeon Seo 2

The star of the drama for me was Oh Yeon Seo as Han Gi Tak/Han Hong Nan.  The moment she was cast, I knew she would be perfect for this role, and she definitely was! This girl is hilarious and went all in for portraying a man stuck in a woman’s body.  Her mannerisms were a bit over-the-top, but very spot on.  And she made some of the best faces I’ve seen!  I really am impressed with her performance.

Come Back Ahjussi - Rain 2

I was very excited to see Rain back on my screen as Kim Young Soo/Lee Hae Joon.  I didn’t love his look in this drama, but he made up for it in his acting.  I loved his humor, and his interactions with Oh Yeon Seo were priceless.  His character was very emotional which was sometimes strange for me, but it had nothing to do with Rain.  And I loved getting to see the interactions between him and his daughter.  Adorable.

Come Back Ahjussi - Honey Lee

Honey Lee was great as Song Yi Yeon.  As a once popular actress caught up in scandals, she constantly met with adversity from past enemies, managers, and a difficult ex-husband.

Come Back Ahjussi - Choi Won Young

That ex-husband, Cha Jae Gook (Choi Won Young), becomes one of the primary villains in the drama causing trouble for all of our characters.

Come Back Ahjussi - Honey Lee and Oh Yeon Seo Come Back Ahjussi - Honey Lee and Kim Soo Ro

Yi Yeon is one of the primary reasons Han Gi Tak comes back to earth as Hong Nan.  He is determined to protect her in a way that he couldn’t when he was alive.  Although Gi Tak  had deep feelings of love for Yi Yeon, the two develop a sort of sisterly relationship.  But the relationship ran even deeper than that.  Yi Yeon seemed to sense a special connection to Hong Nan and always seemed drawn to her.  It was a touching relationship for sure.

Come Back Ahjussi - Lee Min Jung

I liked Lee Min Jung as Young Soo’s wife Da Hye.  She’s a sweet, soft spoken woman who is faced with the tragic loss of her husband and having to care for her family.  Things certainly become confusing for her when she gets involved with Lee Hae Joon.

Come Back Ahjussi - Rain and Lee Min Jung

Kim Young Soo returns to earth as Lee Hae Joon and makes it his mission to protect and provide security for Da Hye.  These two had some very touching moments as Young Soo really gets to know his wife and as they sort of have a chance to rekindle their relationship.

Come Back Ahjussi - Rain and Oh Yeon Seo 4

But Kim Young Soo and Han Gi Tak were the true pair of the drama. These guys are thrown together by a twist of fate, but they end up being true friends as they work to accomplish their goals. There are no walls between these two, and that made for some hilarious interactions. One of my favorite scenes in the drama is below where his face results in her face 🙂

Come Back Ahjussi Korean Drama - Rain Come Back Ahjussi Korean Drama - Oh Yeon Seo

We also have the other men in our ladies’ lives.  Sung Jae (Lee Tae Wan) becomes Yi Yeon’s bodyguard.  He had a brotherly relationship with Gi Tak and ends up developing feelings for Hong Nan.  It was an interesting scenario.

Come Back Ahjussi - Lee Tae Hwan Come Back Ahjussi - Yoon Park

Ji Hoon (Yoon Park) was previously in a relationship with Da Hye and is ready to step in when Young Soo dies.  There was certainly a lot of relationship confusion in this drama!

So let’s look at what didn’t quite come together for me.  The main issue I had was that it felt like the drama took a while to get going.  The first half had a slower pace that didn’t advance the story enough for my liking.  I also think there was so much going on with so many key characters, that the drama really wasn’t sure where it wanted to go or what it should focus on.

During this time, despite enjoying the characters on a surface level, I wasn’t quite connected with them on a deep level.  There was a whole lot of crying in this drama too.  Now I’m fan of melodramas, so excessive crying doesn’t usually bother me.  But it seemed a bit forced and out of place much of the time.  All this together left things feeling a bit hollow.

Come Back Ahjussi - Rain, Oh Yeon Seo, Honey Lee, and Lee Min Jung

But the drama seemed to really settle in around the halfway point, and my interest level really increased.  There’s a sort of symbolic moment that happens  when all of our characters finally come together and enjoy a meal together.  This was when all the different threads really intertwined for me.

Our characters were finally clear on what they were trying to accomplish.  We also got to see them interact with their loved ones on a deep level.  At this point, I was much more engaged and finally able to relate to the characters and sympathize with their heartaches.

So the second half of the drama was much more focused and heartfelt.  I enjoyed seeing our guys work to protect their loved ones and genuinely felt their struggles.  There’s also a couple of twists that really impact where the story goes.

Come Back Ahjussi - Rain 5 Come Back Ahjussi - Lee Moon Shik

On a side note, there’s a little epilogue that plays at the end of most of the episodes that follows the story of the real Lee Hae Joon and his pilot who get stranded on a deserted island during this whole time period.  These little snippets of story were one of the highlights of the drama for me.  Rain and Lee Moon Shik were quite the pair and brought many laughs through their tribulations.  Seriously, I want to see their story as a drama!

Come Back Ahjussi - Rain and Oh Yeon Seo

To sum things up, the main negative for Come Back Ahjussi was it’s slow start and lack of direction.  But the story is interesting, the comedy is great, and the actors are wonderful.  With so many pluses, I can see why people might enjoy it a lot more than I did and may feel completely different about the first half of the drama.  I don’t regret watching it at all because I did get a good amount of enjoyment from it, and I’m pleased with the overall direction it went in the end.

My Rating: 7/10

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8 Responses to Come Back Ahjussi Korean Drama Review

  1. Omolara Olamide says:

    I like this drama because of oh yeo seon

    Liked by 2 people

  2. LadyBunny says:

    I give this dramma 100/10. for me it was flawless.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      It’s good that you loved it so much 🙂 If I would have been able to connect with it just a bit sooner, I would have rated it much higher too. But I loved the story and all of the actors, so overall it was pretty good drama.


  3. joybran2015 says:

    I liked this one more than you did, but I agree that it took a while to win my heart. At first it seemed all over the place with all the performances over the top, but as it went along it became more and more focused on its strengths–the relationships as expressed by the sincerity of the acting. I ended up loving all the characters with all their flaws.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      I just wish it’s direction would have been a bit more focused in the first half. That would have made me love it. I think it just had so much story and so many characters that it was difficult to pull it all together. But I love Rain and Oh Yeon Seo enough that I still enjoyed the first half. They were hilarious.

      And once things clicked in the second half, it was wonderful. By the end of the drama, I was loving every minute. But I couldn’t ignore the slow and unfocused start. It was very unique though, and I’m really glad I watched it.


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