Korean Drama Impressions: Vampire Detective Episode 3 Review

Vampire Detective Korean Drama - Lee Joon

We begin episode 3 of Vampire Detective with San looking into the woman from the video that appears to be Yoo Jin.  Our detectives then begin to investigate a new case which is pretty much what the episode focuses on. It ends with San being given an envelope containing an old picture of Yoo Jin and his other team member that died.

So basically I’m not seeing much vampire in Vampire Detective. San is still pretty much just a regular detective for the most part. We still don’t address anything to do with him being a vampire or what he is experiencing. And we only even get a brief glimpse of his supernatural powers.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the drama. It just feels so average at this point. And considering that detective dramas aren’t something I gravitate toward, I find myself pretty bored.

It’s frustrating because there is just so much they could do with the story they set up in the first episode.  I know a lot of the drama community is actually having similar reactions to the lack of vampire elements and attention to the overarching mystery. So at least I’m not alone!

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4 Responses to Korean Drama Impressions: Vampire Detective Episode 3 Review

  1. joybran2015 says:

    You are definitely not alone. I found ep 3 so boring and disappointing that I’m not planning on watching another episode unless I hear that the show is getting a lot better. Such a shame because I was really looking forward to this one.

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    • Kay says:

      I was actually debating the same thing after episode 3. I’ll probably hold out at least another episode or two though. But I’ve also got that annoying “need to complete” part of me. I’ve gotten a little better at dropping dramas that don’t interest me, but I still dislike doing it. And the deeper I get the less likely I am to drop. But since Vampire Detective is such a short drama and only once per week, I may just stick with it. I’ll definitely reassess after the next episode.


  2. Timescout says:

    I’m probably in a better position than many as I actually like the ‘boring bits’, aka the garden variety detective show. 🙂 That said, it is disappointing they are not doing much with the actual ‘vampire’ part. Writer-nim should have taken notes from VP writer on how to do it properly.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kay says:

      I’m glad to hear you’re still liking it despite some of the disappointments. This weeks case was certainly presented better than last weeks. So it had that going for it. I would really like to see more vampire stuff though.

      I keep wondering if the writer is going to suddenly delve deeper into the back story or just give snippets of it throughout the whole drama and then dump it all at the end. Ah well, I hope you keep enjoying it 🙂


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