Click Your Heart Korean Drama Review

Click Your Heart Korean Drama - Baek Ju Ho, Kang Cha Ni, Kim Da Won, and Kim Ro Woon, and Kwon Mi Na

Click Your Heart is an interactive web drama consisting of 7 episodes averaging about 12 minutes each. It tells the story of high school student Mina (Kwon Mi Na) who finds herself involved with four attractive but completely different guys.  Who will she choose?

Click Your Heart can be summed up by one word: cute.  It is a super fluffy drama that you can enjoy if you have a couple hours to spare.  Do you ever get tired of having the dreaded Second Lead Syndrome?  Well, Click Your Heart is the answer!  It is unique because it allows the audience to choose what direction they want the drama to go in.

Click Your Heart Korean Drama - Kim Ro Woon, Kwon Mi Na, Kim Da Won Click Your Heart Korean Drama - Baek Ju Ho, Kwon Mi Na, and Kang Cha Ni

You just watch the first episode, meet our 4 different guys, and you choose which episode to watch next depending on which guy you want Mina to end up with.  So no matter what, she gets the guy you like!  You can’t beat that.

Now like I mentioned, this is just a cute fluff drama.  But I thought it was very sweet with a nice dose of humor.  The interactive concept is really fun, and it was neat getting to decide what direction you want the story to go in.

So let’s meet our guys!

Click Your Heart Korean Drama - Kim Da Won

Childhood Friend

Click Your Heart Korean Drama - Kim Ro Woon


Click Your Heart Korean Drama - Kang Cha Ni

Class Clown

Click Your Heart Korean Drama - Baek Ju Ho

Bad Boy

Each guy has their own little story arc with Mina. I chose who I wanted her to end up with and enjoyed that story arc first.  Of course,  I then went back and watched the arcs with my second, third, and fourth choices.  It made for a fun a couple hours.

So who did I pick?

Cha Ni!

Click Your Heart Korean Drama - Kang Cha Ni

This guy is just about as adorable as you can get.  He has a smile that lights up the room, and I adored his fun personality.  All of his interactions with Mina were completely sweet.  Some of you may recognize Cha Ni from his recent role in the drama Signal as Park Hae Young’s older brother.  He put forth a wonderful and memorable performance in that drama.

After watching all of the story arcs, I personally think that Cha Ni’s storyline was the most interesting.  It was super cute, but also very thoughtful.

Click Your Heart - Baek Ju Ho 2

I really enjoyed our bad boy Ju Ho’s story arc too.  I felt like this guy stepped right out of an anime with his stylish hair and sharp features.

Click Your Heart Korean Drama - Baek Ju Ho, Kang Cha Ni, Kim Da Won, and Kim Ro Woon

Click Your Heart is a great concept to allow the audience to interact with the drama.  It was cute and fun, and I really enjoyed it.  I would love to see more intereactive dramas like this in the future.

My Rating: 7/10

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17 Responses to Click Your Heart Korean Drama Review

  1. That’s so funny! I watched it with my friend, and we both picked Ro-woon. We never got to see Ju-ho though, so we went back to find him… and then my friend totally liked Ju-ho the best! We both liked Da-won, but agreed we wouldn’t pick him. Such a cute drama!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      This was so cute! Sounds like you and your friend had fun! I loved watching all the different outcomes for each guy. Definitely liked Cha Ni and Ju Ho the best. It was such a fun concept, and I really want to see more like this 🙂


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